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Tough Nuts - Australia's Hardest Criminals

7.220102 Seasons16+Subtitles and Closed Captions

This explosive series blows the lid off Australia's criminal underworld and reveals the real story behind what made and shaped the most notorious figures in Australian criminal history. Presented by best-selling crime author Tara Moss, Tough Nuts features the stories of the complex and violent relationships between Australia's most infamous criminals.

Documentary, Action
English [CC]
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Episodes (8)

  1. 1. Chris Flannery - The Man Called Rent-a-kill

    Not available52 minutesJune 23, 201016+Subtitles

    Christopher Dale Flannery earned the nickname of 'Rent-a-kill'. He was a hit man and gun for hire who would kill anyone if the price was right. Find out about the man who killed in cold blood before returning to his home to smother his children with affection and dote after his wife, Kathleen.

  2. 2. Chow Hayes - Australia's First Gangster

    Not available54 minutesJune 23, 201016+Subtitles

    Arguably Australia's most feared gangster, Frederick 'Chow' Hayes was a convicted double murderer, sentenced to hang in 1952 for the brazen killing of standoverman and former boxer, Bobby Lee.

  3. 3. Alphonse Gangitano - The Black Prince of Lygon Street

    Not available51 minutesJune 23, 201016+Subtitles

    Alphonse Gangitano was known as the Black Prince of Lygon Street and was the most lethal member of Melbourne's notorious Carlton Crew in the 1980s and 1990s. Through a series of re-enactments of the most significant events in Gangitano's life, relive the rise and fall of the Melbourne crime tsar.

  4. 4. Dennis Allen - Mr. Death

    Not available51 minutesJune 23, 201016+Subtitles

    Dennis Allen was the oldest son of Melbourne crime matriarch, Kath Pettingill. While the remainder of her sons are criminals and some of them vicious killers, not one comes close to the utter brutality of Dennis Allen.

  5. 5. Russell Cox - Australia's Most Wanted Man

    Not available54 minutesJune 23, 201016+Subtitles

    Meet Australia's most wanted man for a record 11 years. Russell 'Mad Dog' Cox was a man no prison could hold. He escaped from New South Wales' notorious 'electronic zoo', the maximum security Katingal jail - the jail the politicians had said was escape proof.

  6. 6. Mick Sayers - The Gambler

    Not available54 minutesJune 23, 201016+Subtitles

    Michael 'Melbourne Mick' Sayers was a run of the mill crook who got in too deep with some of the tough nuts in Sydney's organized crime scene. An associate and friend of Chris Flannery, Sayers ventured to Sydney and discovered that to survive on the mean streets, he had to turn his hand to drug dealing, extortion, race rigging and murder.

  7. 7. Ray Bennett - The Criminal Mastermind

    Not available53 minutesJune 23, 201016+Subtitles

    Raymond 'Ray Chuck' Bennett was Australia's criminal mastermind. A brazen armed robber and thief, he did the jobs that other criminals considered were beyond them. His most audacious robbery was The Great Bookie Robbery - a heist at the Australian Jockey Club while the bookies met to settle up from the weekend's trade.

  8. 8. Lenny McPherson - Mr. Big

    Not available53 minutesJune 23, 201016+Subtitles

    Lennie McPherson ruled the Sydney crime scene for four decades. He was a violent and vicious criminal and arguably the worst of the worst. Trace the rise and fall of Lennie McPherson from a street crook in the 1940s to the Mr. Big of the organized crime scene in Australia and to his death behind bars.

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