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Campo de estrellas

Where the support comes from and how it evolves and what were the sacrifices that families made. The first team, childhood friends and relatives, different teammates... collectively make up and reveal the personalities and qualities of each Real Madrid player.

Documentary, Sports
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Episodes (18)

  1. 1. Marcelo Vieira

    Not available52 minutesMarch 29, 2017NRSubtitles

    Marcelo began playing on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Now he is one of the great football stars of the world.

  2. 2. Roberto Carlos, the joy of soccer

    Not available52 minutesJuly 5, 2017NRSubtitles

    Roberto Carlos, the cheerfulness of football. Born in the center of a humble family, Roberto Carlos quickly developed an unbelievable power in his legs. His cheerfulness hasn’t only been proverbial in the locker-room, but he would also transmit it to the rest of his team on the field. Alongside his friend KaKa, they revolutionized their role as left-wing players in new soccer tactics.

  3. 3. Marco Asensio, Marco’s dream

    Not available50 minutesMay 24, 2017NRSubtitles

    His ability with the ball left his parents and scouts speechless in little league soccer tournaments. Since his debut with Mallorca Football Club he has been in the eye of the greatest teams and have focused their attention on his talent. Today he is one of the greatest stars of the new generation.

  4. 4. Álvaro Arbeloa, the team above the individual

    Not available54 minutesAugust 23, 2017NRSubtitles

    Educated in Zaragoza since a young boy showed strength and leadership that caught the attention of his coaches. Since then he has been forging the Spartan legend of the player that gives all for his team.

  5. 5. Daniel Carvajal

    Not available48 minutesMarch 16, 2017NRSubtitles

    As a child he would cry out of anger when he lost a little league soccer match. He would always run after ball, a perfect student that would not settle with only passing his classes... Real Madrid notices him and scouts him and begins to guide which without a doubt you could say is the perfect homegrown player. Carvajal is defined with one word: competitiveness.

  6. 6. Felipe Reyes

    Not available51 minutesMarch 22, 2017NRSubtitles

    Felipe Reyes: From his hometown Cordoba (Spain) to leading Real Madrid basketball as their captain, Felipe Reyes had the support of his brothers and an example to look up to. Working on his weak points he has become the top rebounder in the history of ACB league and la Copa del Rey.

  7. 7. Lucas Vázquez

    Not available49 minutesMarch 5, 2017NRSubtitles

    Since he was little, Lucas has had an amazing ability for playing soccer where different soccer club scouts showed great interest in him. A natural born goal scorer, talented dribbler, Real Madrid has noticed him for their school of talent.

  8. 8. Sergio Llull

    Not available53 minutesApril 12, 2017NRSubtitles

    A basketball player and father leads the fans as golden boy Sergio. During the afternoons at home, he would make paper hoops and cellophane balls as not to make noise while he would play with his brother. Sergio Llull's career takes him abroad at a very young age.

  9. 9. Nacho Fernández

    Not available52 minutesApril 26, 2017NRSubtitles

    A lover of history books, Nacho has the discipline like an old time general, the personality of a fighter. Self-taught since he was born, he knew how to adapt this handicap. His daughter was born while he was facing the 11th Champions League final.

  10. 10. Álvaro Morata

    Not available50 minutesMay 3, 2017NRSubtitles

    Another exceptional player - product of Madrid’s homegrown players. Álvaro Morata is above all an athlete that had to give up his promising career in tennis to play his beloved soccer. He was handed over to Juventus for two seasons, where he met his wife, Alice Campello with whom he has maintained a beautiful relationship.

  11. 11. Andrés Nocioni

    Not available54 minutesMay 10, 2017NRSubtitles

    As a member of the “Golden Generation” that won the World Cup against the almighty United States of America, Andrés Nocioni is an example of dedication and effort, of which great Argentinian players have had to face to be able to play on the best teams of the world. Argentina in the heart of basketball and basketball in the heart and mind of Argentina.

  12. 12. Raphaël Varane

    Not available48 minutesMay 17, 2017NRSubtitles

    Raphaël Varane: Varane was born in the coal mining area of northeastern France. He was quickly picked up by professional scouts from Lens and Lille... until one day he received a phone call from Zinedine Zidane.

  13. 13. Luka Doncic, the beginning of the journey

    Not available47 minutesMay 31, 2017NRSubtitles

    Since his first day Luka was taught to do things with love from his studies to his emerging passion for basketball. As a boy of merely 12 years of age Real Madrid noticed and scouted him for their minor league team. Little by little his talent and the carefully personalized education uncovers the best talent that has been seen in the last years.

  14. 14. Danilo Luiz Da Silva

    Not available50 minutesJune 7, 2017NRSubtitles

    In a country where being successful at soccer is a dreamer’s way out, in 2015 Danilo became the best paid defensive player. Looking back over his life, he presents his family, including his wife, who he met in a cemetery.

  15. 15. Amancio Amaro, postwar soccer

    Not available56 minutesJune 28, 2017NRSubtitles

    In a postwar Spain, Amancio Amaro Varela begins to stick out for his ability and ingenuity with the ball. Part of what was called Real Madrid Ye-Ye, suffers the harshness of 70s soccer as a coach and later discovers alongside Di Stéfano what was to be called the "Quinta del Buitre" of the 80s.

  16. 16. Paco Gento

    Not available50 minutesJuly 12, 2017NRSubtitles

    In the town of Guarnizo he grew up in the countryside. He was extremely fast comparable to his ability to stop and throw off his rivals. Paco Gent now is the Honorary President of the Real Madrid Club and has also brought important players to the soccer and basketball teams.

  17. 17. Emilio Butragueño, the serenity of soccer

    Not available56 minutesJuly 19, 2017NRSubtitles

    A legendary star of the 80s and the 90s. He was capable of making an entire stadium hold back their breath when he would stop in front of a defensive player. He was a prominent player of Madrid’s comebacks that struck so much fear in European teams. Today he is the director of the club’s Institutional Relations.

  18. 18. Jaycee Carroll, the rookie from Wyoming

    Not available51 minutesAugust 30, 2017NRSubtitles

    As we accompany Carroll through his ranch in Evaston where he goes over his vital path alongside his parents, colleagues and friends from university. There is something special about Carroll and maybe it has to do with his decision to have been a missionary in Chile where he abandoned his studies and basketball. But Jaycee came back turning himself into a skilled free throw shooter.

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