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Curious George

Season 1
2007NRSubtitles and Closed Captions

The first season finds George making a home for his homing pigeon friend, Compass; putting his newfound knowledge about the number zero to the test; and strapping on a pair of roller skates to help his friends Mr. and Mrs. Dulson sell more toys at their toy store.

English [CC]
Audio Languages
Deutsch, English, Español (España), Español (Latinoamérica), Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Türkçe, Русский, العربية, 中文, 한국어
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Episodes (30)

  1. 1. Curious George Flies A Kite/From Scratch

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 3, 2006AllSubtitles

    A gusty morning at the country house leads George to experiment with aerodynamics. / Gnocchi, the cat, is accused of scratching the booths in Chef Pisghetti's restaurant. To prove Gnocchi's innocence (and eat cannoli), George decides to mount an investigation.

  2. 2. Curious George’s Home for Pigeons/Out of Order

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 4, 2006AllSubtitles

    George decides to make Compass, a homing pigeon that sometimes has trouble finding his way, a place to stay on their balcony. / When George sees a very nice lady leaving packages behind wherever she goes, he figures she must be very forgetful. So he decides to be helpful by gathering all of the packages for her.

  3. 3. Zeros to Donuts/Curious George, Stain Remover

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 5, 2006AllSubtitles

    When George learns about the meaning and power of zero, he is ready to test out his knowledge. / George spills grape juice on the new rug and needs to figure out a way to clean it up before The Man with the Yellow Hat returns!

  4. 4. Buoy Wonder/Roller Monkey

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 6, 2006AllSubtitles

    George decides to build a new boat for Bill for the Model Boat Show after he discovers that Bill's old boat sinks! / Mr. and Mrs. Dulson ask George to wear roller skates in front of their store to attract customers.

  5. 5. Curious George On Time/Curious George’s Bunny Hunt

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 13, 2006AllSubtitles

    After accidentally breaking Professor Wiseman's cuckoo clock, George decides to explore the inside of the BIG library clock to see how it works. / In the country, George falls in love with neighbor Bill's new pet bunnies.

  6. 6. Curious George Takes A Job/Curious George Takes Another Job

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 14, 2006AllSubtitles

    Following his nose, George sniffs his way to Chef Pisghetti's Ristorante where he finds Gnocchi the cat. / After George's success helping Chef Pisghetti impress a restaurant critic, the Chef suggests that George help his friend Mr. Glass wash the windows of his skyscraper -- The Glass Palace.

  7. 7. Curious George, Door Monkey/Curious George Goes Up the River

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 17, 2006AllSubtitles

    As lobby dog, it's Hundley's job to keep everything in order. But when George finds some intriguingly shaped packages, the lobby is soon filled with tennis, bowling, and golf balls and a ton of empty boxes! / "Feeding the ducks" turns into a trip down the river for George and Jumpy.

  8. 8. Curious George and the Invisible Sound/Curious George, A Peeling Monkey

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 18, 2006AllSubtitles

    While trying to record different animal sounds in the country, George discovers some amazing things about the dynamics of sound. / George really can't wait to see what's inside Professor Wiseman's birthday present. He really can't.

  9. 9. Curious George, Dog Counter/Squirrel For a Day

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 25, 2006AllSubtitles

    It's Dog Show Day! George and Professor Wiseman spend the day with all kinds of different dogs! / When Bill shows George how Jumpy Squirrel stores his food in the ground, George decides this is a pretty good idea and tries to store all the food in the country house in the ground too.

  10. 10. Curious George Discovers the ‘Poles/Curious George Finds His Way

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 26, 2006AllSubtitles

    George is thrilled when Bill asks him to look after his tadpoles. / Hundley and George get locked out of the building in the back alley.

  11. 11. Water to Ducks/Animal Magnetism

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 27, 2006AllSubtitles

    After a big rain, George is ecstatic to discover ducks swimming in a big puddle next to the country house. / On a mission to find magnets to hang his newest masterpiece on the refrigerator, George learns a lot about magnets.

  12. 12. Doctor Monkey/Curious George, the Architect

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 28, 2006AllSubtitles

    When George accompanies The Man in the Yellow Hat to Dr. Baker's office for his annual check-up, he discovers that a stethoscope is a pretty handy thing to have around! / Mr. Glass is building a new skyscraper in the neighborhood, and George and Gnocchi think that his construction site is more fun than a playground.

  13. 13. Zoo Night/Charkie Escapes

    Not available23 minutesOctober 5, 2006AllSubtitles

    George is so entranced by the new, adorable baby panda at the zoo that he stays through closing time and is accidentally locked inside. / Dog sitting Charkie is always a challenge but it’s especially difficult today when George really wants to practice his soccer kicks.

  14. 14. Curious George’s Rocket Ride/Curious George, Station Master

    Not available23 minutesOctober 8, 2006AllSubtitles

    The International Space Station's food supply has run out, and George is the only one who has the unique skills needed to fly the rocket and deliver supplies! / George and The Man with the Yellow Hat offer to pick up Bill when his train comes in and when he gets there, Flint Quint, the station master, shows George how he keeps the trains running smoothly!

  15. 15. Curious George and the Dam Builders/Curious George’s Low High Score

    Not available23 minutesOctober 9, 2006AllSubtitles

    George gets acquainted with a family of beavers when he notices the impact their dam has on his favorite pond. / George can't understand why his high score of 257 isn't a winner when he plays his first game of mini-golf with Steve and Betsy.

  16. 16. Curious George Sees Stars/Curious George Gets a Trophy

    Not available23 minutesOctober 10, 2006AllSubtitles

    The hardest part of counting all the stars in the sky is staying awake long enough, but George is determined. / As a reward for helping him wash dishes at the restaurant, Chef Pisghetti gives George an ice cream sculpture in the shape of Gnocchi the cat.

  17. 17. George Makes A Stand/Curious George Sees the Light

    Not available23 minutesOctober 17, 2006AllSubtitles

    To earn money for a new soccer ball, George decides to set up his own lemonade stand. / A new traffic light is installed on the country road and George decides that it would really work a lot better with a few adjustments.

  18. 18. Candy Counter/Curious George, Rescue Monkey

    Not available23 minutesOctober 18, 2006AllSubtitles

    Eating candy is easy, but counting and storting it is much more difficult! George quickly learns this when he agrees to watch Cayley's candy counter for an afternoon! / George is inspired to become a volunteer with the fire department when they help him get his foot unstuck from a chair.

  19. 19. The Truth About George Burger/Curious George in the Dark

    Not available23 minutesOctober 19, 2006AllSubtitles

    George accidentally loses a batch of Chef Pisghetti's newest creation: Giardino Burgers. / Most of the time, George isn't afraid of the dark, but when he explores a mysterious cave, he decides that sometimes the dark can be scary!

  20. 20. The Clean, Perfect Yellow Hat/Bee is for Bear

    Not available23 minutesOctober 22, 2006AllSubtitles

    The yellow hat comes back from the dry cleaners so beautiful and clean that George can't help wanting to show it off to Compass the pigeon! / While exploring the country, George meets up with a baby bear and a stinging bee.

  21. 21. Surprise Quints/Muddy Monkey

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 14, 2007AllSubtitles

    It's Mr. Quint's birthday and everyone is helping with preparations for a surprise party! / The Man with the Yellow Hat just can't figure out why George refuses to take a bath.

  22. 22. Curious George Takes a Vacation/Curious George and the One That Got Away

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 15, 2007AllSubtitles

    The Man with the Yellow Hat and George are off to the airport to start their vacation. When they get there they discover all of the flights are delayed. / George and Mr. Quint discover a freshwater eel in the waters of Lake Wanasink.

  23. 23. Ski Monkey/George the Grocer

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 16, 2007AllSubtitles

    When a blizzard covers the country house with a foot of snow, George can't wait to go outside and play. / George really wants the toy oven he sees in the window at the toy store, but first he has to find a job to earn the money to buy it.

  24. 24. Keep Out Cows/Curious George and the Missing Piece

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 17, 2007AllSubtitles

    George loves Leslie the cow, but do she and her friends have to keep eating all those wildflowers that he wants to show The Man with the Yellow Hat? / When George discovers a bone buried in the ground, he's convinced it's got to be part of a dinosaur skeleton -- but which one?

  25. 25. Camping With Hundley/Curious George vs. The Turbo Python 3000

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 18, 2007AllSubtitles

    George loves his very first camping trip so much that he wants to go again as soon as possible. / George isn't tall enough to ride the greatest roller coast of all time, The Turbo Python 3000.

  26. 26. Housebound!/Curious George Rides A Bike

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 18, 2007AllSubtitles

    George learns the hard way about bones when he falls and breaks his leg at the museum exploring a dinosaur skeleton. / George loves his new bike, especially because it gives him the chance to help Bill with his paper route.

  27. 27. The All-Animal Recycled Band/The Times Of Sand

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 19, 2007AllSubtitles

    George recruits Charkie, Gnocchi, Hundley and Compass to play in a band inspired by the firefighters at Rescue Squad 86. / George and The Man with the Yellow Hat have a sand castle building contest on the beach.

  28. 28. The Elephant Upstairs/Being Hundley

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 20, 2007AllSubtitles

    George hears a loud thumping sound coming from the ceiling of their apartment and becomes convinced that the new upstairs neighbor has an elephant as a pet. / George gets tired of being a monkey and experiments with being a cat and a pigeon and a dog.

  29. 29. George Fixes Betsy's Wagon/Curious George Takes a Dive

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 21, 2007AllSubtitles

    George and Steve borrow Betsy's wagon to pick up a package, but on the way they lose a wheel. / George makes friends with a turtle down at Lake Wanasink Lake but worries that because the turtle has no thumbs, it’s going to get a lot of water up its nose when it goes into the lake.

  30. 30. Unbalanced/Curious George vs. Winter

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 22, 2007AllSubtitles

    The Amazing Balancing Zucchinis come to town, and George realizes that there's nothing he wants more in life than to be an acrobat. / Winter is closing in and George is's he going to survive without all the fun summertime activities he loves?

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