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Mine Block: Mods

201854 Seasons7+Subtitles and Closed Captions

Minecraft Mods. Videos by NewScapeDos

English [CC]
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Episodes (31)

  1. 1. Jetpacks 4

    Not available19 minutesNovember 11, 20177+Subtitles

    This is the episode where Cory hangs out with Jon and has some zany adventures.

  2. 2. Turrets?

    Not available22 minutesNovember 18, 20177+Subtitles

    Hey everybody today we are doing another episode of the Feed The Beast: Survival Multiplayer.

  3. 3. Can You Guess Who?

    Not available10 minutesNovember 12, 20177+Subtitles

    Hey everybody Cory's here with some of his good good friends. He's joined today by Zres, JonJon, CheezyBreezi, and UniComics. They are playing Hide N Seek on the Hypixel server today.

  4. 4. Clip: "Becoming the Justice League" Mod

    Not available15 minutesNovember 17, 20177+Subtitles

    Hey everybody Cory's back with another mod showcase. This week he's showing off the Super Duper Superheroes Mod.

  5. 5. Clip: Creating an Extractor

    Not available18 minutesNovember 24, 20177+Subtitles

    Hey everybody today they are doing another episode of the Feed The Beast: Survival Multiplayer. Cory is joined by his good good friends CheezyBreezi and UniComics.

  6. 6. Secret Santa in Minecraft The Avenue SMP

    Not available14 minutesDecember 18, 20177+Subtitles

    Today I play Secret Santa w/ Graser & Kingtong!

  7. 7. Metacrit is Edgy

    Not available14 minutesJanuary 10, 20187+Subtitles

    This week Cory falls into a brand new AU, it's undesw-, storysw-, its StorySwap! Papyrus, UnDyne, Meta, and Toriel come out of their houses and find Cory roaming around.

  8. 8. This is Impossible

    Not available15 minutesOctober 26, 20177+Subtitles

    Hey everybody Cory's here with some good good friends and today they are playing Death Run on the Hypixel server.

  9. 9. The Ultimate Hammer

    Not available21 minutesOctober 28, 20177+Subtitles

    Hey everybody, Cory's back with another episode of the Feed The Beast: Survival Multiplayer. He's joined by his good good friends CheezyBreezi, and UniComics.

  10. 10. Clip: Cuphead, Ayano, Ness & Mr. Walking Here

    Not available10 minutesOctober 29, 20177+Subtitles

    Christopher Walken (Cory) is here with some good good friends and today the are playing Bed Wars on the Hypixel server. They are doing the voice acting challenge.

  11. 11. Crings Bed Wars

    Not available17 minutesNovember 2, 20177+Subtitles

    Today Cory is playing the Bed Wars and the challenge today is the ASMR challenge.

  12. 12. Detective Cory on the Case

    Not available12 minutesOctober 17, 20177+Subtitles

    Corey and his good good friends play Murder Mystery in Minecraft! Corey does not need a pacifier!

  13. 13. Clip: Not the Bees!

    Not available16 minutesNovember 6, 20177+Subtitles

    Cory's here in a brand-new Survival Multiplayer game. On this one he's joined by Shubble and Grasser! The Avenue mods give the player new abilities and skills to take Minecraft into a brand-new territory!

  14. 14. Build Battle!

    Not available12 minutesMarch 18, 20167+Subtitles

    Join Cory and Frisk (Shubble) as they attempt to build monsters, skeletons and derpy dogs in an Undertale themed build battle!

  15. 15. Survival Games!

    Not available14 minutesMarch 26, 20167+Subtitles

    Join Cory, Frisk (Shubble) and Sans (AdamRodriguezGamez) as they attempt to play Survival Games! Hopefully they don't have a bad time...

  16. 16. Omega Flowey

    Not available20 minutesApril 13, 20167+Subtitles

    Frisk (Shubble) and I decide to take on the terrifying Undertale Boss, Omega Flowey! This Minecraft map really tested our determination and we wanted to share our experience with you!

  17. 17. Undertale SkyWars 2

    Not available15 minutesApril 16, 20167+Subtitles

    Corey and his motley crew play Sky Wars!

  18. 18. Undertale Gravity

    Not available11 minutesApril 20, 20167+Subtitles

    Join Cory, Frisk (Shubble) and Alphys (MousieMouse) as they jump to their deaths over... and over... and over.

  19. 19. 8BIT-Tale-AU?

    Not available15 minutesJanuary 31, 20187+Subtitles

    This episode Cory and Flowey the Flower head over to ScaryTale, which is completely different from HorrorTale, UnderWorld, and ReaperTale by the way. This one is way spookier.

  20. 20. Skywars with Flowey

    Not available13 minutesJune 8, 20167+Subtitles

    The tables are turned and Papyrus has become the killer leaving Cory bad at the game. We give up quick and play Build Battle instead.

  21. 21. Snowdin

    Not available12 minutesApril 23, 20167+Subtitles

    Cory, Frisk (Shubble), Alphys (MousieMouse) and the cast play a game of Undertale Hide n Seek!

  22. 22. Determination

    Not available14 minutesApril 25, 20167+Subtitles

    Join Cory and Frisk (Shubble) as they kill anybody who stands in their way on Skywars!

  23. 23. Alphys Lab!

    Not available11 minutesApril 27, 20167+Subtitles

    Cory, Frisk (Shubble), Alphys (MousieMouse) and the cast play a game of Undertale Hide n Seek! This game takes place in Alphys' laboratory!

  24. 24. Undertale Minigame

    Not available13 minutesMay 16, 20167+Subtitles

    Today Corey and friends play Murder Mystery!

  25. 25. Undertale Hide N Seek with Mettaton

    Not available13 minutesMay 23, 20167+Subtitles

    Cory, Frisk (Shubble), Mettaton (SkyDoesMinecraft), Burgerpants (RedVacktor), and some slime janitor (SGCBarbierian) play a game of Undertale Hide n Seek! This game takes place in Mettaton's infamous MTT Resort!

  26. 26. Burgerpants Revenge

    Not available14 minutesMay 25, 20167+Subtitles

    Corey and his rag tag crew play Murder Mystery!

  27. 27. Who The

    Not available15 minutesMay 27, 20167+Subtitles

    Corey and Friends are having a Holiday Undertale Hide and Seek game!

  28. 28. Toriel's A Cheater

    Not available14 minutesMay 31, 20167+Subtitles

    Cory, Frisk (Shubble), Toriel and the cast play a game of Undertale Hide n Seek! This game takes place in Toriel's house!

  29. 29. Detective Papyrus

    Not available16 minutesJune 4, 20167+Subtitles

    Corey and friends need to solve a mystery!

  30. 30. Thriller

    Not available15 minutesJune 6, 20167+Subtitles

    Today Toriel is super noisy during our Murder Mystery Game!

  31. 31. Clip: Frankenstein Boris Vs Boris

    Not available12 minutesMay 6, 20187+Subtitles

    On this installment of Minecraft Murder Mystery! We find Bendy and Cory waiting anxiously to see what is instore for them today!

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