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LEGO Nexo Knights

Season 1

The high tech Kingdom of Knighton is in trouble. The King’s Jester has stolen the strange talking Book of Monsters. Using its evil magic, he summons an army of dangerous Lava Monsters and attacks. It is up to the brave but inexperienced NEXO Knights to come to the rescue.

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Episodes (10)

  1. 1. Book of Monsters - Part One

    Not available22 minutesDecember 12, 20157+

    When Jestro the Jester finds the Book of Monsters, chaos breaks loose in the Kingdom of Knighton. Can the newly graduated Knights from the Knights’ Academy save the kingdom?

  2. 2. Book of Monsters - Part Two

    Not available22 minutesDecember 12, 20157+

    Realizing they must defend the Kingdom from Jestro’s monsters, the Knights try to organize but are despondent when they discover their best advisor – Merlok the Magician – has sacrificed himself to save them.

  3. 3. The Power of Merlok

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 12, 20167+

    When Jestro attacks a village on the far side of the Kingdom, the NEXO-Knights wonder how they’ll get there. Then Macy remembers her dad has a royal RV…maybe they can “mod” that for their own, “knightly” use?

  4. 4. The Knights Code

    Not available22 minutesJanuary 13, 20167+

    Jestro uses the Book of Chaos to unleash, um, chaos and attack the King’s hover train to try and kidnap the royal party. Can the NEXO-Knights bring order out of the chaos and save the King?

  5. 5. Fright Night

    Not available22 minutesFebruary 29, 20167+

    Using the Book of Fear, Jestro calls forth Whipperella and uses her to trap the knights in the dark woods where they realize their darkest fears.

  6. 6. The Golden Castle

    Not available22 minutesMarch 9, 20167+

    When Lance is cast as the star in the new remake of the classic movie “Ned Knightly and the Golden Castle” he doesn’t anticipate Jestro and his monsters invading the set and ruining his starring role.

  7. 7. The Maze of Amazement

    Not available22 minutesMarch 9, 20167+

    The Knights find themselves trapped in a maze looking for the Book of Deception. But will they actually get their hands on it, or will it keep deceiving them?

  8. 8. The Black Knight

    Not available22 minutesMarch 16, 20167+

    It seems the NEXO-Knights are attacking villages throughout the realm! But why? A mysterious Black Knight appears to defend the cities from the rogue NEXO-villains!

  9. 9. The Book of Total Badness

    Not available22 minutesMarch 23, 20167+

    The NEXO-Knights must fight Jestro’s Monsters of Destruction which are attacking all over the Kingdom. But Merlok smells a trap…is he right?

  10. 10. The Might and the Magic

    Not available22 minutesMarch 23, 20167+

    Aaron races across the kingdom to gather the NEXO-Knights as Jestro and his Destructive Monsters attack the King’s Castle. The Knights must get back to the capitol in time, or Jestro will rule the kingdom!

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