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Team Umizoomi

IMDb 6,02010X-RayTUTTI
Umifriend, Team Umizoomi needs your help! Build a super fast speedboat with shapes, use pattern power to make chocolate and strawberry milk, fix a broken subway train, and so much more with these tiny super heroes!
Donovan PattonP.T. WalkleyEthan Kempner
English [CC]
Lingue audio
EnglishEnglish [Audio Description]

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  1. 1. The Kite Festival
    25 gennaio 2010
    Jeannie can't wait to fly her kite at the big Umi City Festival. But, when a gust of wind blows the kite out of her hands and scatters its pieces throughout Umi City, she needs Team Umizoomi's help to find the missing pieces.
  2. 2. The Aquarium Fix-It
    25 gennaio 2010
    Michael is at the Umi City Aquarium and there's a big problem! There's a crack in the seahorse tank and the seahorses are in danger! Team Umizoomi rushes over to the aquarium to help save the seahorses.
  3. 3. Carnival
    26 gennaio 2010
    Jake calls on Team Umizoomi to find his stuff animal, bunny, which was left on one of the rides at the Carnival.
  4. 4. Picnic
    27 gennaio 2010
    Team Umizoomi is going to meet Anna for a picnic, when suddenly the Umi Alarm sounds. Anna can't find her thermos or lunchbox! The team must find the missing items and save the picnic!
  5. 5. Super Trip to the Supermarket
    28 gennaio 2010
    It's snack time and Samantha's baby brother doesn't have his favorite snack! Team Umizoomi explores the supermarket to tracks down the missing snack foods ingredients.
  6. 6. Subway Heroes
    1 febbraio 2010
    Today is Daniel's birthday party, but he's got a big problem! The party is about to start but his Dad is stuck on a broken subway train with the birthday cake! Daniel calls on Team Umizoomi for help, and they jump into action.
  7. 7. The Milk Out
    2 febbraio 2010
    UmiCity is out of milk! As it turns out, the farmer is sick in bed and can't get any milk to the kids in the city. Never fear, Team Umizoomi step up and become farmers for the day and make sure milk gets delivered.
  8. 8. The Dinosaur Museum Mishap
    3 febbraio 2010
    There's only one thing that scares the dinosaurs at the dinosaur museum;the sound of thunder! So when a big storm frightens them away, it's up to Team Umizoomi find the missing dinosaurs and lead them back home.
  9. 9. The Rolling Toy Parade
    4 febbraio 2010
    Just as the Rolling Toy Parade is about to begin, Nick's lion toy tumbles down a hill! Team Umizoomi must use Mighty Math Powers to find the scattered pieces and fix the toy in time for the parade.
  10. 10. Ice Cream Truck
    11 aprile 2010
    Geo is meeting his friend Dylan so they can get some ice cream - but when they get to the corner, they find out that the ice cream truck is missing! Geo meets up with Milli and Bot, and they set out to find the missing truck.
  11. 11. The Wild West Toy Train Show
    12 aprile 2010
    Right before "The Wild West Toy Train Show", a big gust of wind blows Ethan's ticket out of his hands all the way to the top of a mountain! It's up to Team Umizoomi to use their Mighty Math Powers to help get his ticket back!
  12. 12. The Butterfly Dance Show
    13 aprile 2010
    It's almost time for the "Butterfly Dance Show," but Sophia's butterfly costume isn't finished! Team Umizoomi must complete the costume and get it to Sophia before the curtain goes up!
  13. 13. The Elephant Sprinkler
    14 aprile 2010
    Kayla's fun at the water playground comes to an abrupt end when the elephant water sprinkler stops working! To help Kayla, Team Umizoomi needs to know how water gets to Umi City.
  14. 14. Special Delivery
    11 febbraio 2010
    Olly realizes he forgot to put stamps on a package he sent to his Grandma. Team Umizoomi zooms behind the scenes of the post office, and into the mail system to catch up to the errant package.
  15. 15. Ready for Take Off
    18 febbraio 2010
    Team Umizoomi gets a call from Andy, who is at the Umi City Airport. The plane can't take off because it needs gas and there's too much snow on the runway. Our mini and mighty team has got to get to the airport to help Andy!
  16. 16. Playground Heroes
    21 aprile 2010
    At the playground, a storm has left the sandbox, swings, slide, and bouncy bridge in disarray! Until everything gets fixed, the park will remain closed! It's a big job, but no job is too big for Team Umizoomi!
  17. 17. To The Library
    14 settembre 2010
    Olivia is sleeping over at her Grandpa's house but she forgot her favorite bedtime story. Luckily, Team Umizoomi knows a place where you can get any book you need - The Library!
  18. 18. Favorite Things Show
    19 ottobre 2010
    Milli visits her friend Emily's class for Favorite Things Day! Emily can't wait to show the shells she found at the beach, but when she opens her treasure box, they're gone! It's up toTeam Umizoomi to help Emily find them.
  19. 19. The Big Boat Race
    20 ottobre 2010
    Today is the Umi City Toy Boat Race. But just as the race begins, Sonya's boat sails out of control and falls apart! She calls on Team Umizoomi to rescue the boat and help it win the race!
  20. 20. Santa's Little Fixers
    6 dicembre 2010
    It's Christmas Eve and someone is calling in on the Umi Alarm from faaar away... It's Santa Claus! Santa's Toy-Making Machine is broken - it's not making any toys! The team must get to Santa's Workshop and fast!

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