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20058 Seasons16+Subtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

Adrian Monk, TV's most brilliant detective is back, and he's ready to battle any crime... as long as it doesn't involve germs, heights, or other people!

Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, Ted Levine
Suspense, Comedy, Drama
العربية, Dansk, English [CC], Español, Suomi, Indonesia, 한국어, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Русский, Svenska, Türkçe, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體)
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Français, Italiano, Português
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Episodes (16)

  1. 1. Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan

    Not available43 minutesJune 17, 200416+Subtitles

    When Monk travels to New York City to investigate his wife's murder, he gets tangled up in a baffling case involving the shooting of a foreign ambassador.

  2. 2. Mr. Monk and the Panic Room

    Not available43 minutesJune 24, 200416+Subtitles

    When a big-time record producer is found dead in his panic room, Monk must help decide the guilt or innocence of an unlikely suspect. Carmen Electra guest stars.

  3. 3. Mr. Monk and the Blackout

    Not available43 minutesJuly 8, 200416+Subtitles

    When the city is overrun by a string of unexplained blackouts, it's up to Monk to keep the "City by the Bay" out of the darkness. Judge Reinhold guest stars.

  4. 4. Mr. Monk Gets Fired

    Not available42 minutesJuly 15, 200416+Subtitles

    Monk must find the evidence to put away a grisly murderer and regain his detective's license from the grouchy new police commissioner.

  5. 5. Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather

    Not available43 minutesJuly 22, 200416+Subtitles

    Monk infiltrates an organized crime family as he tries to get to the bottom of an apparent mob hit.

  6. 6. Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf

    Not available43 minutesJuly 29, 200416+Subtitles

    The shoe is on the other foot when inexplicable happenings put Sharona's own sanity to the test.

  7. 7. Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month

    Not available42 minutesAugust 5, 200416+Subtitles

    Monk takes a job at a department store to solve the murder of one of the store's employees.

  8. 8. Mr. Monk and the Game Show

    Not available43 minutesAugust 12, 200416+Subtitles

    Monk heads to Los Angeles to help the father of his late wife solve a very puzzling mystery on a game show.

  9. 9. Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine

    Not available42 minutesAugust 19, 200416+Subtitles

    Monk takes a new medication that alleviates the symptoms of his obsessive-compulsive disorder but impairs his ability to solve crime.

  10. 10. Mr. Monk and the Red Herring

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 20, 200516+Subtitles

    Why would a thief want to steal an ordinary pet fish? Monk finds out, and meets a new assistant in the process.

  11. 11. Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra

    Not available42 minutesJanuary 27, 200516+Subtitles

    When all signs in a murder investigation point to deceased Kung Fu movie star Sonny Chow, Monk must find the real culprit.

  12. 12. Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 3, 200516+Subtitles

    When Monk is taken into protective custody after witnessing a Chinese mob killing, he's brought to a remote cabin in the woods where he uncovers another murder.

  13. 13. Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic

    Not available42 minutesFebruary 10, 200516+Subtitles

    Monk gets stuck in a traffic jam and finds that the cause of the standstill is murder.

  14. 14. Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas

    Not available42 minutesFebruary 17, 200516+Subtitles

    Monk travels to Las Vegas when Captain Stottlemeyer suspects foul play in the death of a millionaire casino owner's wife.

  15. 15. Mr. Monk and the Election

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 24, 200516+Subtitles

    When Natalie runs for school board, Monk must figure out who's behind an attempt on her life.

  16. 16. Mr. Monk and the Kid

    Not available43 minutesMarch 3, 200516+Subtitles

    Monk unravels a baffling mystery after a toddler finds a severed finger in a park.

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