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Bikini Destinations

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Established as one of the world's most popular shows featuring beautiful women, top bikini models travel to spectacular distant locales for dramatic photo shoots. High definition cameras are rolling on every detail as the girls do what they do best: look stunning on camera and enjoy the sweet nectar of life.

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  1. 1. Mexican Riveria

    Not available25 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Experience a wild breakfast, Cancun style, with hostess Jennifer Brown. Watch the models pose against stunning watery backdrops. Learn the models' hopes and dreams through on camera interviews. Join the girls as they opt for a relaxing sunset cruise with majestic views. Later, they head to a Brazilian steakhouse where the food is endless.

  2. 2. Bora Bora

    Not available26 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Our models are off to Bora Bora, beginning with a private plane ride to this exclusive destination. After a quick boat ride, they arrive at the stunning beaches, where some exotic photo shoots take place. Get to know our models through on camera interviews, where they confess their dreams and passions. Join them as they scuba dive with manta rays and explore a seductive underwater world

  3. 3. Tahiti & Moorea

    Not available26 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    On a safari, the models see more than 400 waterfalls and the breathtaking scenery of this tropical paradise. The girls go snorkeling and scuba diving, and explore a sunken airplane filled with hundreds of fish. They witness the Billabong Pro Surfing Competition and get some tips from the pros about staying safe up on the waves.

  4. 4. Cabo San Lucas

    Not available24 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Follow our models as they experience the best life has to offer on a million dollar yacht. Locally made jewelry dazzles the women as they search for souvenirs. And, at J & J Habanos, they sample a number of tequilas to find the perfect one then enjoy a good cigar. Their journey starts with a private jet ride to our yacht.

  5. 5. Catalina Island

    Not available26 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Experience Catalina Island with some of the most breathtaking models in the industry. Join them as they jump head first into island culture before heading off for photo shoots taking advantage of idyllic scenery. To start off the adventure, the girls take a tour of Catalina's historical district. Then, they take dusty back roads to enjoy the best views the island has to offer

  6. 6. Costa Rica

    Not available27 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Experience the fun, sun, history, and culture of this spectacular Pacific oasis. Watch the girls snorkel and surf in the azure waters. These women are even up for the thrill of skydiving in this tropical paradise. All of this plus footage of the models' sizzling photo shoots on Bikini Destinations: Oahu, Hawaii.

  7. 7. Lake Tahoe

    Not available27 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Bikini Network girls embark on an alpine adventure in the pristine paradise that is Lake Tahoe. BD catches the girls in action as they hike well-worn wilderness trails, bike off-the-beaten paths and take sightseeing to the extreme by skydiving the High Sierras. Straddling the state line between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe's split personality reveals a backdrop of beauty

  8. 8. Alaska

    Not available25 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Experience the contrasts and unexpected natural wonders of Alaska, as experienced by some of the world's hottest bikini models. The journey begins with a helicopter ride into the rugged, northern wilderness. The ladies describe their Alaskan experience and the difference between this northern state and other, more tropical destinations

  9. 9. Molokai

    Not available24 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Experience the rugged beauty of this remote Hawaiian locale. The journey begins at an elegant lodge, where the girls enjoy luxurious surroundings. Later, they take a sightseeing helicopter tour of Molokai's natural and historical wonders. To unwind, the girls take a relaxing boat ride and go deep sea fishing

  10. 10. Moscow

    Not available24 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Discover the beauty of Russia and our models with hostess Jenn Brown. The ladies descend upon a local market and soak up Russian culture. Historic and cultural landmarks are the backdrop for numerous photo shoots, and the models dish their experiences in the modeling world during on-camera interviews. The models sample the cuisine of a typical Georgian restaurant and eat like the natives.

  11. 11. Ukraine

    Not available24 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Meet Eastern Europe's most beautiful models in this episode. Hostess Jenn Brown takes the ladies on a harrowing tram tour up a rugged mountain. The crew explores and shoots at a historic, Neo-Gothic castle, where the models dish about their dreams and passions. At a luxurious local restaurant, they sample regional favorites. They hit the town and take advantage of the area's teeming nightlife

  12. 12. Rio De Janeiro

    Not available25 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Our models explore Rio. The culture of Rio is matched only by its natural splendor. Hostess Jenn Brown explores locations related to the city's history and culture and gets to know the locals. The girls hang glide over breathtaking scenery and take in the sandy beaches. A quick trip to buy bikinis and play in the sun offers respite from the models' grueling shooting schedule

  13. 13. Best of Season Two

    Not available28 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Our journey begins at the Mexican Riviera, where our models mingle with the best Mexico has to offer. In Cabo San Lucas, the models mingle with the rich and powerful. In Catalina they enjoy the gorgeous waterfront town of Avalon. In Costa Rica, the girls explore the breathtaking rainforest. In Lake Tahoe, the women provide a startling contrast to the rugged wilderness that surrounds them.

  14. 14. Buzios Brazil

    Not available24 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Join our models as they explore this resort town. The journey begins with a helicopter ride that reveals breathtaking views of the Brazilian coast. Hostess Jenn Brown leads the charge as the models pose, talk about their hopes and dreams to the camera, and venture onto the sandy beaches by foot and horseback

  15. 15. Puerto Vallarta

    Not available25 minutter1. november 201413+Undertekster

    Follow the models from their luxurious accommodations to their sultry photo shoots. They take an awe inspiring canopy tour, whizzing over the treetops on a thin wire. The girls relax in deserted San Sebastian, then go on a sailing expedition. The adventure continues as they swim and play with sea lions and dolphins.

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