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Season 1
2018NRSubtitles and Closed Captions

It’s 6:59 forever…The members of the Yukawa family inherit Stasis Spell, the power to stop time.They are able to enter the Stasis, a world where everything has stopped, when they use their power.One day, Juri’s nephew and brother get kidnapped. In order to rescue them, Grandpa uses Stasis spell, but they get suddenly attacked by other people who are still able to move in the Stasis world.

Chika Anzai, Asami Seto, Kazuhiro Yamaji
Deutsch, English, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Français, Italiano, 한국어, Português, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體)
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Episodes (12)

  1. 1. The First Moment

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 7, 2018NRSubtitles

    Living with her family makes Juri Yukawa feel stressed out, but one day, she receives a phone call that changes everything: her brother and nephew have been kidnapped! Juri must save them as soon as she can, but an argument breaks out with her father. Her Grandpa scolds them and reveals a certain power…

  2. 2. The Second Moment

    Not available24 minutesJanuary 14, 201813+Subtitles

    Juri and Grandpa are unable to rescue Makoto and Tsubasa because of the appearance of a group of mysterious men. Suddenly, a monster appears in the midst of the chaos. While everyone cowers in fear before the monster’s strength, there was one man with a creepy face who stood firm…

  3. 3. The Third Moment

    Not available24 minutesJanuary 20, 201813+Subtitles

    Juri heads to her house in search of The Stone, but gets captured by members of The Genuine Love Society. Juri lies in despair while they strangle her. As her consciousness fades away as she faces her death, something unusual begins to happen to her body…

  4. 4. The Fourth Moment

    Not available24 minutesJanuary 28, 201813+Subtitles

    Makoto gets kidnapped, and Juri is unable to save him. Now Juri has become the one being pursued. While Juri continues to fight as she runs away, she reflects on the hopelessness of her situation and deals with her anger towards the stone.

  5. 5. The Fifth Moment

    Not available24 minutesFebruary 4, 201813+Subtitles

    Majima says that she saw her family transform into a Herald. While everyone is panicking because of Juri’s new power and the appearance of the Herald, Majima’s lifeless eyes were filled with the light of despair. What could it possibly mean?

  6. 6. The Sixth Moment

    Not available24 minutesFebruary 11, 201813+Subtitles

    Takafumi is rescued from The Genuine Love Society, but is unable to understand the situation, and takes out his frustration on Juri and her Grandpa, who don’t agree with his ideas. While Juri argues with Takafumi over his careless attitude, something begins to stir in the shadows…

  7. 7. The Seventh Moment

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 18, 2018NRSubtitles

    After the fierce battle with the Herald, a lone boy stands in the middle of its' remains. Everyone who encounters the indescribable scene is immobilized in terror. Majima slowly turns her lifeless eyes as she holds her mother’s corpse…

  8. 8. The Eighth Moment

    Not available24 minutesFebruary 25, 201813+Subtitles

    "Complete control over the Heralds." As these words leave his mouth, Sagawa's body takes on a grotesque form. Surrounded by those with the intent to kill him, he stops hiding his true nature and bares his fangs!

  9. 9. The Ninth Moment

    Not available24 minutesMarch 4, 201813+Subtitles

    Sagawa and Shiomi succeed in letting the Stone soak up Grandpa's blood. Juri resists in vain and the situation progresses according to Sagawa's plan. While Grandpa tries to come up with a backup plan, he suddenly begins to feel faint…

  10. 10. The Tenth Moment

    Not available23 minutesMarch 11, 201813+Subtitles

    Takafumi takes advantage of the fact that Juri and the others have misinterpreted the situation and uses Makoto’s newly awakened powers to clear his own name. Meanwhile, Sagawa’s senses are growing sharper day by day as he gets used to being a Herald. Are Makoto’s powers strong enough to beat Sagawa?

  11. 11. The Eleventh Moment

    Not available24 minutesMarch 18, 201813+Subtitles

    Juri and the others corner Sagawa, and ask him why he visited Stasis. Sagawa begins to tell the story of how he was born into a religious family. Juri is overcome by complicated emotions as she listened to his painful life story.

  12. 12. The Twelfth Moment

    Not available23 minutesMarch 25, 2018NRSubtitles

    The first cries of a newborn baby echo loudly through the silent world. Sagawa, who once made Juri and the others cower in fear, is now gone. However, The Master Stone that Juri needs to return from Stasis no longer exists anymore. Are Juri and the baby going to be trapped in Stasis forever?

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