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8.120125 SeasonsNRSubtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

To win at all costs, sometimes you pay the ultimate price. In the final season of the award-winning legal thriller, powerhouse attorney Patty Hewes (three-time Emmy® and two-time Golden Globe® winner Glenn Close) and her ex-protégée Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) face off in a fatal double showdown: the wrongful death case against a charismatic, international cyberhacker (Ryan Phillippe, Flags of...

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Episodes (10)

  1. 1. You Want To End This Once And For All?

    Not available52 minutesJuly 10, 201218+Subtitles

    With the lawsuits against High Star Security CEO Howard Erickson behind her, Ellen Parsons is moving ahead in her relationship with Chris Sanchez and setting up a new office for her law practice. Across town, Ellen’s mentor and ex-employer Patty Hewes is busy fending off requests to represent cyber-hacker Channing McClaren, whose whistleblower website is about to bring down a prominent Wall...

  2. 2. Have You Met The Eel Yet?

    Not available46 minutesJuly 10, 201218+Subtitles

    Now on opposite sides of a case with her mentor, Ellen Parsons is careful to warn her client, cyber-hacker Channing McClaren, not to discuss the wrongful death lawsuit being filed against him by Patty Hewes’s client, Rachel Walling. However, after McClaren issues what amounts to an apology for the release of information that led Rachel’s mother, Naomi, to commit suicide, Ellen must quickly do...

  3. 3. Failure Is Failure

    Not available57 minutesJuly 24, 201218+Subtitles

    With Kate Franklin on board, Ellen Parsons prepares to defend cyber-hacker Channing McClaren against a wrongful death lawsuit being brought by Patty Hewes on behalf of Rachel Walling. Though McClaren has consistently denied knowing her, Ellen pressures him to reveal the extent of his contacts with Naomi Walling, Rachel’s mother and a prominent Wall Street whistleblower who committed suicide...

  4. 4. I Love You, Mommy

    Not available51 minutesJuly 31, 201218+Subtitles

    As the wrongful death lawsuit against him moves forward, Channing McClaren sets out to break into the computer of Samurai 7, a computer hacker who claims to have more information about Naomi Walling and Princefield Investments. After narrowly preventing McClaren from accessing the data, Samurai 7 offers to sell him and his team the information. And while McClaren insists that it is his firm...

  5. 5. There's Something Wrong With Me

    Not available46 minutesAugust 7, 201218+Subtitles

    Plagued by dreams about her late fiancé’s murder, Ellen meets with Patty hoping to learn if she also paid Samurai 7 for the cache of documents from Princefield Investments that could hold the key to the wrongful death lawsuit against Channing McClaren. As Princefield CEO Bennett Herreshoff publicly expresses his sorrow over Naomi Walling’s suicide and his support of McClaren’s whistleblowing,...

  6. 6. I Need To Win

    Not available51 minutesAugust 14, 201218+Subtitles

    With the stress of the case continuing to provoke nightmares about her fiancé’s murder and its aftermath, Ellen worries that Patty has coerced the SEC into revealing information damaging to Channing McClaren’s defense. Desperate to rebut Rachel Walling’s claim that McClaren sexually assaulted her mother, Kate Franklin looks for Thomas Schultz, a man who was in the adjacent hotel room on the...

  7. 7. The Storm's Moving In

    Not available56 minutesAugust 21, 201218+Subtitles

    After Rachel Walling refuses his settlement offer, Channing McClaren learns of the death of Samurai 7, the hacker who gained access to Princefield Investments’ computer servers. And when Beth Kim tells Channing that his associates Rutger and Gitta Novak defied his orders and paid her late boyfriend for information, he explodes in anger. With the Walling lawsuit moving forward, the judge sends...

  8. 8. I'm Afraid Of What I'll Find

    Not available54 minutesAugust 28, 201218+Subtitles

    As Patty is asked to throw her hat in the ring as a potential Supreme Court nominee, Ellen’s associate Kate Franklin approaches Michael Hewes on behalf of his grandfather, Lyle, whom Michael believed was dead. Once they meet, Lyle recounts the details of Patty’s childhood and her subsequent efforts to cut him off from their family’s land before asking Michael to grant Patty custody of his...

  9. 9. I Like Your Chair

    Not available52 minutesSeptember 4, 201218+Subtitles

    As Ellen turns to Chris’ friend Waleed Cooper to help find the hit man she suspects Patty hired to kill her, Chris’ revelation that the military was sending brain-damaged soldiers back into battle in Afghanistan thrusts whistle-blower Channing McClaren and McClarenTruth back into the limelight. And after Ellen warns him that concealing his involvement with insider trading at Princefield...

  10. 10. But You Don't Do That Anymore

    Not available59 minutesSeptember 11, 201218+Subtitles

    As the McClaren trial is about to get underway, Ellen juggles her duty to Channing McClaren with her promise to testify against Patty in Michael Hewes’ custody suit. In the wake of a second failed attempt on her life, Ellen gets immunity for her assailant, Patrick Scully, in exchange for his implicating Patty in a previous hit. Unaware of the ambush Ellen has in store, Patty prepares Rutger...

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