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Dropkick on my Devil!

Season 1
2018NRSubtitles and Closed Captions

Jashin-chan, a devil from Hell was abruptly summoned to the human world by Yurine Hanazono, a stoic college student who lives in a run-down apartment in Jinbocho. They're forced to become roommates since Yurine doesn't know how to send Jashin-chan back. But according to Jashin-chan, she could return by killing Yurine, so she takes action...?! A viperous roomie comedy that keeps you on your toes!

Aina Suzuki, Nichika Omori, Miyu Kubota
Deutsch, English, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Français, Italiano, 한국어, Português, 中文(繁體)
Audio Languages
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Episodes (12)

  1. 1. Episode 1

    Not available23 minutesJuly 8, 201813+Subtitles

    Tokyo, the big city. In the corner of this world, another day of bittersweet drama is about to unfold… According to Pekola the angel, Yurine the witch hosts a sabbath at a run-down apartment in Jinbocho. There, Jashin-chan the devil prepares a divine hot pot that captivates Yurine, Medusa, Minos and Pekola. But everything starts to fall apart when Jashin-chan brings drama to the dinner table.

  2. 2. Episode 2

    Not available23 minutesJuly 15, 2018NRSubtitles

    It's summer. Beth sprawls in the shade and our devil Jashin-chan hogs the fan. Unable to deal with the heat, Jashin-chan summons and bullies Kori-chan the Ice Devil to cool things down...up to a point. Meanwhile, not one soul helps Pekola who's about to faint, but an unexpected savior appears! Watch Pekola try Bondy's curry for the first time and Jashin-chan and Medusa's long history unfold.

  3. 3. Episode 3

    Not available23 minutesJuly 22, 2018NRSubtitles

    While the town dances with Christmas spirit, Pekola wanders the streets with a bag full of bread crusts and a carton of milk. Bad Santa Jashin-chan steals Pekola's precious food and as punishment, Yurine turns her into a tree and Beth's feast for the holy night. The surprise visitor turns out to be Kori-chan's sister Yusa and Jashin-chan and Medusa's relationship reveals itself to be questionable.

  4. 4. Episode 4

    Not available23 minutesJuly 29, 2018NRSubtitles

    Akihabara, the mecca of otaku, is also home to the Gachapon Hall. There, Mei Tachibana, the super cop of Banzaibashi Police, begs Yurine to give Jashin-chan to her and threatens to kill her if she doesn't. Mei swings her sword at Jashin-chan. While completely flustered at the fatal attraction, Jashin-chan still manages to take despicable actions which triggers Medusa's "passive-aggressive mode."

  5. 5. Episode 5

    Not available23 minutesAugust 5, 201813+Subtitles

    After a failed hunt for the second volume of a grimoire in Jinbocho's bookstore district, Jashin-chan and Yurine enjoys lunch at Jiro. Yurine buys take-out for starving Pekola, who is hesitant to accept since she houses the devil. When Pekola finally decides to eat, Jashin-chan had devoured it all. Minos and Jashin-chan's past and Pekola's job is revealed as super cop Mei makes a comeback.

  6. 6. Episode 6

    Not available23 minutesAugust 12, 201813+Subtitles

    Jashin-chan whips up pork cutlet curry for dinner one night, then hamburg steak curry the next, then croquette curry on the third night. Yurine calls her out but Jashin-chan's not listening. Our Ice Devils Yusa and Koji are back in town while Pekola encounters her unexpected nemesis. Jashin-chan's dropkick saves Pekola, making her feel overcome with gratitude for the devil.

  7. 7. Episode 7

    Not available23 minutesAugust 19, 201813+Subtitles

    One afternoon, Jashin-chan was on her way back from the grocery store for Yurine's Polar Bear almond jelly when Poporon attacked her with the Light Sword. Mean, cowardice, lousy, and sly, Poporon's much like Jashin-chan, even though she's an angel. Jashin-chan repels vengeful Poporon by devouring her halo. Will she gain angel powers from it?

  8. 8. Episode 8

    Not available23 minutesAugust 26, 20187+Subtitles

    Jashin-chan's voice echoes throughout Jinbocho, "Lost again, damn it!" She lost the grocery money by playing the slots and is desperate to make Medusa lend her more. Infuriated, Yurine swings her morning star, "I've no choice but to kill you." Turns out Jashin-chan's addicted to social-network games too. As Halo-less Poporon and the Ogre of Setsubun appears, Jashin-chan finds herself in a loop.

  9. 9. Episode 9

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 2, 201813+Subtitles

    After her 17,711th loss, Jashin-chan runs to the bank to withdraw Medusa's cash to fund her gambling habit and "rewrite history." Instant karma leads them into a bank robbery and Jashin-chan just wants to save herself while Medusa stands against the robbers to save the people. Jashin-chan's asshole-ness peaks as Minos is more popular with humans and Poporon disguises herself as Noel Amatsuka.

  10. 10. Episode 10

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 9, 201813+Subtitles

    Charity workers ask for donations at the station as Pekola walks by with her well-earned pay. Tragedy strikes as her money vanishes into the donation box and her last 2,000 yen gets wasted for curry nanban eaten by Jashin-chan. Yusa and Koji reappear and Pekola works as Poporon's bodyguard. Valentine's Day stirs things up between Jashin-chan and Medusa and Jashin-chan's sleaziness goes on parade!

  11. 11. Episode 11

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 16, 2018NRSubtitles

    Jashin-chan's killer dropkick hits Yurine, the finale is here! Turns out, Yurine's down with a cold. Ecstatic, Jashin-chan fantasizes of returning to Hell, but ends up taking care of her with Minos and Medusa. Pekola, Poporon and Mei join them for a flower viewing. After a devilish relapse at the bakery, Persephone II finally finds Jashin-chan, only to bid farewell as she floats off into space!

  12. 12. Episode 12 (Unaired on TV)

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 30, 201816+Subtitles

    "It" was believed to be traveling in space, but, "I'm back, guys…" Due to popular demand, we decided to bring Jashin-chan back for an extra episode! What will she face when she returns to Earth? Yurine, Medusa, Pekola, Minos, Yusa, Koji and Peru-chan are all in for the "swimsuit edition"! Then appears Kraken for what seemed like the last battle of the season, but the real battle continues...

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Hikaru Sato
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Kozakai Yurie, Omigawa Chiaki