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20074 Seasons16+Subtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

Heroes is an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people -- a genetics professor, a hospice nurse, a single mom, a street cop, a small town cheerleader, a tormented artist, a computer geek -- coming to grips with newly found remarkable powers.

Jack Coleman, Ali Larter, Santiago Cabrera
Drama, Science Fiction
العربية, Dansk, English [CC], Suomi, 한국어, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Русский, Svenska, Türkçe, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體)
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Français, Italiano, Português, 日本語
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Episodes (23)

  1. 1. Genesis

    Not available53 minutesSeptember 24, 200616+Subtitles

    "Heroes" is an ambitious drama -- an epic series that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities.

  2. 2. Don't Look Back

    Not available42 minutesOctober 1, 200616+Subtitles

    As people around the world find their lives disrupted by their new, extraordinary abilities, authorities investigate several bizarre, gruesome murders.

  3. 3. One Giant Leap

    Not available43 minutesOctober 8, 200616+Subtitles

    The "Heroes" continue to discern and test their newfound abilities.

  4. 4. Collision

    Not available43 minutesOctober 15, 200616+Subtitles

    The world becomes a bit smaller for a handful of ordinary men and women with uncanny abilities.

  5. 5. Hiros

    Not available43 minutesOctober 22, 200616+Subtitles

    While Matt finds mind-reading good for marriage, several "Heroes" must face the consequences of testing their unique abilities out in the world.

  6. 6. Better Halves

    Not available43 minutesOctober 29, 200616+Subtitles

    Two heroes together are stronger than two heroes apart; Leonard Roberts joins the cast as D. L. Hawkins, a fugitive that police can't hold.

  7. 7. Nothing to Hide

    Not available43 minutesNovember 5, 200616+Subtitles

    The "Heroes" each confront unexpected news and events that could further change their lives and relationships.

  8. 8. Seven Minutes to Midnight

    Not available43 minutesNovember 12, 200616+Subtitles

    Forces gather to threaten various "Heroes".

  9. 9. Homecoming

    Not available43 minutesNovember 19, 200616+Subtitles

    The "Heroes" experience dangerous, defining moments in their lives.

  10. 10. Six Months Ago

    Not available43 minutesNovember 26, 200616+Subtitles

    The clock turns back six months as "Heroes" secrets are revealed.

  11. 11. Fallout

    Not available43 minutesDecember 3, 200616+Subtitles

    As shocking details about Isaac's NYC nuclear bombing prediction are revealed, the "Heroes" face tragedy and betrayals.

  12. 12. Godsend

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 21, 200716+Subtitles

    Following painful revelations and shocking changes, many "Heroes" struggle to move forward as a new hero (guest star Christopher Eccleston) is revealed.

  13. 13. The Fix

    Not available43 minutesJanuary 28, 200716+Subtitles

    Outside forces and new faces drive the "Heroes" into different directions -- George Takei, Christopher Eccleston and Jessalyn Gilsig guest star.

  14. 14. Distractions

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 4, 200716+Subtitles

    With their new paths becoming clearer, some "Heroes" family relationships are driven apart -- George Takei, Christopher Eccleston, and Jessalyn Gilsig guest star.

  15. 15. Run!

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 11, 200716+Subtitles

    As Matt and Suresh face grave danger, the scandalous truth about Claire's real father is revealed -- Christopher Eccleston and Jessalyn Gilsig guest star.

  16. 16. Unexpected

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 18, 200716+Subtitles

    Unforeseen challenges and dangers strike the "Heroes" hard -- from's "Heroes" graphic novel, a new "wireless" hero named Hana debuts.

  17. 17. Company Man

    Not available43 minutesFebruary 25, 200716+Subtitles

    H.R.G.'s past catches up to him as Matt and Ted Sprague (guest star Matthew John Armstrong), come to Texas looking for answers, and take him, his wife, son and Claire hostage -- leading to a tragic, explosive showdown. Secrets are revealed and new threats to the "heroes" are introduced.

  18. 18. Parasite

    Not available43 minutesMarch 4, 200716+Subtitles

    Death, duplicity, and terrible glimpses of the future shake the "Heroes" -- Linderman is revealed and new 'Hero' Candice Wilmer (Guest Star Missy Peregrym) debuts.

  19. 19. .07%

    Not available43 minutesApril 22, 200716+Subtitles

    Serial killer Sylar's rampage continues -- Malcolm McDowell and Eric Roberts Guest Star -- After "helping" Suresh search for more people with special abilities, Sylar’s rampage continues with two "Heroes" being confronted by the stronger-powered serial killer.

  20. 20. Five Years Gone

    Not available43 minutesApril 29, 200716+Subtitles

    Having stolen the sword and teleported five years into the future, Hiro and Ando bear witness to a grim, harrowing future of the "Heroes".

  21. 21. The Hard Part

    Not available43 minutesMay 6, 200716+Subtitles

    As Nathan and his family ready for the election, Hiro and Ando face the hard part of saving the world; Eric Roberts, Rena Sofer guest-star.

  22. 22. Landslide

    Not available43 minutesMay 13, 200716+Subtitles

    As Linderman arrives, Nathan considers the cost to win the election; Malcolm McDowell, Eric Roberts and George Takei guest star.

  23. 23. How to Stop an Exploding Man

    Not available44 minutesMay 20, 200716+Subtitles

    "Heroes" rise and fall in the shocking season finale written by executive producer/creator Tim Kring and directed by executive producer Allan Arkush.

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