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New York Unité Spéciale

201512 saisons16+Sous-titres et sous-titres pour personnes sourdes et malentendantes

Created by Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, now in its 16th season, is the longest-running primetime drama currently on television.

Acteurs principaux
Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T, Danny Pino
English [CC]
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Épisodes (23)

  1. 1. Girls Disappeared

    Indisponible42 minutes23 septembre 201416+Sous-titres

    In the 16th season premiere, the SVU takes on a dangerous prostitution ring to find Ellie Porter's killers.

  2. 2. American Disgrace

    Indisponible42 minutes30 septembre 201416+Sous-titres

    Barba (Raul Esparza) tries a pro basketball star on serial rape charges.

  3. 3. Producer's Backend

    Indisponible42 minutes7 octobre 201416+Sous-titres

    The arrest of a troubled actress leads to an investigation of those caring for her.

  4. 4. Holden's Manifesto

    Indisponible42 minutes14 octobre 201416+Sous-titres

    A young man leaves behind his manifesto before embarking on a crime spree.

  5. 5. Pornstar's Requiem

    Indisponible42 minutes21 octobre 201416+Sous-titres

    A college freshman turned pornography star accuses her classmates of rape.

  6. 6. Glasgowman's Wrath

    Indisponible42 minutes4 novembre 201416+Sous-titres

    A babysitter's ghost stories become reality when three young girls go missing.

  7. 7. Chicago Crossover

    Indisponible42 minutes11 novembre 201416+Sous-titres

    The Chicago P.D. joins forces with Manhattan SVU to uncover the roots of a child pornography site.

  8. 8. Spousal Privilege

    Indisponible42 minutes18 novembre 201416+Sous-titres

    Sergeant Benson (Mariska Hargitay) tries to help a domestic violence victim who stands by her man.

  9. 9. Pattern Seventeen

    Indisponible42 minutes9 décembre 201416+Sous-titres

    A serial rapist strikes in several cities where the rape kit backlog stalls the investigation.

  10. 10. Forgiving Rollins

    Indisponible42 minutes6 janvier 201516+Sous-titres

    Rollins' old boss from Atlanta visits New York City along with his newest detective, who is found unconscious in her hotel bathroom. The rookie detective makes a rape claim, but then she recants it, leading Rollins to face a dark part of her own past.

  11. 11. Agent Provocateur

    Indisponible42 minutes13 janvier 201516+Sous-titres

    A teenager is left for dead in an alley after meeting her celebrity crush.

  12. 12. Padre Sandunguero

    Indisponible42 minutes20 janvier 201516+Sous-titres

    When his father is arrested, Amaro must choose between his badge and his family's honor.

  13. 13. Decaying Morality

    Indisponible42 minutes3 février 201516+Sous-titres

    Two families are left to pick up the pieces of their lives when a rape case goes terribly wrong.

  14. 14. Intimidation Game

    Indisponible41 minutes10 février 201516+Sous-titres

    The virtual world becomes reality when a video game convention turns into a crime scene.

  15. 15. Undercover Mother

    Indisponible42 minutes17 février 201516+Sous-titres

    A mother risks everything to rescue her daughter from an underground sex ring.

  16. 16. December Solstice

    Indisponible42 minutes24 février 201516+Sous-titres

    A literary icon's life becomes a tabloid headline.

  17. 17. Parole Violations

    Indisponible42 minutes24 mars 201516+Sous-titres

    A parole officer is accused of manipulating clients for personal gain.

  18. 18. Devastating Story

    Indisponible42 minutes31 mars 201516+Sous-titres

    A college student's rape case puts national attention on the SVU.

  19. 19. Granting Immunity

    Indisponible42 minutes7 avril 201516+Sous-titres

    An underage sex party leads to a measles epidemic in New York City.

  20. 20. Daydream Believer

    Indisponible42 minutes28 avril 201516+Sous-titres

    Chicago and New York police continue the investigation into an unsolved rape and murder case.

  21. 21. Perverted Justice

    Indisponible42 minutes5 mai 201516+Sous-titres

    Bayard Ellis (guest star Braugher) takes on the case of a man incarcerated for incest and rape, whose daughter Michelle (guest star Samira Wiley), the victim and star witness when she was a child, wants to recant her testimony and set her father free.

  22. 22. Parents' Nightmare

    Indisponible42 minutes12 mai 201516+Sous-titres

    SVU detectives race to find a boy kidnapped for ransom.

  23. 23. Surrendering Noah

    Indisponible42 minutes19 mai 201516+Sous-titres

    In the season finale, a dangerous career criminal returns to test the limits of the law.

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16+ Young Adults. Learn more
Supporting actors
Kelli Giddish, Raúl Esparza