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The Nanny

19956 SeasonsNRSubtitles and Closed Captions

A street-smart young woman becomes nanny to the children of a wealthy widower.

Fran Drescher, Daniel Davis, Charles Shaughnessy
العربية, Dansk, English, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Suomi, Français, עברית, Indonesia, Italiano, 한국어, Norsk Bokmål, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Română, Русский, Svenska, ไทย, Türkçe, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體)
Audio Languages
English, Português
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Episodes (24)

  1. 1. Fran Lite

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 11, 1994AllSubtitles

    Maxwell dates Fran's double; Brighton has problems with junior high.

  2. 2. Curse Of The Grandmas

    Not available23 minutesOctober 9, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran anxiously anticipates a big party on her first anniversary with the Sheffields.

  3. 3. Material Fran

    Not available23 minutesOctober 2, 1994AllSubtitles

    An elderly admirer courts Fran.

  4. 4. Everybody Needs A Bubby Sometimes

    Not available23 minutesSeptember 25, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran's grandmother moves in and begins giving Maggie advice about sex.

  5. 5. The Nanny Napper

    Not available23 minutesOctober 16, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran is mistakenly accused of kidnapping a baby.

  6. 6. Pinske Business

    Not available23 minutesOctober 30, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran must woo a big investor after her mother and some friends back Maxwell's new play.

  7. 7. Take Back Your Mink

    Not available23 minutesNovember 20, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran and her mother argue about a fur coat she inherited.

  8. 8. Stock Tip

    Not available23 minutesNovember 6, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran discovers her new boyfriend has a secret, which could cost Maxwell a fortune.

  9. 9. When You Pish Upon A Star

    Not available23 minutesNovember 20, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran regrets encouraging Maxwell to hire a young TV star for his next play.

  10. 10. Whine Cellar

    Not available23 minutesNovember 13, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran and C.C. find themselves locked in Maxwell's wine cellar.

  11. 11. The Strike

    Not available23 minutesNovember 27, 1994AllSubtitles

    Fran and Maxwell's disagreement over crossing a picket line becomes a very public affair.

  12. 12. Kindervelt Days

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 1, 1995AllSubtitles

    After asking Maxwell to take her to a summer camp reunion, Fran learns she'll be going with Erik Estrada.

  13. 13. I've Got A Secret

    Not available23 minutesDecember 11, 1994AllSubtitles

    Maxwell tries keeping Fran from learning the identity of his celebrity houseguest.

  14. 14. Canasta Master

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 8, 1995AllSubtitles

    Maxwell balks when Brighton asks to join Fran's canasta team in Atlantic City.

  15. 15. The Will

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 15, 1995AllSubtitles

    When Maxwell changes his will, Fran assumes he is about to die.

  16. 16. The Nanny Behind The Man

    Not available23 minutesJanuary 22, 1995AllSubtitles

    Fran uses Yetta to help Maxwell attract a new investor.

  17. 17. A Fine Friendship

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 5, 1995AllSubtitles

    Fran confides in an attractive male that she thinks is gay.

  18. 18. Lamb Chop's On The Menu

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 12, 1995AllSubtitles

    Fran's preoccupation with his celebrity guests jeopardizes Maxwell's movie deal with Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop.

  19. 19. Close Shave

    Not available22 minutesFebruary 19, 1995AllSubtitles

    Fran gets Maggie hired as a hospital volunteer.

  20. 20. What The Butler Sung

    Not available23 minutesFebruary 26, 1995AllSubtitles

    When Niles is hired to fill help out Maxwell with an audition, Fran's sister Nadine comes to cook for the Sheffields.

  21. 21. Chatterbox

    Not available23 minutesMay 14, 1995AllSubtitles

    Fran helps an aspiring actress find a job at her favorite beauty salon.

  22. 22. Fran Gets Mugged

    Not available23 minutesMay 21, 1995AllSubtitles

    Fran loses a rare Shakespearean manuscript when she's mugged in the park.

  23. 23. A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

    Not available23 minutesMay 2, 1995AllSubtitles

    Fran and Maggie enter a kissing contest with country music superstar Billy Ray Cyrus.

  24. 24. Strange Bed Fellows

    Not available22 minutesMay 7, 1995AllSubtitles

    A fellow nanny's retirement causes Fran to worry about her own future.

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