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Os Irmaos Freitas

Season 1
During the 90's, Brazil bets on Luís Cláudio Freitas, the big boxing Brazilian bet. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Acelino Popó, is still in an amateur. After his success in a fight in the US, Popó's talent make him stand out at a fast pace, meanwhile Luís finds himself excluded by being older. Between belts and knockout, both decide how far their brotherly love will take them.
Romulo BragaDaniel RochaRui Ricardo Diaz
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  1. 1. First Round
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    October 19, 2019
    If Luís becomes a champion in the US tournament, he will finally get the chance to compete for the world title. The event's talent scout will take one other boxer from the Nockout gym. Popó wishes to be part of the team but not Luís or coach Dantas have his back. By a struck of luck, Popó manages to get a spot and the Freitas Brothers box for the first time as a brand of Brazilian boxing.
  2. 2. Knockdown
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    October 26, 2019
    Luís just has one more fight to win to be the champion of the tournament and he will sign a contract to fight with the world champion. Against all odds, Popó is as successful as his brother and he gets to the finals. Back in Brazil, the Freitas family has two new belts and a painful secret: Luís didn't win his last fight and he only became a champion because his opponent was disqualified.
  3. 3. Sparring
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    November 2, 2019
    With the world title out of the question, Luís strengthens the Freitas Brothers brand in a regional scale, but that doesn't translate into money. Luck is on the brothers' side again after a fight at the nightclub from businessman Júlio Tavares. He decides to support the brothers financially. A fight day is organized in San Pablo for publicity reasons, but it ends up being a disaster.
  4. 4. Below The Belt
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    November 9, 2019
    Júlio decides to shut out old Luís and only continue with the young and charismatic Popó. Meanwhile the older brother has no idea of the businessman's plans, Popó faces the difficult decision to see if he can continue without his brother. And he learns that he'll become a father, plus family feuds, so the young boxer makes a decision based on what will be best for everyone, not just for him.
  5. 5. Corner
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    November 16, 2019
    Popó gets more media coverage and trains for the fight against the Olympic champion. Without a place to train, Luís enrolls in a precarious boxing gym in Salvador and has to deal with devastating news: he needs to stop his sports career due to a medical issue. As Popó resist the mighty blows from the Olympic champion, Luís struggles to accept that maybe his dream won't be fulfilled.
  6. 6. Clinch
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    November 23, 2019
    Sandra asks Popó's help to buy Luís's medicines. When Luís finds out, the decadent boxer gets angry and Sandra kicks him out of her house. After hitting rock bottom, Luís considers participating in underground fights to win some money. In London, Popó can't seem to breach the distance between him and his family. Milene goes into labor, with complications, and she is forced to ask Luís for help.
  7. 7. Throw In The Towel
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    November 30, 2019
    Popó reaches out to her mother and he also asks his brother to be his baby's godfather. In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Luís accepts Dantas and Júlio's invitation to fight for the world title, in a much lighter weight category. However, Luís's fight in Mexico turns out much bloodier than they expected and Popó has to choose yet again between his family and the businessmen's interests.
  8. 8. Knockout
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    December 7, 2019
    1 h 1 min
    Luís survives the aggressive fight and his surgery after that. He decides to give up boxing for good. Popó is still recovering from the fear of losing his brother when he finds out that his best friend has been murdered. Completely volatile, Popó has to prepare to face the world champion. In the eve of the fight in France, Popó admits to Luís that he is overweight and he may face disqualification.

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Sergio MachadoAly Muritiba
Turner International Latin America, Inc.
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Edvana CarvalhoClaudio JaborandyMaria FlorRoberto BirindelliGero CamiloVinicius De OliveiraDaniel FurlanAntonio Pitanga