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Campo de estrellas

20172 SeasonsNRSubtitles and Closed Captions

Where the support comes from, how it evolves and what the sacrifices were that families made. The first team, childhood friends and relatives, different teammates…collectively make up and reveal the personalities and qualities of each Real Madrid player.

Documentary, Sports
Dansk, Deutsch, English, English [CC], Español, Suomi, Français, हिन्दी, Italiano, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Svenska, Türkçe
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Episodes (11)

  1. 1. The open book on Trey Thompson

    Not available47 minutesSeptember 6, 2017NRSubtitles

    Thompkins displays his home, his environment in the city of Lithonia. In his first season as a Bulldog at the University of Georgia Thompson was included as the fifth best newbie of the Southeastern Conference. Trey and his family tell us how his personal and professional development have come to be and his arrival to Real Madrid.

  2. 2. Jesus Vallejo the humble champion.

    Not available46 minutesSeptember 20, 2017NRSubtitles

    Jesus Vallejo in his early career drew attention to himself for his sportsmanlike conviction and his high degree of responsibility and team spirit. As time passed he specialized in the position of defense. His teachers, parents and friends all tell his story of endeavor and sacrifice in completing his dream of playing in the best of the world.

  3. 3. Rudy Fernandez

    Not available51 minutesSeptember 27, 2017NRSubtitles

    He not only stood out in basketball but was also very good at football. But his maturity is gained with decisions and one which took him to Joventut at a very young age made him mature far from home. His exceptional playing took him to the NBA where he attained the highest debut of a Spanish player and the first European player in history to be chosen to participate in an NBA slam dunk contest.

  4. 4. Borja Mayora

    Not available54 minutesOctober 4, 2017NRSubtitles

    Joining Real Madrid in the summer of 2017, Borja Mayoral is expected to be one of the center forwards in the immediate future. The street was his real football school until a little league soccer tournament sparked the interest of the three main teams of Madrid: Rayo Vallecano, Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid. In the end he joined the homegrown team of Real Madrid

  5. 5. Dani Ceballos Andalusian whim

    Not available51 minutesOctober 11, 2017NRSubtitles

    At the age of seven he was recruited by Seville but was unable to reach the strong physical development that was expected of him. It was a great disappointment to him and he wanted to quit football. However, upon returning to his hometown team (Ultera) Betis noticed his incredible talent and ability. In Betis he flourishes and in the summer of 2017 and he is drafted to Real Madrid.

  6. 6. Santi Yusta the promising return

    Not available51 minutesOctober 18, 2017NRSubtitles

    If there is something that distinguishes Santi Yusta from all the rest, it is his discretion. Born into a passionate family for basketball, his own older brother reached the ranks of the white team, Real Madrid. His family alongside Santi go over his track record up until now, in which he has converted himself into the most valuable player born to this homegrown team.

  7. 7. Fabien Causeur, la vie en blanc (the White life)

    Not available51 minutesOctober 25, 2017NRSubtitles

    The effort, study and enjoyment of all things, ‘one life, once chance’ is what Fabien has tattooed and is what defines his attitude. His strength and passion have taken him to play in the thriving German basketball league and landing him in the best league in Europe, the Spanish league. In 2017 Fabien joins Real Madrid.

  8. 8. Facundo Campazzo, brazenness and passion

    Not available53 minutesNovember 15, 2017NRSubtitles

    He was a restless boy that one day the ceiling of his bedroom caved in after time and time again of bouncing the ball off of it. ‘Facun’ is known to be impulsive and emotional which at times play against him. But in other occasions, delivers impossible plays for any sport fanatic.

  9. 9. Jonas Maciulis endless basketball

    Not available50 minutesNovember 29, 2017NRSubtitles

    ‘There are no limits of improvement, there are no limits in the game’, is Jonas’ slogan and by no coincidence wears the number 8 on his dorsal as a symbol that represents the infinity sign as an 8 laying down.

  10. 10. Achraf Haimi, the Atlas gazelle.

    Not available53 minutesDecember 13, 2017NRSubtitles

    Achraf’s parents immigrated to Spain while they were very young. Achraf was born in Getafe and has spent all of his life in Spain. In 2006 when he was only 6 years old after a tryout with the “Sport City” Real Madrid recruited him for the minor league team. Since then he has not left the team

  11. 11. Jeff Taylor, basketball is in his genes.

    Not available53 minutesDecember 27, 2017NRSubtitles

    Nowadays, alongside Tavares, Jeff is the life line for the Real Madrid defense.

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