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Assassination Classroom

Season 1

Forget about homework. The students of Class 3E have a more important assignment: kill the teacher! Their tentacle-d sensei moves at Mach 20, and he’s out to conquer the classroom after destroying most of the moon!

Aya Suzaki, Jun Fukuyama, Mai Fuchigami
English, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Português
Audio Languages
Español, 日本語
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Episodes (22)

  1. 1. Assassination Time

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 8, 201516+Subtitles

    A creature who blasted the moon into a crescent shows up at Kunugigaoka Junior High School--and he's giving the students a year to assassinate him!

  2. 2. Baseball Time

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 15, 2015NRSubtitles

    The reasoning behind the E Class's segregation is revealed. Nagisa tracks Koro Sensei's weak points in the hopes of using them to take him down.

  3. 3. Karma Time

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 29, 2015NRSubtitles

    The brilliant, belligerent Karma Akabane, Nagisa's former classmate, joins 3-E and immediately jumps into the assassination mission with both feet.

  4. 4. Grown-Up Time

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 5, 2015NRSubtitles

    A new foreign-language teacher comes to 3-E with some major ulterior motives... among other things. Will she get any closer to killing Koro Sensei?

  5. 5. Assembly Time

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 12, 2015NRSubtitles

    Before the torturous school assembly begins, Okuda attempts to poison Koro Sensei in an unexpected way... with unexpected results.

  6. 6. Test Time

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 19, 2015NRSubtitles

    Time for midterms! Koro Sensei gives his aspiring assassins an ultimatum as they battle a grueling test and the disdain of the rest of the school.

  7. 7. School Trip Time/1st Period

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 26, 2015NRSubtitles

    The students go on a school trip to Kyoto, where they must still keep assassination foremost in their minds. Kanzaki faces trouble from her past.

  8. 8. School Trip Time/2nd Period

    Not available23 minutesMarch 5, 2015NRSubtitles

    The E Class gives a pro sniper plenty of chances to take down Koro Sensei, then try to make the most of what's left of their school trip to Kyoto.

  9. 9. Transfer Student Time

    Not available23 minutesMarch 12, 2015NRSubtitles

    A new student joins the E Class with a singleminded focus on assassination that drives her classmates to distraction. Koro Sensei to the rescue!

  10. 10. L and R Time

    Not available23 minutesMarch 19, 2015NRSubtitles

    Prof. Jelavich is forced to prove her assassin chops when her mentor pays a visit. Koro Sensei takes Nagisa and Karma on a trip they'll never forget.

  11. 11. Transfer Student Time/2nd Period

    Not available23 minutesMarch 26, 2015NRSubtitles

    Another new student throws everyone for a loop. His raw power is one thing, but what's with these mysterious ties he claims to have with Koro Sensei?

  12. 12. Ball Game Tournament Time

    Not available23 minutesApril 9, 2015NRSubtitles

    The E Class boys must play the Baseball Club in an exhibition game meant to humiliate them. Can Koro Sensei's unique coaching style make a difference?

  13. 13. Talent Time

    Not available23 minutesApril 16, 2015NRSubtitles

    Jolly Mr. Takaoka comes to assist Mr. Karasuma with training, but his unconventional methods have everyone upset. Nagisa reveals a hidden talent.

  14. 14. Vision Time

    Not available23 minutesApril 23, 2015NRSubtitles

    Koro Sensei exposes a major weakness, and Terasaka interrupts a fun summer day out with an assassination attempt that goes a little too far.

  15. 15. End-of-Term Time

    Not available23 minutesApril 30, 2015NRSubtitles

    For finals, Koro Sensei gives his class a new goal--with an irresistible reward. The E Class makes its own deal with the top-tier A Class's Big Five.

  16. 16. School's Out/1st Term

    Not available23 minutesMay 7, 2015NRSubtitles

    After two days of exams, the results are in. Both the ace A Class and the end E Class must come to terms with the outcome--and so must Koro Sensei.

  17. 17. Island Time

    Not available23 minutesMay 14, 2015NRSubtitles

    The E Class trains intently under a pro killer to prepare for their island assassination. Once there, they must make sure everything falls into place.

  18. 18. Action Time

    Not available23 minutesMay 21, 2015NRSubtitles

    The summer assassination attempt is followed by a crisis affecting nearly half the E Class. Can the rest think and move fast enough to save them?

  19. 19. Pandemonium Time

    Not available23 minutesMay 28, 2015NRSubtitles

    The E Class must put their lessons into practice as they tackle an intimidating hotel brimming with baddies--and all without Koro Sensei's help.

  20. 20. Karma Time/2nd Period

    Not available23 minutesJune 4, 2015NRSubtitles

    Karma must use his head to get past a formidable foe. Nagisa goes undercover as the E Class continues to sneak its way to the hotel's top floor.

  21. 21. XX Time

    Not available23 minutesJune 11, 2015NRSubtitles

    The students take on one last assassin opponent before meeting the shadowy figure who's holding the virus remedy hostage in exhange for Koro Sensei.

  22. 22. Nagisa Time

    Not available23 minutesJune 18, 2015NRSubtitles

    It's a showdown on the roof of the Fukuma Denjo Hotel with the lives of half the E Class in the balance. Can Nagisa find a way to come out on top?

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