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8.919919 SeasonsAll AgesSubtitles and Closed CaptionsX-Ray

An Emmy and Golden Globe winner for Best Comedy Series, Seinfeld is one of the most popular, most award-winning and longest-running comedy series of all time.

Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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Episodes (13)

  1. 1. The Ex-Girlfriend

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 6, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    Jerry's best friend George is obsessed with finding a way to break up with his overbearing girlfriend. However, after dispensing his sage advice on the topic, Jerry finds himself in a similar agonizing position with the same woman.

  2. 2. The Pony Remark

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 17, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    Jerry feels responsible for his aunt's untimely death.

  3. 3. The Jacket

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 7, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    While shopping with Elaine, Jerry discovers a suede jacket that is totally irresistible in spite of its hefty price tag. After buying the jacket, Jerry learns an age-old truth: Clothes don't make the man.

  4. 4. The Phone Message

    Not available22 minutesFebruary 7, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    After mustering enough courage to call a girl for a second date, George repeatedly gets her answering machine then blurts out a nasty message. Regretting it later, he talks Jerry into helping get rid of the message before it can be heard.

  5. 5. The Apartment

    Not available23 minutesMarch 14, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    Jerry has second thoughts after helping Elaine get an apartment in his building.

  6. 6. The Statue

    Not available23 minutesMarch 14, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    Elaine talks Jerry into hiring a friend who's working his way through college by cleaning people's homes. When a statue is discovered missing, he suspects the student. But Jerry is unsure how to handle getting it back.

  7. 7. The Revenge

    Not available23 minutesApril 11, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    George plots to get revenge on his boss after-being fired; Jerry and Kramer target a laundry owner who they suspect of stealing.

  8. 8. The Heart Attack

    Not available23 minutesApril 11, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    George, ever the hypochondriac, thinks he's having a heart attack and, at Kramer's urging, seeks the advice of a "holistic" healer.

  9. 9. The Deal

    Not available23 minutesApril 11, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    Jerry and Elaine devise a new set of rules for their relationship.

  10. 10. The Baby Shower

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 31, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    Kramer talks Jerry into getting cable-television service from an illegal source, and the crooked cable installer shows up on the same day Jerry has given use of his apartment to Elaine for a friend's baby shower.

  11. 10. The Stranded

    Not available23 minutesMarch 25, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    Elaine and Jerry are left stranded at a party after George goes home with his date.

  12. 11. The Chinese Restaurant

    Not available22 minutesFebruary 6, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    Jerry, George and Elaine have a harrowing experience trying to get a table without reservations at a crowded Chinese restaurant.

  13. 12. The Busboy

    Not available23 minutesMarch 14, 1991All AgesSubtitles

    George feels guilty for inadvertently getting a busboy fired from his job and then tries to make it up to him. Meanwhile, Elaine spends the week with an old boyfriend who is visiting her from out of town.

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