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Comrade Detective

Season 1
7.3201718+Subtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

In the 1980s millions of Romanians tuned in to Comrade Detective, a gritty, sexy, communist buddy cop show that has now been digitally remastered and dubbed into English for the first time by a cast featuring the voices of Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jenny Slate, Nick Offerman and many more.

Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jenny Slate
English [CC]
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Episodes (6)

  1. 1. The Invisible Hand

    43 minutesAugust 3, 201718+Subtitles

    After his partner is murdered, Bucharest Detective Gregor Anghel reluctantly teams up with new-to-the-force Detective Joseph Baciu to hunt for the mysterious killer.

  2. 2. No Exit

    37 minutesAugust 3, 201718+Subtitles

    When the case hits a dead end, Gregor must revisit an unpleasant part of his past and in turn a larger and more evil capitalist conspiracy is revealed.

  3. 3. Bread is Bread

    41 minutesAugust 3, 201718+Subtitles

    The detectives find themselves in a dangerous cat and mouse game with their strongest suspect yet: a sinister priest in a godless country.

  4. 4. Two Films for One Ticket

    41 minutesAugust 3, 201718+Subtitles

    Gregor's research into the disturbed American mindset leads him and Joseph to a party at a lecherous movie producer's house where alcohol, girls, and R-rated propaganda films run aplenty.

  5. 5. The Whole World is Watching

    34 minutesAugust 3, 201718+Subtitles

    Hunted by their own police force, the detectives seek unlikely refuge at the American Embassy and discover that Sonya has been kidnapped.

  6. 6. Survival of the Fittest

    42 minutesAugust 3, 201718+Subtitles

    Gregor and Joseph race to find Sonya before she becomes the Reagan mask's final victim, but in order to save her one of them must die. 

  7. Bonus: Comrade Detective - Official Trailer

    2 minutesJuly 26, 201716+Subtitles

    The greatest Romanian cop show from the 1980s, Comrade Detective, was sadly lost under the ruins of the Berlin Wall.  Now, thanks to an unexpected package that Channing Tatum receives from an old friend, the show has finally been rediscovered.  Too brilliant to keep to himself, Channing and his friends have digitally remastered and dubbed the original into English for the modern world.

  8. Bonus: Los Colorados - "What I Like About You" (Official Music Video)

    3 minutesAugust 13, 201716+

    Los Colorados' music video for their Comrade Detective inspired "What I Like About You" cover.

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