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Season 1

The whole world experiences a glimpse of their future.

Jospeh Fiennes, Sonya Walger, John Cho
English [CC], Español, Italiano
Audio Languages
English, Español, Italiano
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Episodes (22)

  1. 1. No More Good Days

    Not available43 minutesSeptember 23, 200916+Subtitles

    When the world's population is given a glimpse of their future due to a mysterious global event, it forces everyone to come to grips with their destinies.

  2. 2. White to Play

    Not available47 minutesSeptember 30, 200916+Subtitles

    Demetri and Mark travel to Utah in search of a suspect who might be connected to the global blackout; Olivia runs into the man from her vision.

  3. 3. 137 Sekunden

    Not available43 minutesOctober 7, 200916+Subtitles

    A Nazi claims to have knowledge about the blackouts; Demetri receives an anonymous tip about the future; Aaron tries to get approval to have his daughter's body exhumed.

  4. 4. Black Swan

    Not available43 minutesOctober 14, 200916+Subtitles

    Mark thinks Demetri is letting his fear take over his life; Nicole reveals her shocking vision that involves a murder.

  5. 5. Gimme Some Truth

    Not available42 minutesOctober 21, 200916+Subtitles

    Mark is on the defense during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing; Janis wonders how her vision will affect her romantic relationship; Olivia gets an anonymous message.

  6. 6. Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

    Not available43 minutesOctober 28, 200916+Subtitles

    Mark, Demetri and Wedeck try to connect Janis' attack with a separate attack made on them; Olivia confronts Mark about his experience.

  7. 7. The Gift

    Not available43 minutesNovember 4, 200916+Subtitles

    Mark, Demetri, Gough and an MI6 agent investigate recent suicides; Aaron receives a visit from a friend of his daughter’s, Demetri admits he didn’t have a vision; Nicole helps Bryce uncover the mystery of his flashforward.

  8. 8. Playing Cards with Coyote

    Not available42 minutesNovember 11, 200916+Subtitles

    Mark's romantic getaway with Olivia is cut short when he gets a tip that leads him to the tattooed assassin in his flashforward.

  9. 9. Believe

    Not available43 minutesNovember 18, 200916+Subtitles

    Bryce searches for the woman in his flash forward; Tracy's odd behavior concerns Aaron; Demetri's colleagues try to locate the caller who warned him about his fate.

  10. 10. A561984

    Not available42 minutesDecember 2, 200916+Subtitles

    Demetri and Mark disregard Wedeck's orders and pursue a woman claiming to have details of Demetri's fate; Zoey learns the meaning of her flashforward.

  11. 11. Revelation Zero (Part 1 of 2)

    Not available43 minutesMarch 17, 201016+Subtitles

    Mark is suspended and must see a therapist to regain his badge. Demetri and a CIA agent search for Lloyd. Janis learns Simon’s secrets. Nicole talks to a man to help understand her vision.

  12. 12. Revelation Zero (Part 2 of 2)

    Not available43 minutesMarch 17, 201016+Subtitles

    Mark is suspended and must see a therapist to regain his badge. Demetri and a CIA agent search for Lloyd. Janis learns Simon’s secrets. Nicole talks to a man to help understand her vision.

  13. 13. Blowback

    Not available41 minutesMarch 24, 201016+Subtitles

    Aaron tries to figure out why a black-ops unit is looking for his daughter; Mark questions Lloyd about a conversation that occurred during their flashforwards.

  14. 14. Better Angels

    Not available43 minutesMarch 31, 201016+Subtitles

    Demetri, Janis, Simon and Vogel go to Somalia to search for clues; Bryce tells Nicole he has cancer; Olivia tries to get her daughter to tell her what she saw.

  15. 15. Queen Sacrifice

    Not available43 minutesApril 7, 201016+Subtitles

    Mark and Vogel execute a plan to uncover the identity of the mole in the FBI; Mark moves out of the house to protect his family; Keiko continues her search for Bryce.

  16. 16. Let No Man Put Asunder

    Not available40 minutesApril 14, 201016+Subtitles

    Demetri puts a rush on his wedding plans; Wedeck tries to help Aaron infiltrate Jericho to rescue Tracy; Olivia and Lloyd's friendship grows stronger.

  17. 17. The Garden of Forking Paths

    Not available41 minutesApril 21, 201016+Subtitles

    The clock is ticking on Demetri's life as Mark and his team go in search of his whereabouts; terror suspect Alda Herzog promises to tell Zoey where Demetri is - but at a price.

  18. 18. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    Not available42 minutesApril 28, 201016+Subtitles

    Olivia receives disturbing news from Gabriel; Aaron's life is in danger as he continues to search for his daughter in Afghanistan.

  19. 19. Course Correction

    Not available41 minutesMay 5, 201016+Subtitles

    Demetri and Banks try to track down a killer; Mark reluctantly agrees to help Simon find his sister; the FBI discovers the identity of Suspect Zero.

  20. 20. The Negotiation

    Not available40 minutesMay 12, 201016+Subtitles

    The world waits to see if their visions will come true; Mark tries to protect the link between Frost and the blackout; Aaron risks his life for his daughter; Simon meets the organisation that may be responsible for the blackout.

  21. 21. Countdown

    Not available43 minutesMay 19, 201016+Subtitles

    Mark interrogates Hellinger to find out when the next blackout will be; Demetri makes a difficult decision; Lloyd finds what he needs to solve the equation; Tracy fights for her life; Nicole wrestles with her feelings.

  22. 22. Future Shock

    Not available42 minutesMay 26, 201016+Subtitles

    April 29, 2010 arrives as everyone waits to see if the flashforward predictions take place; Mark uncovers the date of the next blackout.

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David S. Goyer
ABC Studios
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Jack Davenport, Courtney Vance, Christine Woods