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Businessmen vs. Aliens

Season 1
4.2201813+Subtitles and Closed Captions

Out of the blue, six people are drafted to defend planet Earth. Lacking any form of team spirit or sense of responsibility, will they succeed? Tasked with preventing alien invasions in a space pit on the moon, their method of prevention is “persuasion.” This is the ultimate space-set comedy involving humans and aliens.

Comedy, International, Science Fiction
中文(繁體), English, 한국어
Audio Languages
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Episodes (10)

  1. 1. Episode 1: The Parol Alien

    30 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Five people, Saneyoshi, Mishima, Luchini, Ushiyama, and Shinko are unexpectedly drafted into the Earth Defense Force. Their mission is simple: when aliens invade, they have to persuade them not to invade Earth and go back to their home planets. Soon, an alien from the planet Parol appears. When all of them are about to call it quits, Kaori comes out of the warp capsule.

  2. 2. Episode 2: The Gouda Alien

    36 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Saneyoshi, Luchini, and Shinko are on duty today. An alien from Gouda appears. Saneyoshi starts negotiating with him but has to return to Earth for a short while because his wife is nagging him to drive their son to and from soccer practice. Eventually, the alien becomes angry since no one seems to have time for him. Shinko disposes of the alien with her armpit BO.

  3. 3. Episode 3: The Samba Alien

    30 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    When the others ask Kaori to take a shift, she says she can’t do it. When they press her for details, she confesses that she’s poor and makes a living by selling matches and shining shoes. Losing at rock-paper-scissors, Shinko and Mishima take the shift. As they’re talking about life and complaining that no aliens will come today either, a ladybug-shaped alien from the Samba race appears.

  4. 4. Episode 4: The Tarpas Aliens

    27 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Two Tarpas aliens have tried to invade Earth by landing in a reception room on a Moon base. Despite their arrival, Luchini, whose live gig is about to start, heads for the door. Taken aback, the Tarpas question the importance of his role in the band and discover that Luchini is a mere MC. His job is to introduce the band members before they play and then to sit among the fans and pep them up.

  5. 5. Episode 5: The Gerbarba Alien

    33 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Today, Saneyoshi, Luchini and Kaori are on duty. They’ve gotten used to working for the Earth Self Defense Force and feel they can relax a bit. Luchini feels the inspiration to write a piece of music and leaves Saneyoshi and Kaori alone. Their conversation progresses and Kaori suddenly confesses that she likes him. Kaori leaves to take care of something urgent. A Gerbaba alien arrives.

  6. 6. Episode 6: The Lolalilas Alien

    26 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Today, Ushiyama, Mishima and Shinko are on shift. Shinko is trying to successfully bid on concert tickets. The alarm goes off. An alien from the planet Lolalilas appears. He has come to invade Earth for its water supply. He is put on the spot by Shinko and ignored by Mishima, who is busy studying for his exams. Eventually, Shinko uses her armpit smell to exile the alien.

  7. 7. Episode 7: The Zorger Alien

    27 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Ushiyama, Luchini, and Kaori are on shift today. Ushiyama has trouble at school. Luchini’s upset because he can’t sell enough tickets to his live show. The alarm goes off. A weak alien from the Planet Zorger appears. Kaori, goes to handle the alien alone, pays no mind to the alien’s threats and plays an online game. The alien decides to search for a planet where useless beings can live.

  8. 8. Episode 8: The Somiaru Alien

    33 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Saneyoshi and Mishima confront Rumia, a female alien from Somiaru. This drop-dead beauty excites the two men who search for a way to convince her to invade Earth and live in harmony alongside Earthlings. Then, Luchini enters. As they explain the situation, he rushes to her thinking they are bullshitting him. He falls for her as well. Kaori steps in and convinces Rumia to turn into a man.

  9. 9. Episode 9: The Gold Aliens

    36 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    Tonight’s shift turns out to be Saneyoshi, Luchini and Kaori’s. The alarm goes off, but the latter two are engrossed in their game, so Saneyoshi will have to interact with the alien on his own. He discovers two Gold aliens in the reception room. He explains to them to them that they’ll never be popular with the women on Earth. Shinko disposes of them, pointing out that they look like penises.

  10. 10. Episode 10: The Zuga Alien

    29 minutesApril 19, 201813+Subtitles

    As a gigantic spaceship draws close, the alarm goes off. Mishima goes to investigate but doesn’t come back. As Luchini peers inside, he is met by a scary looking alien. Ushiyama goes in next. He finds Mishima and Luchini unconscious. This alien is from the planet Zuga, the strongest in the universe. Not even smell waves work against him! Kaori manages to defeat the alien using a poop gun.

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Yuichi Fukuda
Amazon Studios
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