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Mine Block: Mods

201854 temporadas7+Legendas

Minecraft Mods.

English [CC]
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Episódios (13)

  1. 1. Say Cheezy

    Indisponível11 minutos21 de outubro de 20177+Legendas

    Jon has finally made it to the big leagues, and he is freaking out. Jon should just breathe in and not breathe out.

  2. 2. Escape The Pug

    Indisponível12 minutos4 de novembro de 20177+Legendas

    Today Bri and the gang play Mystery Minigame!

  3. 3. Who Could It Be?

    Indisponível14 minutos11 de novembro de 20177+Legendas

    Cory wants to start calling everyone Frank. In the first round Bri is a hider. She doesn't hide so well and gets gotten by a knight.

  4. 4. Can We Win?

    Indisponível10 minutos8 de novembro de 20177+Legendas

    Cory and Bri play Bedwars together!

  5. 5. Clip: Eating Brains

    Indisponível19 minutos25 de novembro de 20177+Legendas

    This game makes Cory want to pick his nose or something. They all pick their color and settle into their little spaces. Cory will be team Bleu, you might not understand that but it's French for blue.

  6. 6. The Ships Have Sailed

    Indisponível12 minutos2 de dezembro de 20177+Legendas

    Sure, CheezyBreezi might be shamelessly pushing for the Zron ship, but they are clearly holding hands.

  7. 7. Run For It

    Indisponível12 minutos9 de dezembro de 20177+Legendas

    Cory and Bri play Hunger Games in Minecraft!

  8. 8. I'm A Third Wheel

    Indisponível16 minutos16 de dezembro de 20177+Legendas

    To start things off Jon plays his Otamatone. The cutest little instrument you've ever seen. It looks like a music note with a face on it. Nick got Jon this for his birthday.

  9. 9. Nick Ships It

    Indisponível10 minutos23 de dezembro de 20177+Legendas

    Would you rather not shower after a whole day rolling in mud or where your Minecraft skin for 3 years? Ashlie points out that you can always change your skin on Minecraft, but CheezyBreezi would rather stick with the mud.

  10. 10. We Survived Hypixel's New Game Mode

    Indisponível13 minutos10 de janeiro de 20187+Legendas

    Today we are playing Battle Royale!

  11. 11. Pros Teach Noob

    Indisponível16 minutos14 de janeiro de 20187+Legendas

    Once Bri has plenty of iron, Ashlie leads her to the man with a weird nose (the villager) and helps Bri buy some leather armor and steak.

  12. 12. Eyeless Jack X Cory

    Indisponível14 minutos27 de janeiro de 20187+Legendas

    Bri starts the game by asking if they would rather have a pet camel spider or rather be roommates with Eyeless Jack for a year!

  13. 13. Eyeless Jack And Cory Date

    Indisponível11 minutos10 de fevereiro de 20187+Legendas

    Jack has trouble jumping from tile to tile because it is his first time playing and he is called Flyless Jack.

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