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Mystery Road

IMDb 7.62018X-Ray18+
Two-time Oscar® nominee Judy Davis (Feud, Life with Judy Garland) and award-winning actor Aaron Pedersen (Jack Irish) star in this Acorn TV Original drama set in the Australian outback. When two boys go missing from a cattle station, Detective Jay Swan (Pedersen) teams up with local cop Emma James (Davis) to investigate. But solving the mystery could expose other crimes that haunt the remote town.
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Aaron PedersenJudy DavisDeborah Mailman
English [CC]
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  1. 1. Gone
    20 अगस्त, 2018
    रेटिंग नहीं
    When a truck is found abandoned in an outback cattle station, Senior Sergeant Emma James calls in Detective Jay Swan to investigate what happened to Marley, the driver. CCTV footage shows that Marley was with Reese, a backpacker recently fired from the station, who is also missing.
  2. 2. Blood Ties
    2 जून, 2018
    रेटिंग नहीं
    Marley’s uncle, Larry, is released from prison, but the town is less than enthusiastic to receive him back. Jay and Emma investigate whose blood they found on the road, then Reese’s girlfriend, Georgia, arrives in town and gives the police information about him.
  3. 3. Chasing Ghosts
    9 जून, 2018
    After a confrontation between Georgia and Shevorne, who both claim to be Reese’s girlfriend, pressure builds on Shevorne to tell the police what she knows. Jay and Emma search Larry’s compound and find a stash of drugs, while Jay’s daughter, Crystal, gets a job with the local rodeo.
  4. 4. Silence
    16 जून, 2018
    रेटिंग नहीं
    Now home safe, Marley claims to have no idea where Reese is, but Jay and Emma doubt his story. Crystal argues with her mother, Mary, about staying in town, and Mary takes out her frustrations at the bar.
  5. 5. The Water Hole
    23 जून, 2018
    रेटिंग नहीं
    When Reese’s body turns up, Emma is forced to charge Marley with his murder, but Jay doesn’t believe he did it. Reese’s mother asks to put up a memorial at Black Springs where Reese was found, prompting Emma to research that part of her family’s land.
  6. 6. Truth
    30 जून, 2018
    रेटिंग नहीं
    After Marley confesses what he knows, Jay hides him to ensure his safety. Emma confronts her brother about the land deal, while Jay tries to find out what really happened to Shevorne.
  7. 7. Bonus: Cast Interviews
    30 जून, 2018
    रेटिंग नहीं
    Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Mystery Road.
  8. 8. Bonus: Crew Interviews
    30 जून, 2018
    रेटिंग नहीं
    Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Mystery Road.

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