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This gripping psychological drama follows Detective Stone's desperate efforts to uncover the mystery of his wife's disappeared. Wracked with guilt, Stone begins to lose his grip on reality. He becomes obsessed with the case of family man, John Dean, who, since a head injury five years earlier, has suffered from total amnesia. Could the mystery of Dean's past be related to Stone's personal tragedy?
IMDb 7.020042 episodes
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  1. S1 E1 - Amnesia - Part One
    March 28, 2004
    1 h 12 min
    A policeman is left distraught after his wife's sudden disappearance on their fifth wedding anniversary. His efforts to find her seem to be in vain and, despite suffering from terrifying hallucinations, he's forced to return to work - where he becomes obsessed with the strange case of a man who also vanished in mysterious circumstances. Could the two cases be linked?
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  2. S1 E2 - Amnesia - Part Two
    March 29, 2004
    1 h 13 min
    While Stone doggedly continues his investigation into John Dean's mysterious past, his colleagues harbor suspicions about his involvement in his wife's disappearance, but without proof, they can do no more than keep a discreet eye on him. Evidence soon mounts against both Dean and Stone - but are either of them really guilty of murder?
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Nicholas Laughland
Content Media Corp.
John HannahJemma RedgraveAnthony Calf
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