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Comic Book Men

20157 sæsoner7+Undertekster

Comic Book Men returns with Kevin Smith, Walt, Bryan, Mike, and Ming banter behind the counter of the Red Bank, NJ comic store and geek-out over the rare pop culture memorabilia that comes through their doors.

Kevin Smith, Walt Flanagan, Bryan Johnson
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English [CC]
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Episoder (16)

  1. 1. Comic Book Men 401: Heir Apparent

    21 minutter11. oktober 20147+Undertekster

    Kevin Smith sends his daughter Harley to the Stash to learn how to be a clerk. A customer sells his rare and unusual Rocky action figures.

  2. 2. Comic Book Men 402: Walt's Treehouse

    21 minutter18. oktober 20147+Undertekster

    A returning customer swings by the store with a toy Walt always wanted but never had. An aspiring student brings in a book signed by comic greats.

  3. 3. Comic Book Men 403: Stand Up Guys

    21 minutter25. oktober 20147+Undertekster

    Walt challenges the guys to perform stand up comedy at the Stash. A collector brings in key Marvel comics from the 1960s.

  4. 4. Comic Book Men 404: Super Baby

    21 minutter1. november 20147+Undertekster

    The guys agree to help out a friend and babysit her daughter for the afternoon. An Indiana Jones superfan tries to sell rare items from the films.

  5. 5. Comic Book Men 405: BronyCon

    21 minutter8. november 20147+Undertekster

    Walt and the guys visit BronyCon, a fan convention for My Little Pony. A customer wants to sell a board game from the 1970s featuring Godzilla.

  6. 6. Comic Book Men 406: Bat Prints

    21 minutter15. november 20147+Undertekster

    Walt considers buying hand and foot prints of Adam West and Burt Ward from the Batman TV show. A customer sells a rare set of Star Wars comic strips.

  7. 7. Comic Book Men 407: Turtle Time

    21 minutter22. november 20147+Undertekster

    Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, brings in his earliest sketches of the turtles to the Stash.

  8. 8. Comic Book Men 408: Stashbusters

    21 minutter29. november 20147+Undertekster

    Walt has a business proposition for original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson. A customer comes in to sell cartoon shampoo bottles from the '60s.

  9. 9. Comic Book Men 409: Dragging Rights

    21 minutter14. februar 20157+Undertekster

    Adam West visits and a drag race between the Batmobile and the Black Beauty ignites. A customer sells the 1st comic appearance of Rocket Raccoon.

  10. 10. Comic Book Men 410: Mr. Adams

    21 minutter14. februar 20157+Undertekster

    Comic legends, artist Neal Adams and writer Denny O'Neil, drop by the Stash. The guys look at a pristine set of 50-year-old Batman night lights.

  11. 11. Comic Book Men 411: My Favorite Munster

    21 minutter21. februar 20157+Undertekster

    Butch Patrick, TV's Eddie Munster, drops by the Stash. A Star Wars action figure so rare it was never officially released lands on the counter.

  12. 12. Comic Book Men 412: Secret Stashley

    21 minutter28. februar 20157+Undertekster

    Kevin's assistant Ashley brings her feminine wiles to the Stash and learns about comic book retail. A pair of pro wrestlers wants to sell their comic.

  13. 13. Comic Book Men 413: Sucka M.C.

    21 minutter7. marts 20157+Undertekster

    Hip hop legend Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC brings his new comic in to the Stash. The guys look at a classic Marvel Silver Age #1 issue.

  14. 14. Comic Book Men 414: Falcon for Sale

    21 minutter14. marts 20157+Undertekster

    Star Wars legend Billy Dee Williams drops by the Stash to win the Millennium Falcon the same way Lando lost it - in a high stakes card game.

  15. 15. Comic Book Men 415: Jay Invades

    21 minutter21. marts 20157+Undertekster

    Jason Mewes drops by the Stash to hang out and play clerk. Walt looks to acquire a mysterious recreation of some iconic comic book art.

  16. 16. Comic Book Men 416: KISS My Stash

    21 minutter21. marts 20157+Undertekster

    The boys rock out at a KISS concert and Walt lives out his childhood dream of meeting Gene Simmons. Ming considers buying an arcade cabinet.

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