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Nature And Us: A History Through Art

Season 1
In this groundbreaking arts documentary, BBC Select explores the often complex relationship that human beings have with the natural world. Taking a unique approach, Dr James Fox uses art as evidence of our developing attitudes towards nature across the globe and throughout history, from prehistory to the present. Can culture help to explain our evolving relationship with nature?
James Fox
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  1. 1. Out of Nature
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    October 31, 2021
    BBC Select looks to the distant past in an attempt to get to grips with our current rocky relationship with the natural world in this illuminating arts documentary. Dr James Fox investigates the ancient world's reverence towards the environment and how that slowly changed as we distanced ourselves from nature. Can the roots of the current climate crisis be found in this bygone age?
  2. 2. Understanding Nature
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    October 31, 2021
    BBC Select continues to look at mankind's relationship with nature in this fascinating arts documentary. James Fox travels to China and Japan to see how the art of those emerging states reflected the environment. As civilizations developed, humans attempted to control nature while also striving to be a part of it. Did a growing understanding of the natural world distort our connection to it?
  3. 3. Future Nature
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    October 31, 2021
    BBC Select looks to the past and the future to try and understand our evolving relationship with nature as this groundbreaking arts documentary concludes. As Dr James Fox explores, the climate crisis has altered our perception and connection to the natural world irrevocably. How are the artists of today reflecting this change and can the culture of the past help us to heal our rift with nature?

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