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Digging for Britain

2016ÖVER 16 ÅR
Professor Alice Roberts (Time Team) tells the story of Britain through the country’s archaeological finds, from the rituals at Stonehenge to the practices of the ancient Celts and the struggles between the Anglo-Saxons and Viking invaders. As Roberts shows, sometimes discoveries are made by professional archaeologists, sometimes by amateur enthusiasts, and sometimes by crews on building sites.
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Alice Roberts
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  1. 1. Celtic Rituals
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    9 april 2016
    ÖVER 16 ÅR
    Roberts pieces together the archaeological evidence to better understand Stonehenge’s mysterious rituals, a pagan Celtic tribe’s bizarre animal sacrifices to their gods, and the secrets of a site that contained Britain’s earliest human remains.
  2. 2. The Thames
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    16 april 2016
    ÖVER 16 ÅR
    Traveling to the east of Britain, Roberts highlights the most exciting recent finds. In the Thames Estuary, divers battle the elements to solve a maritime mystery dating from the 1600s. Back on land, a team of archaeologists uncover a mass grave in the British capital, and an amateur metal-detectorist discovers how desperate the Anglo-Saxons were to make the Vikings go away.
  3. 3. Viking Treasure
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    23 april 2016
    ÖVER 16 ÅR
    In Scotland, a metal detectorist discovers a Viking hoard: arm rings, gold ingots, brooches, and a large Christian cross. But as Roberts explains, sometimes discoveries are made when least expected, such as when a new housing development unearths a graveyard of Iron Age warriors whose tribe may have traveled from continental Europe to settle in Yorkshire.

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