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Pie in the Sky

For DI Henry Crabbe, a reluctant detective with a passion for food, crime and cooking go hand in hand. Still hoping to find his way off the police force for good, time and time again Crabbe finds himself caught between corruption and cuisine. From the thrill of competition to the terror of armed robbery close to home, will retirement ever actually be restful?
IMDb 7.719966 episodes
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  1. S4 E1 - Devils on Horseback(Part One)
    September 15, 1996
    Margaret persuades Crabbe to join her for a day the races, courtesy of her new client -- Bishop’s Cider Mill. Unfortunately, their day off turns into a murder investigation when the body of a stable hand is discovered. Was he the victim of a dangerous love triangle, or was something more sinister going on at Larkhill stables? Meanwhile, Gary’s strawberry ice cream has an unexpected effect.
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  2. S4 E2 - Devils on Horseback(Part Two)
    September 22, 1996
    Frustrated that he has to release his prime suspect, Crabbe examines a new angle -- horse doping. A string of suspicious racing accidents at Larkhill has attracted the attention of a Jockey Club investigator -- maybe someone is going to great lengths cover something up? Crabbe better figure it out soon, before Margaret gets caught in the crossfire.
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  3. S4 E3 - Chinese Whispers
    September 29, 1996
    Crabbe is upset to hear that Li Chen, owner of the local Chinese restaurant, has been recently attacked. His daughter is worried that the attacks are racially motivated, but Li is reluctant to report them to the police. Can Crabbe get to the root of the problem and bring victory to Pie in the Sky at the Great British Grub Competition?
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  4. S4 E4 - New Leaf
    October 6, 1996
    Fisher calls on Crabbe to butter up a prickly witness ensconced in a safe house, and DCI Harding is annoyed he didn’t get the job. Can Crabbe cook his way into the witness’s good graces and convince her to testify against her gangster husband? Meanwhile, the overlooked Harding makes trouble for Crabbe and Henderson.
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  5. S4 E5 - Breaking Bread
    October 13, 1996
    After Fisher awards the police canteen franchise to a monstrous conglomerate, Crabbe must investigate who sabotaged the celebration lunch. The list of suspects includes local baker Flora McKee and the former canteen manager, Tom Selly, but Crabbe isn’t convinced of their motives. Luckily, he has Margaret to inspire him to look elsewhere.
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  6. S4 E6 - Gary's Cake
    October 20, 1996
    Armed robbers raid Pie in the Sky while Crabbe is busy with the police, and DS Stringer is too hung up on Gary’s criminal record to investigate thoroughly. Disgusted -- and worried about his empty restaurant -- Crabbe takes it upon himself to crack the case. Will he be able to uncover the true culprit, or will Pie in the Sky remain empty for good?
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