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No One Saw a Thing

Sæson 1
In 1981, a crowd shot the town bully in Skidmore, MO, yet no one claimed to see a thing. Since that crime, a peculiar strain of violence set in.
Britt SmallLeona HayesCheryl Bowenkamp
English [CC]
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Episoder (6)

  1. 1. The Killing of Ken Rex McElroy
    31. juli 2019
    Known as the town bully, Ken Rex McElroy terrorized tiny Skidmore, Missouri for decades. Then on July 10, 1981, the town had enough.
  2. 2. Conspiracy of Silence
    7. august 2019
    Ken Rex’s widow Trena comes forward with eyewitness testimony, but can she be trusted? Local investigators stumble as Skidmore guards its secret.
  3. 3. Don't Mess With Skidmore
    14. august 2019
    The FBI arrives to question the Sheriff’s role in the crime, as Trena grasps for justice. Soon, the town begins to pay a different kind of price.
  4. 4. Cycle of Violence
    21. august 2019
    Skidmore may be free of Ken Rex, but the violence didn’t stop with him. 20 years later, two shocking crimes rattle the next generation.
  5. 5. A Pound of Flesh
    28. august 2019
    New clues bring hope for closure, until the worst tragedy of all strikes: Bobbie Jo Stinnett is murdered at 8 months pregnant, her unborn baby stolen.
  6. 6. Small Town Requiem
    4. september 2019
    Stinnett’s baby is rescued; her killer captured. Skidmore aches to shed its violent reputation, but the cycles at work are hard to break.

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