Above Suspicion

Does rookie detective Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly) have what it takes to succed in what is still mostly a man's world? Acclaimed actor Ciaran Hinds is Anna's brusque boss, DCI James Langton, who takes a personal interest in his new charge. Based on the bestselling novels by Lynda La Plante, this hit British police drama is a "younger, sassier successor to Prime Suspect" (The Telegraph, U.K.).
Kelly ReillyCiaran HindsShaun Dingwell
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  1. 1. Deadly Intent, Part 1
    Este título no está disponible en estos momentos.
    2 de enero de 2011
    46 min
    In London, ex-cop Frank Brandon is shot dead in a drug den and his glamorous widow, Julia, is strangely unmoved. With little help from her distraced supervisor, and despite Langton's orders, Travis goes in search of the truth.
  2. 2. Deadly Intent, Part 2
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    3 de enero de 2011
    47 min
    As the body count rises, Langton acknowledges that Travis may be on to something. The detectives get a confession about the Frank Brandon shooting, but the other murders remain unsolved. An international drug lord seems poised to introduce a new drug to the U.K.
  3. 3. Deadly Intent, Part 3
    Este título no está disponible en estos momentos.
    4 de enero de 2011
    46 min
    Three are dead, and Julia could be next. She tells the truth about her marriages to Frank Brandon and Anthony Collingwood, also known as Alexander Fitzpatrick. The team catches a break when a CCTV camera captures a partial image of a killer's face.

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