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New York Unité Spéciale

201312 saisonsNCSous-titres et sous-titres pour personnes sourdes et malentendantes

Created by Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" is now in its fourteenth season.

Acteurs principaux
Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, Danny Pino
English [CC]
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Épisodes (23)

  1. 1. Lost Reputation / Above Suspicion

    Indisponible1 heure 24 minutes25 septembre 201216+Sous-titres

    The Special Victims Unit tries to stop a growing scandal when Captain Cragen is arrested for the murder of an escort.

  2. 2. Twenty-Five Acts

    Indisponible43 minutes9 octobre 201216+Sous-titres

    The SVU Dectectives spring into action when the author of a best-selling Romance novel is attacked by a popular televisioin show host.

  3. 3. Acceptable Loss

    Indisponible43 minutes16 octobre 201216+Sous-titres

    When the SVU Detectives try to take down a sex trafficking ring, theyfind evidence in a terrorism investigation led by Lieutenant Alexander Eames.

  4. 4. Manhattan Vigil

    Indisponible43 minutes23 octobre 201216+Sous-titres

    In the series' 300th episode, a child abduction investigation re-opens the thirteen year-old cold case of another missing boy.

  5. 5. Friending Emily

    Indisponible42 minutes30 octobre 201216+Sous-titres

    As the SVU detectives pursue a high-tech kidnapper, Rollins (Kelli Giddish) reconnects with her troubled sister (guest star Lindsay Pulsipher).

  6. 6. Vanity's Bonfire

    Indisponible42 minutes13 novembre 201216+Sous-titres

    A baby kidnapped from a playground leads to a twisted case of lies, betrayal, and infidelity.

  7. 7. Lesson's Learned

    Indisponible42 minutes20 novembre 201216+Sous-titres

    When reports of sexual abuse surface at an elite private school, Detective Benson and Ada Barba face off against a powerful administrator to expose decades of secrets.

  8. 8. Dreams Deferred

    Indisponible42 minutes4 décembre 201216+Sous-titres

    The Special Victims Unit joins the FBI in a manhunt when a prostitute (guest star Patricia Arquette) from one of Detective Benson's (Mariska Hargitay) old cases proves crucial to apprehending a killer.

  9. 9. Presumed Guilty

    Indisponible42 minutes1 janvier 201316+Sous-titres

    Detective Tutuola gets entangled in a church scandal when his ex-brother-in-law is arrested for the brutual attack of a Priest, just days before Christmas.

  10. 10. Beautiful Frame

    Indisponible42 minutes8 janvier 201316+Sous-titres

    The SVU squad is caught in the middle when a murder case is tried simultaneously in two courtrooms with different defendants.

  11. 11. Criminal Hatred

    Indisponible42 minutes29 janvier 201316+Sous-titres

    Ada Barba tries a murder case against an unpredictable defense attorney in a showdown that stretches the boundaries of the law.

  12. 12. Monster's Legacy

    Indisponible42 minutes5 février 201316+Sous-titres

    Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) asks Bayard Ellis (guest star Andre Braugher) to reopen the case of a murderer on death row (guest star Mike Tyson) when secrets about his past are revealed.

  13. 13. Secrets Exhumed

    Indisponible42 minutes12 février 201316+Sous-titres

    In a powerful new episode, FBI agent Dana Lewis returns to partner with the SVU.

  14. 14. Deadly Ambition

    Indisponible42 minutes19 février 201316+Sous-titres

    Detective Rollins' (Kelli Giddish) sister returns to wreak havoc on the entire SVU squad.

  15. 15. Funny Valentine

    Indisponible42 minutes26 février 201316+Sous-titres

    When a rising star is beaten by her high-profile boyfriend, the SVU Detectives work every angle to bring justice against a manipulative and shameless abuser.

  16. 16. Undercover Blue

    Indisponible42 minutes19 mars 201316+Sous-titres

    When Brian Cassidy (guest star Dean Winters) is accused of rape, the resulting trial uncovers surprising news for Detective Amaro (Danny Pino).

  17. 17. Legitimate Rape

    Indisponible42 minutes26 mars 201316+Sous-titres

    When a sports reporter (guest star Lauren Cohan) accuses her cameraman (guest star David Marciano) of rape, the case becomes more complicated when she learns that she is pregnant.

  18. 18. Born Psychopath

    Indisponible42 minutes2 avril 201316+Sous-titres

    A Mother (guest star Hope Davis) is forced to confront the disturbing truth about her son (guest star Ethan Cutkosky) as his viloent tendencies grow out of control.

  19. 19. Girl Dishonored

    Indisponible42 minutes23 avril 201316+Sous-titres

    A rape on a College campus uncovers a school board that hinders the investigation, giving way to more tragedy.

  20. 20. Traumatic Wound

    Indisponible42 minutes30 avril 201316+Sous-titres

    The investigation of a gang rape at a concert takes an unexpected twist.

  21. 21. Poisoned Move

    Indisponible42 minutes7 mai 201316+Sous-titres

    Lieutenant Alexandria Eames (guest star Kathryn Erbe) returns to help the Special Victims Unit when a string of shootings is linked to Fin's (Ice-T) past as a Narcotics Officer.

  22. 22. Brief Interlude

    Indisponible42 minutes14 mai 201316+Sous-titres

    The SVU Detectives reach a series of dead end leads when an unidentified woman is found unconscious in the river.

  23. 23. Her Negotiation

    Indisponible42 minutes21 mai 201316+Sous-titres

    In the shocking Season Finale, a mysterious criminal sets off a dangerous chain of events.

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