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The Big C

8.120104 Seasons18+Subtitles and Closed Captions

A suburban mom, diagnosed with cancer, tries to find the humor in the disease.

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Episodes (13)

  1. 1. The Big C

    Not available28 minutesAugust 15, 201018+Subtitles

    The C Word is a half hour comedy for Showtime starring Laura Linney about a woman living in Minneapolis who gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. Knowing she may not have more than a year to live, Cathy starts living her life the way she wishes she’d been living it for the last forty years. She’s determined to have more fun, be more honest, and make every moment count. It’s a show that will ...

  2. 2. Summertime

    Not available28 minutesAugust 22, 201018+Subtitles

    Now that she has rid the house of her slovenly husband Paul, Cathy sets her sites on reforming their son Adam. So, on the eve of his departure for a month-long soccer camp, Cathy uses the hole that's been dug for her backyard pool to burn all of Adam's dirty clothes. Meanwhile, as she takes Andrea to task for actually gaining two pounds on her new diet, Cathy learns of a woman who has been...

  3. 3. There's No C in Team

    Not available28 minutesAugust 29, 201018+Subtitles

    While fending off Paul's demands that she return to marriage therapy and pressing Marlene to keep her aging dog Thomas at home, Cathy tries to persuade her son Adam to join her for a ride on a tandem bicycle that's been gathering dust in the garage. When he refuses, Cathy is left to pilot the bike on her own to visit Sean. Unable to convince her brother to get some ice cream with her, Cathy is...

  4. 4. Playing the Cancer Car

    Not available28 minutesSeptember 12, 201018+Subtitles

    Following a trip to the credit union to withdraw all her retirement savings, Cathy finds Paul during his rugby game to register her displeasure at his buying Adam a video game over her objections. And after a brief and uncomfortable run-in with Tina, a sexy middle-aged woman who's tagging along after Paul and his rugby-playing pals, Cathy heads home to share some very expensive champagne with...

  5. 5. Blue-Eyed Iris

    Not available27 minutesSeptember 19, 201018+Subtitles

    Arriving home from the gardening store with a carload of blue-eyed irises, Cathy is looking for help unloading them when she walks in on Adam looking at porn on the Internet. After a failed effort to talk to their son about sex – especially what women want from a relationship – Cathy summons Paul to dinner to tell him about the embarrassing encounter. Now sporting an eye patch as a result of a...

  6. 6. Taking Lumps

    Not available25 minutesSeptember 26, 201018+Subtitles

    When a new lump reveals that her cancer is getting worse, Cathy decides to call off her affair with the school's handyman as she looks to reunite her family for an annual charity race.

  7. 7. Two For The Road

    Not available27 minutesOctober 3, 201018+Subtitles

    After revealing details of her family situation while Marlene dresses her surgical incision, Cathy turns to Sean to discuss their father's upcoming birthday. Noting that he hasn't been in contact with their dad for years, Sean insists he couldn't care less. But even though he initially refuses her invitation to surprise Dad with a birthday visit, just as she's about to leave he decides to join...

  8. 8. Happy Birthday, Cancer

    Not available28 minutesOctober 10, 201018+Subtitles

    On her 43rd, and possibly last, birthday, Cathy takes matters into her own hands, celebrating with Marlene – and a wedding cake that an ill-fated bride and groom aren't going to use – before donning a sexy red cocktail dress at school to teach her students about taking control of one's life. After Lenny surprises her with a beautiful scarf, she accepts his invitation to celebrate with an...

  9. 9. The Ecstasy And The Agony

    Not available28 minutesOctober 17, 201018+Subtitles

    While teaching her underage son to drive and dealing with the domestic fallout from her Bahamas getaway with Lenny, Cathy admits to Dr. Todd that she hasn't told Paul about her cancer. After her insurance company cuts back on her coverage and her application to a clinical drug trial is turned down, Cathy looks to cope by asking Lenny to join her in taking some Ecstasy a student inadvertently...

  10. 10. Divine Intervention

    Not available27 minutesOctober 24, 201018+Subtitles

    Facing divorce and the loss of her best friend, Cathy looks to make amends with those around her.

  11. 11. New Beginnings

    Not available28 minutesOctober 31, 201018+Subtitles

    Paul's spontaneous display of solidarity prompts Cathy to seek out a cure for her cancer.

  12. 12. Everything that Rises Must Converge

    Not available28 minutesNovember 7, 201018+Subtitles

    Now that he knows the truth about his wife's cancer, Paul eagerly takes over the household chores, including the ones that Cathy enjoyed doing. As she tries to get her husband to back off, Cathy not so innocently stumbles upon some text messages that Adam has been exchanging with a classmate named Mia. After calling to leave a message warning Mia not to do anything that would break her son's...

  13. 13. Taking the Plunge

    Not available28 minutesNovember 14, 201018+Subtitles

    Marlene's suicide prompts Cathy to embark on a risky treatment as she unexpectedly inherits her late neighbor's house.

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