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Sneaky Pete

ఒక మోస‌గాడు(జియోవ‌న్ని రిబిసి) మ‌రో క్రూర‌మైన గ్యాంగ్‌స్ట‌ర్(బ్ర‌యాన్ క్రాన్స్‌ట‌న్) నుంచి త‌ప్పించుకునే ప్ర‌య‌త్నంలో, త‌న గ‌తాన్ని క‌ప్పిపుచ్చుకోడానికి జైలులో త‌న స‌హ‌ఖైదీ పీట్‌లా, త‌ను ఎప్పుడో దూర‌మైన కుటుంబానికి చేరువౌతాడు. తాను ఎలాంటివారి నుంచి త‌ప్పించుకోవాలి అనుకుంటాడో అలాంటి వారి మ‌ధ్య‌కే చేర‌తాడు. అదే క్ర‌మంలో తనెప్పుడూ రుచిచూడ‌ని కుటుంబ‌పు ప్రేమ పొందుతాడు.

Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Shane Mcrae
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ఎపిసోడ్‌లు (10)

  1. 1. Pilot

    54 నిమిషాలు6 ఆగస్టు, 201518+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    A con man (Giovanni Ribisi) on the run from a vicious gangster (Bryan Cranston) takes cover from his past by assuming the identity of his prison cellmate, Pete, "reuniting" with Pete's estranged family, a colorful, dysfunctional group that threatens to drag him into a world just as dangerous as the one he's trying to escape - and, just maybe, give him a taste of the loving family he's never had.

  2. 2. Safe

    56 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    As business flags, tensions rise between Pete's grandparents, Otto and Audrey. Marius proposes a risky play to help Julia manage a dangerous client, but when they encounter problems, the "cousins" must rely on Audrey's expertise. While evading a mysterious pursuer, Marius visits former partners Katie and Karolina in NYC and remembers how three years ago, he made a powerful enemy of Vince.

  3. 3. మిస్ట‌ర్ స‌క్సెస్

    49 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    మారియ‌స్ పెరోల్ అధికారిని క‌ల‌వడానికి క‌చ్చితంగా సిటీకి వెళ్లాలి. అక్క‌డికి స‌రైన స‌మ‌యానికి చేరుకోవాలంటే, పీట్ క‌జిన్స్ జూలియా, టేల‌ర్, కార్లీ, ఇంకా ఆడ్రేల్ని బోల్తా కొట్టించాలి. అదే స‌మ‌యంలో ఎడ్డీ దిక్కుతెలియ‌ని ప‌రిస్థితిలో చిక్కుకుని ఉంటాడు, విన్స్ లెఫ్టినెంట్ విన్‌స్లో మారియ‌స్ కోసం వేటాడుతుంటాడు, మారియ‌స్ గురించి తెలుసుకోకుండా కేటీ సాయం చేస్తుంది.

  4. 4. The Fury

    50 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    Lured by the promise of a big payday in the bail bonds office's safe, Marius tries to work the angles with Pete's family. However, he finds it more difficult than he expected to manipulate Taylor, who harbors both a vicious temper and a dangerous secret of his own. Back in the city, Vince struggles with a difficult client at the poker table and takes his frustrations out on his crew. 

  5. 5. Sam

    50 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    Audrey and Otto argue over Audrey's unilateral decisions, the fallout from which may cost them their business. In the process of helping Otto investigate one of his nagging suspicions, Marius makes a major discovery about Audrey's finances. Meanwhile, Carly quizzes her mysterious cousin about his past, Julia rekindles her relationship with her ex Lance, and Vince has a new job for Eddie.

  6. 6. Coyote Is Always Hungry

    50 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    When a dangerous client’s case goes to court, Bernhardt Bail Bonds struggles to recover the money he put up as collateral. Fearing retaliation if they can’t come up with the money, Otto visits old friends on the local reservation, and Marius recruits younger talent to help. An outside source leads Carly to unearth a major secret about Pete, and Julia must decide whether she can trust Lance again.

  7. 7. Lieutenant Bernhardt

    52 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    As they struggle to save the family business, Audrey strategizes with Marius, while Otto insists on doing things his way. Confronted by Carly's discoveries, Marius pays visits to both his old mentor and his former cellmate to backstop his identity as Pete. Taylor gathers evidence about the incident that left him suspended from the force, and Winslow follows Marius' trail to Katie and her family.

  8. 8. The Roll Over

    53 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    After discovering that Audrey risked BBB's future on a fraudulent investment, Marius convinces her, a reluctant Julia, and a team of his old compatriots to con back the money from the person who ripped her off. Unbeknownst to Audrey and Marius, Otto unilaterally enacts a perilous plan to save the business. Meanwhile, Katie and Brendon hold a NYC detective bound and gagged in their basement.

  9. 9. The Turn

    44 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    When Otto's solo plan ends with a dead man on the floor of the bail bonds office, Otto, Marius, and Lance are left at the mercy of BBB's dangerous client Dockery, who wants his collateral money back-- and no more excuses. Marius finds himself in the hands of two unlikely saviors. Meanwhile, Vince comes up with a new plan to catch a cheater at his table, and Taylor shoulders new responsibilities.

  10. 10. The Longest Day

    52 నిమిషాలు12 జనవరి, 201718+సబ్‌టైటిల్స్

    With all of the pieces in place, Marius sits down at Vince's poker table to make his final moves. Everything is going according to plan, until Vince becomes suspicious that he's seen this play before. When Audrey finds herself at the scene of a bloody crime, she must go against her instincts and trust her family to help her manage the situation. Julia embarks on a dangerous quest to save Lance.

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