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The Last Ship

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The crew of the Nathan James shifting their attention to Asia after President Michener hears rumblings that the Chinese leader has been hoarding the "Scott cure" instead of distributing it to the people in the region. Michener sends Chandler to a global summit to investigate this allegation, as well as rumors of a possible mutation of the original virus that has caused a fresh outbreak in Japan.

Eric Dane, Bridget Regan, Adam Baldwin
Drama, Acción, Suspenso
English [CC], हिन्दी, தமிழ், తెలుగు
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Episodios (13)

  1. 1. The Scott Effect

    No está disponible41 minutos18 de junio de 201616Subtítulos

    In the season three premiere, Chandler is sent to Asia to investigate a possible mutation of the Red Flu, while Slattery and his crew find an unexpected threat in the region.

  2. 2. Rising Sun

    No está disponible40 minutos18 de junio de 201616Subtítulos

    In the second of two back-to-back season three premiere episodes, Chandler must find a way to return to his old crew and investigate a dangerous new foe.

  3. 3. Shanzhai

    No está disponible42 minutos25 de junio de 201616Subtítulos

    Chandler and his crew race to find answers in an Asian Dodge City. Slattery, meanwhile, begins to unravel the truth about his troubling predicament.

  4. 4. Devil May Care

    No está disponible42 minutos2 de julio de 201616Subtítulos

    Chandler must confront his suspected new foe; Slattery learns more about the virus mutation. As the situation worsens, pressure begins to mount on President Michener (MARK MOSES).

  5. 5. Minefield

    No está disponible41 minutos9 de julio de 201616Subtítulos

    As Chandler's position worsens, his mission becomes increasingly complicated; President Michener faces pressure from the regional leaders.

  6. 6. Dog Day

    No está disponible42 minutos16 de julio de 201616Subtítulos

    Chandler’s mission comes to a head as he prepares the final part of his plan, while President Michener ponders the fate of his Presidency.

  7. 7. In the Dark

    No está disponible42 minutos23 de julio de 201616Subtítulos

    The Nathan James must evade an overwhelming threat, while a revelation in St. Louis puts President Michener in a terrible position.

  8. 8. Sea Change

    No está disponible41 minutos30 de julio de 201616Subtítulos

    America copes with tragedy while Chandler further investigates the possible virus mutation.

  9. 9. Paradise

    No está disponible42 minutos13 de agosto de 201616Subtítulos

    Chandler gets a lead that could help answer threatening questions. Kara does some digging in the White House.

  10. 10. Scuttle

    No está disponible42 minutos20 de agosto de 201616Subtítulos

    Chandler finds himself faced with a difficult decision when a strange order comes in from the White House.

  11. 11. Legacy

    No está disponible42 minutos27 de agosto de 201616Subtítulos

    Chandler comes face to face with his powerful enemy in a final showdown. Kara joins up with someone that can help her with her mission.

  12. 12. Resistance

    No está disponible42 minutos3 de septiembre de 201616Subtítulos

    Chandler returns to America to get to the bottom of what’s really been happening all along.

  13. 13. Don't Look Back

    No está disponible43 minutos10 de septiembre de 201616Subtítulos

    In the season three finale, the fight for America comes to an end and Chandler faces a challenge that could change his life forever.

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