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20098 सीज़न16+सबटाइटलX-Ray

In the Season Four finale, after a massive bus accident left House without recollection of four hours prior to the accident, he and the team put the pieces of his memory together and discovered Wilson's girlfriend Amber was on the bus with him and was fatally injured. Wilson had to face the shocking realization that House was directly involved in Amber's death. As Season Five opens, with his ...

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Jesse Spencer, Hugh Laurie, Kal Penn
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एपिसोड (24)

  1. 1. Dying Changes Everything

    43 मिनट15 सितंबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    In the aftermath of Amber's death, Wilson announces his resignation on the season premiere.

  2. 2. Not Cancer

    43 मिनट22 सितंबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    The team investigates a string of mysterious deaths centering around a single organ donor, and House hires a private investigator to snoop on Wilson and the team.

  3. 3. Adverse Events

    43 मिनट29 सितंबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    A struggling artist falls ill and the team must use a discerning eye to uncover what may be hiding below the surface.

  4. 4. Birthmarks

    44 मिनट13 अक्तूबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    House gets back to his roots and a patient falls ill searching for her own.

  5. 5. Lucky Thirteen

    44 मिनट20 अक्तूबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    Thirteen's personal life is brought to the examining room table.

  6. 6. Joy

    43 मिनट27 अक्तूबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    The team treats a sleepwalking patient experiencing unexplained blackouts and Cuddy decides to adopt a newborn baby.

  7. 7. The Itch

    43 मिनट10 नवंबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    House and the team treat an agoraphobic patient who refuses to leave his home.

  8. 8. Emancipation

    43 मिनट17 नवंबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    A parentless teenager falls mysteriously ill and Foreman takes on a case of his own free from House's supervision.

  9. 9. Last Resort

    49 मिनट24 नवंबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    House and Thirteen are taken hostage by a man willing to kill for a diagnosis.

  10. 10. Let Them Eat Cake

    43 मिनट1 दिसंबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    House and the team treat a fitness fanatic with a slimming secret.

  11. 11. Joy to the World

    43 मिनट8 दिसंबर 200816+सबटाइटल

    House and the team ring in the holidays with a new medical mystery. Lori Petty Guest Stars.

  12. 12. Painless

    43 मिनट18 जनवरी 200916+सबटाइटल

    House treats a patient whose chronic pain pushes him to the edge.

  13. 13. Big Baby

    43 मिनट25 जनवरी 200916+सबटाइटल

    House tests Cameron's patience as the team takes on the case of a too-good-to-be-true teacher.

  14. 14. The Greater Good

    43 मिनट1 फ़रवरी 200916+सबटाइटल

    The team treats a former doctor who gave up her career in the pursuit of happiness.

  15. 15. Unfaithful

    43 मिनट15 फ़रवरी 200916+सबटाइटल

    A fake case becomes a real one as the team treats a priest whose past has taken his faith from him.

  16. 16. The Softer Side

    43 मिनट22 फ़रवरी 200916+सबटाइटल

    The case of a teenage patient with male and female DNA sends the team in different directions.

  17. 17. The Social Contract

    43 मिनट8 मार्च 200916+सबटाइटल

    House and the team treat a patient who uncontrollably speaks his mind. Jay Karnes ("The Shield") Guest-Stars.

  18. 18. Here Kitty

    43 मिनट15 मार्च 200916+सबटाइटल

    A woman who believes her cat has predicted her death desperately seeks House's help. Judy Greer ("27 Dresses") Guest-Stars.

  19. 19. Locked In

    44 मिनट29 मार्च 200916+सबटाइटल

    A man injured in a bicycle accident is "locked in" his own body and needs the help of House and the team to save his life. Mos Def ("Be Kind Rewind") Guest-Stars.

  20. 20. Simple Explanation

    44 मिनट5 अप्रैल 200916+सबटाइटल

    House and the team work to keep a husband and wife alive but are forced to make a difficult decision as both patients' conditions deteriorate. Meat Loaf Guest-Stars.

  21. 21. Saviors

    43 मिनट12 अप्रैल 200916+सबटाइटल

    Cameron takes the lead when an environmental activist falls mysteriously ill.

  22. 22. House Divided

    43 मिनट26 अप्रैल 200916+सबटाइटल

    House and the team treat a deaf teenager.

  23. 23. Under My Skin

    44 मिनट3 मई 200916+सबटाइटल

    As House and the team try to diagnose a dying ballerina, House attempts to diagnose himself.

  24. 24. Both Sides Now

    44 मिनट10 मई 200916+सबटाइटल

    House takes on a case of mind over matter as a patient's right and left brain struggle for dominance. Carl Reiner ("Ocean's Thirteen") Guest-Stars.

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