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Louis Theroux: Forbidden America

Season 1
Travelling across the United States, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux meets an assortment of individuals advocating controversy and extreme views. There are those promoting far-right ideas, those in the violent and chaotic rap scene and adult film performers victimized by their industry. All use the internet to reach their audience. All push the boundaries of acceptability.
Louis Theroux
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  1. 1. Extreme and Online
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    February 12, 2022
    Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux meets the young people of the American far right. This political movement was born out of the internet but is making its presence felt in the real world, including the notorious Capitol Hill riots. With the movement's most prominent voices having an increasing influence, Louis attempts to understand their recent surge in popularity.
  2. 2. Rap's New Frontline
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    February 19, 2022
    Documentarian Louis Theroux immerses himself in Florida's multimillion-dollar rap scene, notable for the controversy surrounding its stars as the music. Some of the biggest artists stand accused of participating in the lawlessness and killings their lyrics describe. Louis meets those at different stages of their careers, from those who have risen fast to those who have fallen hard.
  3. 3. Porn's MeToo
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    February 26, 2022
    The rise of platforms like OnlyFans has given adult performers financial independence. As Louis Theroux discovers, this new generation is using these platforms to call out alleged predatory behavior by industry figures. As a result, a world that prides itself on pushing sexual boundaries is asking itself difficult questions about consent, and figures like Ron Jeremy are being challenged in court.

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