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Alice in Paris

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Alice is Back.

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English [CC]
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  1. 1. Alice Before Paris

    2 Minuten25. Juli 2017AlleUntertitel

    Young Alice discovers she has "absolute taste," an ability to detect the faintest of ingredients in food - and a passion for Paris is born. But first, she has to grow up.

  2. 2. Sisterly Love

    2 Minuten1. August 2017AlleUntertitel

    Annoyed by the loud crunch of her sister's morning bread routine, Alice sets out to find a bakery that makes silent bread.

  3. 3. Food Critic for a Day

    2 Minuten8. August 2017AlleUntertitel

    Needing a job, Alice looks to put her sensitive palate to work as a food critic, but does she have what it takes?

  4. 4. Mission: Im-Pie-ssible

    2 Minuten15. August 2017AlleUntertitel

    After a butcher refuses to sell Alice's sister's friend Charlie a meat pie made for a world championship, they set out to get it - no matter the cost.

  5. 5. Kingpins of Love

    2 Minuten22. August 2017AlleUntertitel

    After a fight between Elsa and her boyfriend, it's up to Alice to cheer her up - until they discover him with another girl.

  6. 6. A Territorial Food Tour

    2 Minuten29. August 2017AlleUntertitel

    To become a food tour guide in Montmartre Alice must first defeat the current guide in a culinary battle of wits.

  7. 7. Coach Alice

    2 Minuten5. September 2017AlleUntertitel

    After discovering Alice has absolute taste, Charlie begs her to train him in her ways to make himself a better chef.

  8. 9. Your Secret Admirer

    3 Minuten19. September 2017AlleUntertitel

    With Elsa still not over her breakup, Alice sets out to help her heal - by creating a secret admirer.

  9. 9. A Lemon Pie Thief

    2 Minuten12. September 2017AlleUntertitel

    After her lemon pie goes missing at a party, it's up to Alice to discover the culprit. But who could it be?

  10. 10. Shared Vision of Love?

    3 Minuten26. September 2017AlleUntertitel

    With Elsa on a mission to meet her secret admirer, how does Alice convince her to break it off?

  11. 11. Date Night with Charlie

    3 Minuten3. Oktober 2017AlleUntertitel

    Having missed numerous opportunities to kiss Charlie, Alice plans the perfect date night. The only problem - so did Charlie.

  12. 12. Elsa and Her "Admirer"

    3 Minuten10. Oktober 2017AlleUntertitel

    Still obsessing over the identity of her secret admirer, Alice hires an actor to take Elsa out.

  13. 13. A Second Date

    3 Minuten17. Oktober 2017AlleUntertitel

    When Elsa and Vincent go on a second date together, Alice does her best to try and break them up.

  14. 14. An Ice Cream Fueled Apology

    3 Minuten24. Oktober 2017AlleUntertitel

    After lying to Elsa about her secret admirer, Alice does what she can to apologize - in her own special way.

  15. 15. Doin' It for the 'Gram

    3 Minuten31. Oktober 2017AlleUntertitel

    While in Nice, Alice decides to visit a candy factory for a chance to take a photo that will get her more followers on Instagram.

  16. 16. Up a Creek

    3 Minuten7. November 2017AlleUntertitel

    After the wind tosses Alice's picnic basket into a lake, Alice has to take to the water to get it back.

  17. 17. The Pie Trap

    2 Minuten14. November 2017AlleUntertitel

    While staying at her aunt's bed and breakfast, Alice is tasked with making pies while watching her four younger cousins.

  18. 18. The Delivery

    2 Minuten19. Dezember 2017AlleUntertitel

    Getting work as a delivery person, Alice has to make it across Paris in 30 minutes with a very special package.

  19. 19. The Taste of Friendship

    2 Minuten2. Januar 2018AlleUntertitel

    After kissing Charlie, Alice was left with a bad taste, the taste of friendship. But can she fix it?

  20. 20. The Christmas Cheese Game

    2 Minuten26. Dezember 2017AlleUntertitel

    After forgetting the cheese for their annual post-Christmas meal, Alice gets the chance to win a wheel of raclette if she can only answer every question correctly.

  21. 21. Elsa's New Boyfriend

    3 Minuten9. Januar 2018AlleUntertitel

    Despite a rocky second date, Elsa and Vincent are now dating, and that has Alice suspicious.

  22. 22. Artistic Inspiration

    2 Minuten16. Januar 2018AlleUntertitel

    Alice heads to a museum to discover her artistic talent only to find inspiration elsewhere.

  23. 23. Alice in the Alps

    3 Minuten30. Januar 2018AlleUntertitel

    At a ski resort in the Alps, Alice attempts to break all her records, even if it takes a few shortcuts.

  24. 24. Alice and the Chocolate Factory

    2 Minuten6. Februar 2018AlleUntertitel

    Alice is on a mission to discover the secrets of one of the world's best chocolatiers.

  25. 25. The Taste of Happiness

    2 Minuten13. Februar 2018AlleUntertitel

    Having written down a 62-step guide to happiness as a child, Alice takes it upon herself to check every box.

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