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Defenders of the Earth

7,319694 temporadas7Subtítulos y subtítulos para personas con problemas de audición

Tyrant Ming the Merciless and his vast army of evil accomplices are working overtime to destroy humanity. Now, four of the greatest comic strip heroes, The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Mandrake and his trusted confidant and bodyguard, Lothar, join forces with their uniquely talented teenage children to challenge Ming and his evil followers in a series of great adventures.

Lou Richards, Peter Mark Richman, Peter Renaday
English [CC]
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Episodios (15)

  1. 1. Battleground

    No está disponible21 minutos28 de diciembre de 19867Subtítulos

    Ming uses his freeze-ray weapon to capture unstoppable alien creatures, transport them to earth and unleash them on the world.

  2. 2. The Panther Peril

    No está disponible21 minutos4 de enero de 19877Subtítulos

    Ming treks to the hidden Temple of Pantheria to acquire the sacred panther tooth which he will use to control the world's panthers, ordering them to wreak havoc on the world and destroy the Defenders!

  3. 3. Fury of the Deep

    No está disponible21 minutos11 de enero de 19877Subtítulos

    Ming schemes to take over the earth by using an oceanographer's invention to turn all the fish in the sea against mankind.

  4. 4. Family Reunion

    No está disponible21 minutos18 de enero de 19877Subtítulos

    Jedda agrees to become N'Dama's protégé, the Weather Demon, in exchange for help in saving her father's life.

  5. 5. The Defense Never Rests

    No está disponible21 minutos25 de enero de 19877Subtítulos

    Ming develops Android Clones of the Defenders and programs them to commit a series of crimes, so that the real Defenders will be put on trial by the Galactic Federation and banished to a galaxy 300 light years from Earth.

  6. 6. Like Father, Like Daughter?

    No está disponible21 minutos31 de enero de 19877Subtítulos

    In Ming's latest plot, using his Mind Neutralizer to enslave the human race, Ming manipulates his own daughter to capture Flash, Rick, Jedda and L.J.

  7. 7. The Would-Be Defender

    No está disponible21 minutos7 de febrero de 19877Subtítulos

    When an overzealous 13 year-old superhero wannabe spends a day at Monitor, it could mean the destruction of Earth.

  8. 8. Doorways into Darkness

    No está disponible21 minutos14 de febrero de 19877Subtítulos

    Ming captures a powerful source of anti-energy and unleashes an army of monsters from the Nightworld on the Earth.

  9. 9. Deal with the Devil

    No está disponible21 minutos21 de febrero de 19877Subtítulos

    Octon and Garax concoct a bogus scheme to overthrow Ming, luring the young Defenders to Ice Station Earth where Ming probes Rick's mind for the secret plans to Monitor's defense systems.

  10. 10. Terror in Time

    No está disponible21 minutos28 de febrero de 19877Subtítulos

    Ming unleashes a parasitic, life-killing mutant on the Defenders and sends them back in time, in a plan to eliminate the Defenders and destroy all life on Earth.

  11. 11. Ming's Household Helpers

    No está disponible21 minutos7 de marzo de 19877Subtítulos

    Ming's household helper robots are selling like hotcakes. However the public doesn't know that his Merciless Highness plans to enslave every one of their owners via satellite directed hypno-beam.

  12. 12. The Gods Awake

    No está disponible21 minutos21 de marzo de 19877Subtítulos

    Aided by a powerful mystic, Ming brings to life gods from another dimension to help him conquer the world. However, his plan goes out of control when he underestimates his collaborator.

  13. 13. The Ghost Walks Again

    No está disponible21 minutos28 de marzo de 19877Subtítulos

    Jedda, believing her father dead, must make the most important decision of her life. Is she ready to assume the role of Phantom?

  14. 14. The Book of Mysteries

    No está disponible21 minutos31 de diciembre de 19697Subtítulos

    The Defenders face certain death inside an ancient shrine in Morocco, but Kshin uses a mysterious book of enigmas to save them.

  15. 15. The Future Comes But Once

    No está disponible21 minutos31 de diciembre de 19697Subtítulos

    The Defenders must prevent Ming from obtaining an obelisk which will give him the power to travel 4-times the speed of light!

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