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8.120115 SeasonsNRSubtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

As Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) prepares for a class action suit against a multinational pharmaceutical company, Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) returns to Hewes & Associates to pursue her own lawsuit against military contractor High Star Security and its powerful CEO, Howard Erickson (guest star John Goodman).

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Episodes (10)

  1. 1. There's Only One Way to Try a Case

    Not available57 minutesJuly 12, 201118+Subtitles

    As Patty Hewes (Glenn Close) prepares to sue a multinational drug maker, Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) asks high school classmate Chris Sanchez to help expose a private security firm’s illegal actions in Afghanistan. But as Chris hesitates while seeking help in dealing with his haunting memories, the company’s powerful CEO is working behind the scenes to make sure that the truth is never revealed.

  2. 2. I've Done Way Too Much for this Girl

    Not available50 minutesJuly 19, 201118+Subtitles

    After Chris Sanchez's agreement to testify convinces her bosses to pursue a lawsuit against High Star Security, Ellen (Rose Byrne) discovers that they caved under pressure and reneged on the deal. But as Chris finds himself the target of what he's led to believe are Islamic extremists bent on avenging the death of a fellow Afghani fighter, Ellen must consider turning to Patty (Glenn Close) for...

  3. 3. I'd Prefer My Old Office

    Not available47 minutesJuly 26, 201118+Subtitles

    As Ellen (Rose Byrne) returns to the Hewes & Associates office to pursue her lawsuit against Howard Erickson (John Goodman), Patty's (Glenn Close) search for her missing son leads to Boston. To silence Chris Sanchez (Chris Messina), Erickson authorizes his henchmen to use whatever means necessary to make sure he won’t deliver any damaging testimony in the lawsuit.

  4. 4. Next One's On Me, Blondie

    Not available45 minutesAugust 2, 201118+Subtitles

    As Patty returns to her own class action lawsuit against a French pharmaceutical company, Afghani Nasim Marwat arrives at Hewes & Associates posing as Chris Sanchez. When he manages to see Ellen, Nasim convinces her to hear him out as he delivers a box from Chris. When Nasim reveals the presence of a fifth unidentified American operative who was present on the disastrous High Star mission and...

  5. 5. We'll Just Have To Find Another Way to Cut The Balls Off This Thing

    Not available41 minutesAugust 9, 201118+Subtitles

    As CIA operative Jerry Boorman looks to stop Ellen's (Rose Byrne) depositions once and for all, High Star CEO Howard Erickson (John Goodman) turns to a Defense Department contact to stop the release of incriminating confidential files. Meanwhile, as she is working alongside Ellen, Patty (Glenn Close) worries about her granddaughter's unexplained illness.

  6. 6. Add That Little Hopper to Your Stew

    Not available50 minutesAugust 16, 201118+Subtitles

    As she fights to see the imprisoned Nasim Marwat, Ellen (Rose Byrne) closes in on a CIA cover up of an illegal intelligence mission in Afghanistan that could bring down High Star Security CEO Howard Erickson (John Goodman). And as she and Patty (Glenn Close) look to exonerate Nasim, Ellen offers a reporter the story of a lifetime in exchange for his help locating the missing Chris Sanchez...

  7. 7. I'm Worried About My Dog

    Not available53 minutesAugust 23, 201118+Subtitles

    Now that he's secured the land for his new training facility and had Nasim Marwat deported, all that's left for Howard Erickson to do is to reach a deal with Chris Sanchez to squelch any problems that might arise from the fatal Dust Devil mission. Yet, to bolster Ellen's lawsuit, Patty convinces William Herndon to ask his friends inside the CIA to identify who was behind Nasim's deportation....

  8. 8. The War Will Go On Forever

    Not available46 minutesAugust 30, 201118+Subtitles

    With reporter Dean Gulickson in Afghanistan looking for Chris Sanchez, Ellen and Patty convince a judge to force Howard Erickson to be deposed in the High Star lawsuit. Warning Anthony Carter and all his other employees to steer clear of Gulickson, Erickson then enlists another High Star contractor in Afghanistan to assemble a local team to take out Chris and make the hit look like the work of...

  9. 9. There's A Whole Slew of Ladies With Bad Things To Say About The Taliban

    Not available50 minutesSeptember 6, 201118+Subtitles

    CIA agent Jerry Boorman offers to give Patty and Ellen information that could topple High Star CEO Howard Erickson’s empire and prove his company tortured suspected terrorists in Afghanistan on one condition – that they leave the Afghan boy he is keeping hidden in a CIA safe house alone. However, because she and Ellen suspect that the boy was the target of the ill-fated Dust Devil extraction...

  10. 10. Failure is Lonely

    Not available58 minutesSeptember 13, 201118+Subtitles

    Before settling the High Star lawsuit, Ellen demands proof that Chris Sanchez is alive. Ordering Anthony Carter to halt Chris' staged execution, Erickson has him flown to the States and kept at his company's secure compound, where he is also holding Jerry Boorman's son. When Boorman approaches him about the boy's release, Erickson insists he'll hand him over to the authorities once Ellen...

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