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The Tales of Tatonka

Seizoen 1

Under the guidance of Tatonka, the pups, Wanji, Nunpa, Yamni, and Topa, venture to explore the outside world. Watch as it's time for the salmon run and Poum trying to grab his share. Wanji and his friends escape from the ferocious Renegades Wolves. And as winter falls Wanji and his brothers along with Moose and Wahi play in the snow. What happens when an avalanche destroys their food.

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  1. 1. Empty River

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    It's the time for the salmon run and little Poum tries to grab his share of salmon. Due to some complication, the salmon is no more in the river which impels Wanji, Cinksi and Poum, to leave their territory and unintentionally lands up in the rival wolves territory, the Renegades Wolves. Can Wanji and his friends escape from the ferocious Renegades Wolves?

  2. 2. Save A Friend

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Winter has befallen on the mountains and Wanji and his brothers along with Moose and Wahi plays on the snow cap, enjoying the snow. Meanwhile, Moose along with rest of the herd while grazing are obstructed by an avalanche, which destroys their food abruptly. Moose out of hunger, couldn't cope with the rest of the herd and is left behind exhausted. Will Moose survive in the dreadful weather?

  3. 3. Pahin The Reckless

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Pahin is a cowardly porcupine and is teased heavily for it by Wanji and his friends. In the midst of the mockery, an egoistic battle commences between Wanji and Yamini as to who's the bravest. However, every contest in the battle results in a draw. While battling in the geysers, they are attacked by the savage Tork. But everyone is surprised when Pahin saves them all.

  4. 4. On The Trail

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wanji and Yamni are grounded for not listening to their father, Wicasa's orders. In the meantime, Wicasa takes Luta and Ska for the hunting training while Wanji and Yamni are left behind. The curious Luta and Ska plan to scare away Moose and gives him a life-endangering chase. Wambli perceives it and asks for Wanji and Yamni's help to save Moose from the subjugating Luta and Ska.

  5. 5. Forest Fire

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    A forest fire goes rampant and Wanji and Cinksi are trapped in it. Like all the wolves, Wanji is afraid of fires and is unable to move around. Cinksi gives him the required support to follow his paths. In the meantime, Wicasa and Winyam also go looking for Wanji. Can Wanji and Cinksi escape the rampant fire?

  6. 6. The Cone Thief

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    The autumn season is here and all the animals start to prepare themselves for the winter. Wahi also prepares himself for the winter by collecting pinecone supplies. However, his pinecone supplies are raided every night by an unknown thief. Hence, to protect Wahi's supplies, Wanji, along with his siblings, watches over it. Who's the unscrupulous thief that is stealing Wahi's supplies?

  7. 7. Nose For Danger

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wahi visits Wanji and his siblings and informs them of a big predator lurking in the area. When their parents decide to track this predator down, the young wolves offer their help but they do not succeed. But Wanji decides to go tracking this predator himself along with Wahi and Cinksi. Soon, Yamni and her siblings go looking for Wanji, unaware that the predator is closely following them!

  8. 8. One Of Us

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    When Cinski's mother complains that he is playing too much with the wolves, he decides to join the wolf pack. Meanwhile, Wahi is trying hard to be a bear, in the company of Poum. But with every step, Cinski's bobcat instinct kicks in making him more at odds with the wolf pack. Soon, his courage will make him realise that he may not be a wolf, but he can be a good bobcat.

  9. 9. A Difficult Decision

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Ayuhel challenges Big Moose, the chief, after having an argument about the forthcoming winter and the need to move to other pastures. But the chief ignores Ayuhel. Seeing this, the chief's son, Moose, is disappointed in his father. So, ignoring his father's call, he travels to the mountain alone only to plunge into danger. Soon, Wahi, Cinksi and Wanji goes looking for him.

  10. 10. End Of The Rainbow

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    While Moose, Cinksi, yamni and Wanji are chasing a butterfly, it starts to rain. And soon, they see the majestic rainbow. Meanwhile, Wahi is elated about finding a pinecone. Then, they join Wambli to go to the canyons to look for the end of the rainbow. But they face trouble for being so far away from home when they get surrounded by a nasty pack of coyotes.

  11. 11. A Question Of Territory

    9 minuten31 december 2015NB

    Pahin visits his friends after gathering food for himself. Cinksi wants to go sliding on the frozen lake and urges everyone to go with him. Despite the wolves' apprehension of disobeying their parents during this rough winter time, they finally agree. But winter forces every animal to hunt for food. And soon Cinksi and his friends are surrounded by renegades wolves.

  12. 12. The Great White Bear

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wanji and Cinksi find Poum enjoying some berries. Soon, Poum suffers from stomach ache. Wanji remembers his mother using a yellow flower to cure stomach problems. And Cinksi remembers that this medicinal flower can be found outside the den of the Spirit Bear who is apparently the spirit of the whole forest. So they have to find the flower despite a dangerous wolverine on its hungry prowl nearby.

  13. 13. Danger In The Sky

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    It is spring, Wanji and his siblings are having fun chasing hares around the forest until Wanji chases them too far that he slips off a ledge onto a crow's nest atop a cliff. He has nowhere to run, the birds start attacking Wanji, he is in trouble, his friends come to his rescue and try to buy him time. How long can his friends fend off the crows, will help arrive on time?

  14. 14. Bears Will Be Bears

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Winter has set in and all the animals are preparing for it, but a young bear Poum is not willing to hibernate with her uncle instead of playing all winter with her friends. So, Poum and friends build a personal den so that they can play during the day but the wise bison Tatonka tells them that none can go against one's nature, but gets ignore by the young ones. What lesson will they learn now?

  15. 15. Going Fishin'

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    It is a calm, fine day in the forest and Wanji claims that he can fish and he has seen his father fish too, but others deny the fact that wolves can fish. On the other hand, Tatonka senses that there is a huge storm brewing and feels the need to warn others. All the animals are taking precautions for the huge storm. The storm hits the forest, will everyone be safe through the storm?

  16. 16. Tall Stories

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wanji and his friends stumble upon Pahin a young porcupine. Pahin shares a story with the rest, about a beast with ice fangs who lives on the top of the mountain. He explains his dreadfulness which excites the young ones and they set off on an adventure towards the mountain top. Pahin seems a little unsure about the plan. Will they find the beast at the summit or are they in danger?

  17. 17. The Flood

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    It's rainy season and Tap-Tap the beaver is building a huge dam across the river and is busy collecting the materials, while at the wolves den Akewanji comes injured, the wolves are alarmed. Wanji along with his siblings go to drive away the invader from their territory but find out something unexpected. Who is the invader and why is he there? Will the wolves be able to drive him away?

  18. 18. Save Tatonka!

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    It's spring again in the forest, the animals are full of life and Wanji and his friends are full of energy. The frozen rivers are coming back to life the atmosphere is joyous but spring can hold some dangers too. Moose is having a good time but is too careless which puts Tatonka in a sticky situation while trying to save him. With no adults around will the young ones be able save Tatonka?

  19. 19. Summer Storm

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    After a sudden storm, the wolf pups get separated by Winona. With the help of Wahi, they discover that Winona is struck under a broken branch. After getting her out, they find out that she is badly injured and can't move. Will they succeed in saving Winona in time?

  20. 20. A Tree For Wahi

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Following the recent avalanche, the wolves decide to change their den until the weather is better. Wahi also decides to change the tree where he was living. Meanwhile, the wolves from other regions started coming to their area in search of prey. Now, the Wicasa must deduce a way to defend his area while protecting his clan from the avalanche.

  21. 21. Howling At The Moon

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    The young wolves decide to have a contest of howling at the moon in the desert and appoints Wahi as the judge. In the heat of the moment, Wahi ends up losing his voice. Meanwhile, coyotes are on the trail of the young wolves and they try to trick them. Will the wolves succeed in defending themselves from the coyotes?

  22. 22. Topa To The Rescue

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    The young wolves accompanied by Topa and Poum goes to the mountain to have some fun. Despite Topa's warnings, the team decides to the river where Poum is supposed to exhibit his skills as a fisherman. Later, while exploring the valley, Yamni falls into the river, and now, Topa must find a way to save Yamni on her own.

  23. 23. Earthquake

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    During an earthquake, Tap-Tap's dam gets destroyed and the wolves along with Pahin offers to help him rebuild it. Meanwhile, Tork wanders around the dam and notices Tap-Tap who looked like an easy prey to him. Now, Tork waits for the right moment to jump upon his prey. Can the wolves find a way to save Tap-Tap from the vicious Tork?

  24. 24. Voice Of The Mountain

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    The rumours of a talking mountain take the gang of wolves and Wahi to the far mountains. They decide to play hide and seek after reaching there. While exploring the mountains, they discover that Tork the cougar is also there. Now the wolves and Wahi, together, must deduce a way to escape from the claws of Tork.

  25. 25. Delicious But Dangerous

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Pahin, the porcupine, wants to binge on buds in all the trees, but it keeps falling off the trees, hurting his friends playing underneath it. Wambli finds a suitable place for Pahin in the forest, to feast on all the buds. Wanji and his friends soon find that place to be dangerously filled with coyotes, who may hunt down the poor porcupine. Can Pahin be rescued by his friends?

  26. 26. Head In The Clouds

    8 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wanji, Cinksi, Yamni, Topa, Nunp are out in the forest, racing on who catches the shadow of the clouds first. Wambli flies to them in distress to inform about the Black Eagle, which is out in the open for a hunt. While racing back, Wambli runs straight into a tree, hurting himself, and is unable to fly since. Watch what happens when he falls prey to the Black Eagle? And their aerial fight.

  27. 27. Sense of Family

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wicasa is teaching hunting lessons to his pack, and Wanji turns out to be the agilest hunter. Wicasa's support to his son makes Luta and Ska jealous. In their next task of finding a small prey, Luta and Ska conspire against Wanji to humiliate him. Ska challenges Wanji to find a wild Hare before him. Luta tries to push Wanji off the cliff, but he ends up on the edge. Can his friends save him?

  28. 28. Cinksi's Debt

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Cinksi is caught in a deep hole in the middle of the forest. Wahi hears Cinksi's distress calls and runs to his rescue. Wahi manages to get him out of the hole in time before heavy boulders fall into it. Cinksi promises to help Wahi in return. Wahi uses this favour when he is being hunted by Luta. Cinksi saves him there, but what happens when Wahi over-uses this favour?

  29. 29. The Great Berry Race

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Poum and the pack of wolves are in a race against each other to get to the other end of the forest as fast as possible to feast on the berries, which otherwise will be enjoyed by the herd of Moose. Poum challenges to reach there before the wolves. During the race, Moose is in trouble and needs help. Can Poum choose to help and yet win the race fairly?

  30. 30. A Very Clever Tree

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wahi has hidden pine cones all over the forest but is unable to remember where. Poum finds Wahi's food hideouts. Meanwhile, the pack of wolves are learning how to sneak behind a prey by moving in closely on a buffalo herd. Can they save themselves when the coyotes attack them? Who's the smartest? Wolves, Poum, Wahi, Coyotes, or the pine tree, whose seeds are sown all over the forest in this chaos?

  31. 31. Strange Sounds

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wahi is practising hearing. He urges the other cubs that he heard a strange sound but they refuse to believe him since he had identified a few sounds incorrectly in the past. Cinksi approves that it's Pahin's voice, who appears to be trapped in an arch. They rush to save Pahin and Torks follows them. They are able to save Pahin and Tatonka scares away Tork.

  32. 32. Outcast

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Moose fall in a mud pit and that changes his appearance altogether. He smells weird and also the colour of his body appears strange. Moose is rejected by his herd after they fail to recognise him. Upon learning this from Wambli, the wolf cubs are looking for him. They are able to find him and they sprinkle ice on him to wash off the mud. Moose is recognised by his parents and he joins his herd.

  33. 33. A Taste Of Freedom

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Poum thinks that he is all grown up and leaves Uncle Mato`s den, aspiring to be as free as the squirrel. Uncle Mato is looking for Poum, Wanji and Cinksi inform him about Poum`s whereabouts. Poum digs up his own den to retire for the night just to find himself surrounded by the Coyotes. Uncle Mato comes into the picture, scaring away the Coyotes. Poum is taken back to his Uncle`s den.

  34. 34. Ina Is Missing

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Cinksi is worried that Ina, her mother, hasn`t returned home from hunting. Meanwhile, Ina is being followed by a wolverine while she was trying to protect Cinski by driving him away from her den. Tatonka goes out in search of Ina. The cubs along with Wahi and Poum are also trying to trace Ina with her scent. Mato comes to their succour and helps Tatonka and kids save Ina from the wolverine.

  35. 35. A Lesson In Hunting

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Luta and Ska ruin Cinksi`s hunting lessons with her mother. The wolf cubs chase them with the motive of teaching them a lesson. Luta and Ska cross a dangerous ravine fearing Wanji. Wanji looses control while trying to cross the ravine, but is saved by the other fox cubs. Wanji shows his excellence in hunting by cornering them to the lake. Tatonka scolds Luta and Ska for their mischief.

  36. 36. A Terrible Roar

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    It's winter in their habitat, so wolves are missing all the Moose, who migrated to warmer places. The pack of wolves are caught in the middle of a snowstorm, Poum is the only one who can help them find a bear cave, for shelter. Meanwhile, the Renegades Wolves, lead by Taima, are closing in on the wolves and Poum. Can Poum's terrible roar scare away their predators? Or do they need Tatonka soon?

  37. 37. Wahi The Coach

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wicasa offers the pack a challenge where if they find a white hare's burrow, they get to go hunting with him. meanwhile, Wahi teaches Pahin how to be the fastest porcupine in the forest. Wanji, Yamni, Topa and Nunpa find a white hare's burrow but are betrayed by their own pack. Soon the pack see Pahin and Wahi attacked by a black eagle. Will they save Pahin and Wahi from this inevitable death?

  38. 38. Wahi's Mushroom

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wahi is found pushing a giant mushroom into a tree with the pack watching over. Soon they are informed by Wambli that an enormous herd of bisons are near the river, and the pack heads there to see them. Meanwhile, the Renegade wolves are looking for a meal and spot the bisons but retreat when they are attacked by Tatonka. Soon they spot Wanji and the pack and go after them. Will the pack survive?

  39. 39. The Night Of The Shooting Stars

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Luta and Ska make fun of Nunpa as he is afraid of the dark. Soon the pack learn about the shooting stars from Tatonka and decide to head to the mountain at night to witness it. Aware of the dangers, they sneak out and reach the summit. Soon things take a turn for the worse when they are attacked. Will the pack make it through the night?

  40. 40. The Guide

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Cinski is learning how to climb a tree from his mother. The pack then head to scare Wahi, but soon smell something unusual in the air coming from the geysers. They go to see Tatonka for more insight but discover that the Renegade wolves attacked Tatonka and his herd. Watch as the pack go on to find Tatonka. Will they survive the dangers that lie ahead?

  41. 41. A Great Danger

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Summers are dry in the prairies. The pack is seen playing with hazelnuts along with Wahi when Luta and Ska appear. After a disorientated argument and fun-making of each other, Luta and Ska grab one of Wahi's hazelnut and run-off making Wahi chase them. Meanwhile, Wicasa and Tatonka check the forest fires. Soon Luta and Ska get in some trouble with a few coyotes. Will the pack save them?

  42. 42. A Helping Hand

    9 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Poum is fishing as winter just ended, but this time, there is a scarcity of fishes in the prairies. Later the pack spots a spirit bear, which is unusual. Mato seems to be agitated at the sight of the spirit bear but the spirit bear saves Poum from drowning which Mato accidentally assumes that he was being attacked.

  43. 43. A Bait Named Wahi

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    It is autumn and the younger wolves are learning the limits of their territory. Wahi is excited and claims that the land belonging to the wolves is his, too. Soon, the Renegade wolves appear, and their leader, Taima, decides to enter the Wicasa territory. Taima decides to challenge Wicasa to prove he is stronger. Will Wicasa and the pack survive?

  44. 44. A Very Special Pine Cone

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    The episode starts with the pack being instructed by Wicasa that they will not be going hunting with him because of the winter. Instead, they head to a cave they had recently discovered. Meanwhile, Wahi is after a pine cone for a snack when he notices something strange in the sky. He believes that the sky was lit up by fire. Will the pack believe Wahi?

  45. 45. Big Poum

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Poum has grown new claws and tells his friends that he is an adult and should be treated as such. The gang doesn't like Poum's behaviour, so they leave him alone. Wahi also says she is an adult and challenges the others to best her in strength, speed and eyesight. They all go after Poum, not wanting to leave him alone in the wild, but Tork the mountain lion, has already spotted the lone bear cub.

  46. 46. A Thirst For Salt

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Moose has a sudden craving for licking rocks, and Tatonka says that Moose needs the salt from the rocks to grow antlers. He also tells the gang that there is a lot of salt in the desert, but he warns them against going to the desert as its very dangerous. Moose and Pahin really want more salt, so everyone ignores Tatonka's advice and head to the desert. But they have trouble getting back home.

  47. 47. A New Pack

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Tanksi and Akewanji are going to start their own pack together, but they need to find a new territory with a lot of game so that they can feed themselves and their young. The wolf cubs also join them in the search. Meanwhile, Wahi accidently drops her winter stash of hazelnuts in an icy lake and has to ask Tap-Tap to get them out. But Taima, the renegade wolf is tracking down Tanksi and Akewanji.

  48. 48. Falsely Accused

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wahi and Tap-Tap are showing off their nests to Wambli and Moose when Moose's father calls to him to get back to the herd. Meanwhile, the four wolf cubs are off searching for Moose, they run into Pahin who says that the wolverine, Akicita, is on the loose and is hunting prey. While chasing Cinksi, Akicita starts a rockslide that hurts Moose's father, and Moose mistakenly blames Cinksi for it.

  49. 49. Drought

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    There is a strong drought in the area and the springs and ponds are drying up. All the animals are looking for different places to go to find water. Eventually, all the different animals go to the same lake, but even the predators do not harm or hunt the prey, as the drought has brought on a kind of truce between all the different animals. But Wahi is still afraid of all the predators so nearby.

  50. 50. Black Sun

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Wanji, Yamni, Topa, Nunpa, Cinksi, Moose and Wahi are having fun sliding around on the ice when suddenly there is an eclipse. It's very dark as if the night time came during the middle of the day. The gang huddle together for safety except for Moose who is stuck on the ice as its too slippery for him to walk. Nearby, Tork, the mountain lion, is stalking Moose and the gang has no idea he is there.

  51. 51. Panic

    10 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    Winter has come in early this year so Moose and the herd have decided to migrate to another place in search of food. But has they say goodbye, the ground starts the shake because of an earthquake. Wambli comes to warn the gang that the coyotes are stalking the herd of moose. But a second earthquake creates a ravine that separates the gang from the moose herd. Can they get to the herd in time?

  52. 52. Wahi's Ancestor

    11 minuten31 december 2015Alle

    After the heavy rains subside, Cinksi finds a skeleton in a rock that his mother explains might be Wahi's ancestor. Meanwhile, the place where the wolf cubs took cover from the rain started getting hailstones. When the hail stops, Cinksi takes the gang to see the skeleton in the rock. But while they are trying to get back home before it rains again, the hungry coyotes are following their trail.

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