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Prison School

Season 1

Hachimitsu Academy, a historically all-girls school, has finally become co-ed. Kiyoshi, is one of five boys to enroll. What he doesn’t know is that the school is clandestinely ruled by a council of ruthless, cruel, totally hot female students!

Hiroshi Kamiya
English, Español, Italiano, Português
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Episodes (12)

  1. 1. The Peep Job

    Not available24 minutesJuly 9, 2015NRSubtitles

    Five boys newly enrolled in a formerly all-girls school, already having difficulty connecting with the girl students, run afoul of the school's "Underground Student Council" and face strict disciplinary measures.

  2. 2. The Man Who Viewed Too Much

    Not available24 minutesJuly 16, 2015NRSubtitles

    Hana is embarrassed when Kiyoshi sees her in a compromising position. Kiyoshi becomes desperate to keep his date with Chiyo, and searches for a way to get out of prison in time to meet her. Gakuto has plans of his own.

  3. 3. A Mighty Spurt

    Not available24 minutesJuly 23, 2015NRSubtitles

    With Meiko's attention divided between two groups, Kiyoshi is able to widen the escape hole enough to let him through in time for his date. An already-suspicious Shingo gets an eyeful of more than he bargained for.

  4. 4. Take Me Out to the Sumoland

    Not available24 minutesJuly 30, 201518+Subtitles

    After committing a heinous offense against Mari, Gakuto receives a drastic punishment from Meiko. Kiyoshi and Gakuto work desperately to break Kiyoshi out of the prison by having him impersonate a girl.

  5. 5. The School's Number One Most Treacherous Man

    Not available24 minutesAugust 6, 2015NRSubtitles

    Kiyoshi returns from his breakout, but must face the music with Gakuto and the others when the truth comes to light. Chiyo reconsiders her reaction to Kiyoshi, and decides to give him a second chance.

  6. 6. Vengeance is Hana's

    Not available24 minutesAugust 13, 2015NRSubtitles

    Mari introduces the DTO plan to Hana, and they begin plotting ways to drive the boys out of school. Shingo leads the others boys in shunning Kiyoshi, but Meiko has plans to drive an even deeper wedge between them.

  7. 7. Meiko's Delicious Restaurant

    Not available24 minutesAugust 20, 2015NRSubtitles

    Shingo, on furlough from the prison, meets a girl named Anzu at the arcade in town. When Gakuto turns to his Guan Yu figurine for guidance, the tip of his sword falls off, starting a chain of events with momentous consequences.

  8. 8. The Diary of Andre

    Not available24 minutesAugust 27, 2015NRSubtitles

    Andre suffers a mental collapse when he goes for a week without receiving any discipline. Shingo takes Anzu to the movies, but finds his expectations betrayed. The Underground Student Council moves forward with their DTO project.

  9. 9. Full of Bodily Fluids

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 3, 2015NRSubtitles

    Shingo realizes that he saw emails regarding DTO on the computer in the corrections office, which if recovered by the boys, would prove that they were set up. The boys plot to break into the corrections office.

  10. 10. It's a Bum-derful Life

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 10, 2015NRSubtitles

    The boys are resigned to their upcoming expulsions, and spirits are low, until Gakuto, suffering a bout of temporary insanity, devises one last strategy to get them out of their predicament, if they can just buy enough time to pull it off.

  11. 11. Eryngii Brockovich

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 17, 2015NRSubtitles

    Given a one-day reprieve, the boys must again execute a plan to get inside the corrections office, but the Underground Student Council won't make it easy for them. Hana has a personal score that she wishes to settle with Kiyoshi.

  12. 12. Good Morning, Prison!

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 24, 2015NRSubtitles

    Hana continues pressing Kiyoshi in order to exact her revenge, but Kiyoshi employs an adaptation of a classical military strategy to counter her. Once all the boys are locked into their cells for the night, will they be able to complete their plan?

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