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MasterChef Australia

20147 Seasons16+

MasterChef Australia is an Australian competitive cooking game show based on the original British version of MasterChef. Food critic Matt Preston, chef George Calombaris, and restaurateur and chef Gary Mehigan serve as the show's hosts and judges.

Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Matt Preston
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Episodes (60)

  1. 1. Series 6 Premiere

    Not available1 hour, 11 minutesMay 4, 201416+

    MasterChef Australia returns with the best group of home cooks the competition has ever seen. In the first episode, our potential contestants are given one hour to cook their best dish and secure their spot in the top 24.

  2. 2. Top 50: Core Skills Invention Test

    Not available1 hour, 12 minutesMay 5, 201416+

    Just 10 aprons remain for the 18 remaining aspiring home cooks.The contestants are put through their paces in a core skills invention test, then, contestants must recreate George Calombaris' superb lemon lime and bitters dessert.

  3. 3. Top 24: Mystery Box Challenge

    Not available1 hour, 7 minutesMay 6, 201416+

    The top 24 contestants enter the MasterChef Australia kitchen for the very first time. First up tonight, the contestants face the classic mystery box challenge, but there's a surprise in store.

  4. 4. Elimination Challenge: Chinese Fried Rice

    Not available1 hour, 12 minutesMay 7, 201416+

    In tonight's elimination episode, 21 contestants face elimination for the first time with a three-round challenge. The contestants are given just 30 minutes to cook a perfect Chinese fried rice. Who will be the first contestant to go?

  5. 5. Mystery Box Challenge and Breakfast Invention Test

    Not available1 hour, 3 minutesMay 10, 201416+

    The 21 contestants enter the kitchen to find a mystery box at their bench. They have one hour to cook a dish using at least one of the ingredients.

  6. 6. Pressure Test: Shannon Bennett's Fillet of Beef

    Not available45 minutesMay 11, 201416+

    The three contestants with the least impressive dishes from the invention test face off in the pressure test. They are given the challenge of re-creating guest chef Shannon Bennett's fillet of beef with a bone marrow crust.

  7. 7. Off-Site Challenge: Lunch Service in St Kilda

    Not available46 minutesMay 12, 201416+

    In the season's first off-site challenge, the contestants split into two teams for a lunch service challenge at two popular St Kilda restaurants. The team with the most money in the till at the end of the challenge wins.

  8. 8. Elimination Challenge: Three Dishes from One Snapper

    Not available48 minutesMay 14, 201416+

    The losing team from last night's challenge are all facing elimination and have to plan three dishes from one snapper. In an unexpected twist, one contestant takes the biggest risk in the history of MasterChef Australia. Will it pay off?

  9. 9. Mystery Box Challenge: Maggie Beer

    Not available1 hour, 5 minutesMay 16, 201416+

    In a special episode, the queen of the Australian kitchen, Maggie Beer, returns to the kitchen for the Mystery Box challenge. Who will impress the judges in the challenge?

  10. 10. Pressure Test: Alla Wolf-Tasker's Rivers and Lakes

    Not available49 minutesMay 19, 201416+

    The bottom three contestants from the Invention Test face off in the Pressure Test. Who will be hanging up their apron and leaving the MasterChef kitchen for the last time?

  11. 11. Immunity Challenge: Ollie Gould & Kylie Kwong

    Not available45 minutesMay 19, 201416+

    The three best performing contestants in the Invention Test get to compete for immunity. Competing against chefs Ollie Gould and Kylie Kwong, who has what it takes to win the immunity?

  12. 12. Team Challenge: Three Course Menu from Memory

    Not available48 minutesMay 21, 201416+

    In this challenge it's all about strategy, memory, communication, pace and teamwork as the contestants are split into two teams. However, as always, there's a twist.

  13. 13. Elimination Challenge in Three Rounds

    Not available1 hour, 33 minutesMay 21, 201416+

    The losing team from the latest challenge now face off over three rounds. By the end of round three, one of the 10 contestants will be eliminated from the competition.

  14. 14. Mystery Box Challenge and Invention Test

    Not available1 hour, 5 minutesMay 24, 201416+

    A mystery box challenge quickly becomes a nightmare for some; while an invention test goes like a dream for others.

  15. 15. Pressure Test

    Not available45 minutesMay 25, 201416+

    The bottom three contestants from the invention test face off in a pressure test where they have three hours to replicate a complex dessert. The worst dish will be eliminated from the competition

  16. 16. Immunity Challenge: Benjamin Cooper

    Not available46 minutesMay 26, 201416+

    The contestant playing for immunity must cook off against Benjamin Cooper from leading restaurant, Chin Chin, even with a 15-minute head start, have they got what it takes to out-cook a professional?

  17. 17. Team Challenge: Four-Course Dessert Menu

    Not available52 minutesMay 27, 201416+

    The contestants are tasked to create a four-course dessert menu, with each team needing to prepare 10 serves of each dessert to the judges. Which team will go head to head in the elimination?

  18. 18. Elimination Challenge: Blind Taste Test

    Not available44 minutesMay 28, 201416+

    The contestants from the losing team compete in a blind taste test. They must taste a mystery dish while blindfolded then recreate the dish. The worst dish will be hanging up the apron forever.

  19. 19. Mystery Box Challenge

    Not available1 hour, 4 minutesMay 31, 201416+

    The contestants enter the kitchen for another Mystery Box challenge, but there's a twist...The top three dishes will compete for immunity while the bottom three will face elimination.

  20. 20. Pressure Test: Saint Crispin

    Not available50 minutesJune 1, 201416+

    In an intense pressure test, the three contestants must recreate a dish made by the co-head chefs from leading Melbourne restaurant Saint Crispin. Who will be safe from elimination?

  21. 21. Immunity Challenge: Matt Stone

    Not available48 minutesJune 2, 201416+

    With immunity up for grabs the three contestants battle it out with cheese. Who will get the chance to cook for immunity and go up against celebrated chef Matt Stone?

  22. 22. Team Challenge: Queen Victoria Market

    Not available48 minutesJune 3, 201416+

    The contestants arrive at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market and are tasked to work in teams at four different stalls. The team with the lowest profit will face off in the elimination challenge.

  23. 23. Elimination Challenge: Time Auction

    Not available1 hour, 26 minutesJune 4, 201416+

    The losing team from the off-site challenge will compete in a time-auction elimination challenge and one contestant's dream will be over. Also, we end with a sweet Masterclass that's all about dessert.

  24. 24. Invention Test: Chocolate

    Not available1 hour, 3 minutesJune 7, 201416+

    In the invention test, each team has to produce one sweet and one savoury dish using chocolate, showing their versatility. The team that impresses the judges the most will win a chance at immunity.

  25. 25. Pressure Test: Nobu Matsuhisa

    Not available50 minutesJune 8, 201416+

    In a pressure test like no other, internationally acclaimed chef Nobu Matsuhisa sets a challenge for the losing team from the invention test in one of the toughest cooks yet.

  26. 26. Immunity Challenge

    Not available51 minutesJune 9, 201416+

    The three best performers in the invention test are vying for immunity. However, they must produce a dish using either a blow torch, a smoking gun or a cream whip dispenser.

  27. 27. Offsite Challenge: Wedding Anniversary at Ascot House

    Not available53 minutesJune 10, 201416+

    Love is in the air as the contestants arrive at Melbourne's prestigious Ascot House to celebrate a diamond jubilee wedding anniversary with no food. That's where the contestants come in.

  28. 28. Elimination Challenge

    Not available51 minutesJune 11, 201416+

    In a two-round elimination challenge the losing team from the off-site challenge go head-to-head to keep their place in the competition. Which amateur cook will say goodbye forever?

  29. 29. Mystery Box: Marco Pierre White

    Not available1 hour, 16 minutesJune 14, 201416+

    The contestants are stunned to find the Godfather of modern cooking, Marco Pierre White, waiting for them. The winner of Marco's mystery box challenge gets to choose the core ingredient in the invention test.

  30. 30. Pressure Test: White Heat

    Not available53 minutesJune 16, 201416+

    Marco Pierre White sets the pressure test challenge from his iconic cookbook, White Heat. Emotions run high when one contestant is sent packing forever.

  31. 31. Immunity Challenge: Donovan Cooke

    Not available46 minutesJune 16, 201416+

    The contestant cooking for immunity must match skills with Donovan Cooke from the renowned Melbourne restaurant Atlantic. Have they got what it takes to take down a professional?

  32. 32. Offsite Challenge: Taxi Kitchen

    Not available52 minutesJune 18, 201416+

    The off-site challenge sees the contestants split into two teams to cook a three-course, British-inspired menu for 120 diners at Taxi Kitchen, in Melbourne's Federation Square.

  33. 33. Elimination Challenge: Risotto

    Not available1 hour, 25 minutesJune 18, 201416+

    Each contestant has one hour to cook a risotto, but to impress they must take this popular dish to another level. The contestant with the least impressive dish will leave the kitchen.

  34. 34. Mystery Box Challenge

    Not available1 hour, 4 minutesJune 21, 201416+

    The contestants enter the MasterChef Australia kitchen to find two mystery boxes, but this week these two boxes will turn the competition on its head.

  35. 35. Pressure Test: Vikas Khanna

    Not available55 minutesJune 22, 201416+

    In the Pressure Test Challenge, the contestants must work with chef and host of MasterChef India, Vikas Khanna. The least impressive dish will leave the competition.

  36. 36. Mystery Box Challenge: Second Chances

    Not available51 minutesJune 23, 201416+

    We are down to the Top Ten contestants; but this challenge will present the biggest shock in the competition so far. Only the most courageous will win.

  37. 37. Service Challenge: Starlight Children's Foundation

    Not available53 minutesJune 24, 201416+

    Guest chef Curtis Stone leads the service challenge at the Starlight Children's Foundation charity lunch. The contestants are split in two teams and must raise the most money for the charity.

  38. 38. Power Apron Mystery Box Challenge

    Not available49 minutesJune 25, 201416+

    In an intense Mystery Box challenge, the winning team from the service challenge play off for the power apron, which will mean they control every challenge played out next week.

  39. 39. Mystery Box Challenge & Invention Test

    Not available1 hour, 11 minutesJune 28, 201416+

    It's power apron week and the contestant holding the apron will have a big advantage in the Mystery Box challenge and the Invention test. Which three contestants will face-off for elimination?

  40. 40. Pressure Test - Croquembouche

    Not available53 minutesJune 29, 201416+

    In one of the most difficult pressure tests yet, the three contestants must battle it out to stay in the competition. However, the power apron plays a role yet again and one cook will say goodbye.

  41. 41. Immunity Challenge

    Not available52 minutesJune 30, 201416+

    In the immunity challenge the contestant with the power apron will compete for a chance at immunity. But will the power apron help the contestant get one over the professional chef?

  42. 42. Service Challenge: Banquet for 20 Food Producers

    Not available45 minutesJuly 1, 201416+

    In the service challenge, the contestants are split into two teams to cook a banquet for 20 food producers. The power apron contestant gets to choose their team members for the challenge.

  43. 43. Elimination Challenge: Mexican

    Not available55 minutesJuly 3, 201416+

    In a Mexican-themed elimination challenge, the five remaining contests will face-off to avoid elimination. However, the power apron contestant will play a vital role on who will be staying...

  44. 44. Mystery Box Challenge: Barter

    Not available1 hour, 4 minutesJuly 5, 201416+

    With the same six items in each contestant's mystery box, they all must barter with each other to get a variety of ingredients. Which three contestants will battle it out for immunity?

  45. 45. Pressure Test: Nick Palumbo's Choc-Top Ice Creams

    Not available50 minutesJuly 9, 201416+

    In the Pressure Test, the contestants must make four of Nick Palumbo's classic choc-top ice creams from scratch. The least impressive dish will leave the competition forever.

  46. 46. Immunity Challenge: John Lawson

    Not available42 minutesJuly 10, 201416+

    The contestants vying for immunity must identify 12 cuts of a cow. The contestant that names all 12 correctly will go up against professional chef, John Lawson. Can they out-cook a professional?

  47. 47. Offsite Challenge: Asian

    Not available54 minutesJuly 8, 201416+

    In an Asian cuisine challenge, the contestants, in four teams must cook an Asian dish for 200 hungry fans who have the power to decide on their favourite dishes.

  48. 48. Elimination Challenge: Dave Verhuel

    Not available54 minutesJuly 16, 201416+

    The two losing teams from the team challenge must replicate a signature dish by chef Dave Verhuel without a recipe. The least impressive dish will be eliminated from the competition.

  49. 49. Mystery Box: Heston Blumenthal & Invention Test

    Not available1 hour, 6 minutesJuly 19, 201416+

    To the contestant's surprise, chef Heston Blumenthal will be heading up the challenges, starting with the first challenge and the Invention test.

  50. 50. Pressure Test: Beetroot Risotto

    Not available58 minutesJuly 22, 201416+

    The contestants must cook one of Heston's dishes: beetroot risotto. With no recipe, they must keep up with Heston as he cooks the dish in front of them, but they must finish cooking at the same time.

  51. 51. Offsite Challenge

    Not available50 minutesJuly 25, 201416+

    In the off-site challenge, Heston sets the task for the five contestants cooking. They must pimp the menu of a local Melbourne pub and run the service for 120 customers, with Heston at the helm.

  52. 52. Elimination Challenge: Five Senses

    Not available53 minutesJuly 29, 201416+

    The contestants must make a dish inspired by the five senses. Each cook has to include taste and the remaining senses are allocated between the contestants to include in their dish.

  53. 53. Sudden Death Elimination Challenge

    Not available1 hour, 29 minutesAugust 3, 201416+

    Four contestants face off in a sudden death elimination challenge? and then an incredible Masterclass from Heston.

  54. 54. Mystery Box Challenge

    Not available1 hour, 3 minutesAugust 12, 201416+

    The contestants open their mystery boxes and find ingredients chosen by their loved ones. They now have 45 minutes to cook something spectacular using those ingredients.

  55. 55. Invention Test

    Not available57 minutesAugust 17, 201416+

    In an emotional invention test, the remaining five contestants are surprised to learn that there are no rules or restraints: they can cook whatever they choose with full access to the pantry.

  56. 56. Duel Challenge Over Three Rounds

    Not available50 minutesAugust 22, 201416+

    The top four contestants must cook off in a duel challenge over three rounds. There's a great deal at stake as the winner of the third round will secure a place in the semi-final.Duel Challenge Over Three RoundsDuel Challenge Over Three Rounds

  57. 57. Service Challenge: Vue de Monde

    Not available51 minutesAugust 29, 201416+

    With one contestant already through to the semi-final, the remaining three contestants compete in a service challenge at the three-hatted Vue de Monde restaurant in Melbourne.

  58. 58. Pressure Test

    Not available1 hour, 26 minutesSeptember 3, 201816+

    Three contestants must cook off in an elimination pressure test with one leaving forever. Also, the contestants sit the final MasterClass, joined by special guest chefs Curtis Stone and Kylie Kwong.

  59. 59. MasterChef 2014 Semi Final

    Not available1 hour, 14 minutesSeptember 8, 201416+

    The stakes are high as the three remaining contestants fight for a place in the finale. Will your favourite amateur cook make it through to the final two?

  60. 60. MasterChef 2014 Finale

    Not available1 hour, 47 minutesSeptember 13, 201416+

    The massive finale will be played out in a culinary duel over three rounds with the chance to win $250,000 and prizes to change their lives forever. Who will be Australia's MasterChef for 2014?

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