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Ghost Adventures: Quarantine

Season 1
The Ghost Adventures crew quarantine themselves inside Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum. They monitor the most haunted artifacts to find out just how powerful and dangerous these entities can become during an unprecedented event like the COVID-19 pandemic.
20204 episodes
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  1. S1 E1 - Quarantine: Perimeter of Fear
    June 11, 2020
    The crew begins their unprecedented lockdown at Zak's Haunted Museum to monitor paranormal activity inside the shuttered building during the COVID-19 pandemic. The guys hit the ground running as they investigate demonic dolls and the Jack Kevorkian room.
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  2. S1 E2 - Quarantine: Extension
    June 17, 2020
    The crew is quarantined on the grounds of the Haunted Museum with nowhere to go but to confront the pure evil residing inside. It’s a wild and disturbing ride as the guys investigate the infamous basement and Zak's collection of serial killer artifacts.
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  3. S1 E3 - The Summoning Experiments
    June 25, 2020
    Zak and the crew conduct their most dangerous experiments yet to find out how mankind’s spiritual energy has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. They risk their very souls as they attempt to summon demonic forces while inside the Haunted Museum.
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  4. S1 E4 - Dybbuk Box: The Opening
    July 2, 2020
    Zak reveals a terrifying secret when the crew investigates the Dybbuk Box in the Haunted Museum. COVID-19 has spread fear worldwide, and the guys risk everything on the final night as they prepare to open the cursed relic in this supercharged atmosphere.
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