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Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial

Season 1
After World War II, leading Nazis were tried at the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. This gripping BBC drama-documentary attempts to delve inside the minds and secret workings of Hitler's Nazi leadership. Using largely unpublished trial documents, the series gives an unprecedented view of three key Nazi figures: Hermann Goering, Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess. What drove them to commit their crimes?
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  1. 1. Albert Speer
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    September 24, 2006
    Hitler's architect, Albert Speer, was considered the most inscrutable Nazi to stand trial at Nuremberg. As this fascinating BBC drama-documentary reveals, Speer was the only defendant who unreservedly accepted responsibility for the Nazis' crimes and narrowly missed a death sentence. But was Speer's apparent remorse genuine, or was it just a clever defense strategy to save his own neck?
  2. 2. Hermann Goering
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    September 24, 2006
    Hermann Goering was the commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe and Hitler's designated successor. Larger than life, both in size and personality, Goering was the most flamboyant and charismatic of all the defendants at Nuremberg. But, as this innovative BBC drama-documentary reveals, evil resided beneath the jolly facade. What motivated one of the most ruthless, cynical and unrepentant Nazis?
  3. 3. Rudolf Hess
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    September 24, 2006
    In 1941, Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess undertook a bizarre flight to Scotland offering peace to Britain. He was declared insane by the Fuhrer. As this remarkable BBC drama-documentary reveals, at Nuremberg Hess's fitness for trial was at the heart of his case. He claimed not to remember his Nazi past and suffered from paranoid delusions. But was his strange behavior just a ruse to escape punishment?

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