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Saekano♭ How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend.flat

Season 1

Geeky high school student Tomoya Aki meets Megumi Kato one day in spring and becomes consumed with the idea of turning this normal girl into the main heroine of his visual novel game. He forms the development team Blessing Software with friends and they manage to get one route finished. With the upcoming Winter Comiket in two months, will they be able to finish the game in time?!

Saori Onishi, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Sayuri Yahagi
International, Anime
Deutsch, English, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Français, Indonesia, Italiano, 한국어, Português, 中文(繁體)
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Episodes (12)

  1. 1. Episode0 Fan Service of Love and Pure heart

    Not available22 minutesApril 5, 201713+Subtitles

    The team has come to the pool of a luxury hotel to do research for a swimsuit event for their game. As always, Utaha and Eriri are fighting, Michiru is doing her own thing, and of course Megumi is being aloof. Episode zero is here to bring you the swimsuit episode fans have been waiting for!(C)2017 Fumiaki Maruto, Kurehito Misaki, KADOKAWA FUJIMISHOBO / Project Saenai ♭

  2. 2. Episode1 Way of Two Boring Rivals's Encounter

    Not available22 minutesApril 13, 201713+Subtitles

    One and a half years ago at Toyogasaki Academy. Utaha confirms that the library is carrying the light novel she wrote “Metronome in Love”. She leaves and gets stopped along the way by Eriri Spencer Sawamura. We finally get to see how Eriri and Utaha meet. What exactly happened between them?!(C)2017 Fumiaki Maruto, Kurehito Misaki, KADOKAWA FUJIMISHOBO / Project Saenai ♭

  3. 3. Episode2 Turning point of Earnest and Real

    Not available22 minutesApril 20, 201713+Subtitles

    Utaha and Tomoya go out on a date in Ikebukuro to celebrate the completion of the script. After going around to a book store and movie theater, they have dinner at a restaurant. That's when Utaha asks Tomoya whether she should attend a nearby university or one located in Kansai for college. Tomoya gives her his answer at the end of the date. Hearing it, Utaha decides to take a certain action.

  4. 4. Episode3 First Draft, Second Draft and Great long thinking

    Not available22 minutesApril 27, 201713+Subtitles

    Tomoya and the others arrive to meet Izumi, but to their surprise, Iori is there waiting as well. Iori reveals that his Dōjin Team rouge en rouge is making a new game that is in the same genre as the game blessing software is working on, and that Izumi will be in charge of its art. Tomoya believes in his team members, but Iori tells him that he is confident his game's story will be better.

  5. 5. Episode4 New route of Two nights and Three days

    Not available22 minutesMay 4, 201713+Subtitles

    Tomoya has noticed a fatal flaw in the script Utaha had written. While her script reads amazingly as a novel, it does not hold up very well as a game script. As the director, Tomoya decides the script needs to be rewritten and begins revising it. Fortunately, Utaha comes in to help as well after composing herself, and the two of them work together to improve the writing as a game script.

  6. 6. Episode5 Deadline or Awakening

    Not available22 minutesMay 11, 2017NRSubtitles

    With the script rewrites and additional character route, game production has been significantly delayed, and it's becoming apparent that Eriri is running behind with the art. Utaha points out the quality doesn't reflect the time she's putting in. Even so, Tomoya trusts that Eriri will deliver in the end. So Eriri withdraws herself to her secluded family villa in Nasu Kogen to focus on her work...

  7. 7. Episode6 The Deadline Buried in Snow

    Not available22 minutesMay 18, 2017NRSubtitles

    Eriri finally finishes the artwork, but she collapses with a fever as she tells Tomoya she's done. Noticing something wrong with Eriri, Tomoya chooses to rush to help her rather than work on completing the master copy to submit to press. Tomoya arrives at the villa in Nasu Kogen with Iori's help and nurses Eriri back to health. But what will happen to the game?

  8. 8. Episode7 The New Plan of Revenge

    Not available22 minutesMay 25, 201713+Subtitles

    The game Tomoya and his colleagues completed “cherry blessing” gained a lot of popularity on the Internet because of Eriri's art and Utaha's script, leading them to sell out all their copies at their booth, and receive a massive amount of additional orders. Tomoya is happy about the game's success, but he hasn't been able to make up with Megumi yet.

  9. 9. Episode8 The Girl Who Didn't Break the Flag

    Not available22 minutesJune 1, 201713+Subtitles

    Replaying “cherry blessing”, Tomoya notices details that makes him realize how dedicated Megumi had been to the game's development. The next day, he awkwardly pulls Megumi into the AV room and begins passionately talking about blessing software's next project. Then he finally apologizes to her for not talking to her when Eriri collapsed, and thanks her for caring about blessing software so much.

  10. 10. Episode9 Graduation with a Twist

    Not available22 minutesJune 8, 201713+Subtitles

    Tomoya celebrates Utaha's graduation from Toyogasaki Academy, and tells her that he would like to continue making games with the current members of the team. Thinking that he'll have to come up with a project everyone would want to participate in, Tomoya shows Utaha his project proposal. While she gives it the high mark of 75, she tells him she won't be able to participate.

  11. 11. Episode10 And the Rivals Will Challenge God

    Not available22 minutesJune 15, 2017NRSubtitles

    Akane Kosaka asks Eriri and Utaha if they would want to work on the next edition of “Fields Chronicle”, a popular RPG series with 20 years of history. At the meeting, Eriri is told that her recent trouble drawing wasn't because she was in a slump, but because she was bad, and Utaha is treated like an extra to Eriri. They're both upset, but can't help but be enticed by such a desirable project.

  12. 12. Episode11 Resume and Start the Game

    Not available22 minutesJune 22, 2017NRSubtitles

    Tomoya is heartbroken by Utaha and Eriri's departure from the Dōjin Team, but Megumi takes the opportunity to ask Tomoya out on a date again. Back at Rokutenba Mall, the two of them go around the different stores reliving their previous date here. They visit a hat store last, and Tomoya buys her a certain hat to thank her for cheering him up and to repay her for the glasses she gifted him earlier.

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