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Transformers Rescue Bots

20142 Seasons7+Subtitles and Closed Captions

Meet the Transformers Rescue Bots! Chase, Heatwave, Blades, and Boulder are given an important mission by Optimus Prime: Protect and learn about mankind. Stationed on a technologically advanced island, they team up with a family of first responders to protect their new home and along the way, they learn what it really means to be a hero.

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Episodes (26)

  1. 1. Road Trip

    Not available22 minutesFebruary 28, 20147+Subtitles

    With the Rescue Bots' secret now known to Frankie and Doc, Cody has to deal with a new family dynamic as well as an unpredictable teleportation device.

  2. 2. Sky Forest

    Not available22 minutesFebruary 28, 20147+Subtitles

    Frankie's contest entry not only threatens her friendship with Cody and the Bots, but the safety of the entire island.

  3. 3. One For The Ages

    Not available22 minutesMarch 7, 20147+Subtitles

    Experimental technology turns Cody into a grown-up, affecting his standing in the family and on the rescue team.

  4. 4. Tip Of The Iceberg

    Not available22 minutesMarch 14, 20147+Subtitles

    A mysterious iceberg off the coast of Griffin Rock brings both danger and the interest of an old nemesis.

  5. 5. A Virtual Disaster

    Not available22 minutesMarch 28, 20147+Subtitles

    As the Autobots adjust to new group dynamics within their expanded lineup, the Decepticons launch a new scheme to clone an army of beasts.

  6. 6. Spellbound

    Not available22 minutesMarch 21, 20147+Subtitles

    When the Bots and the Burnses fall into mysterious mind-controlled trances, Cody must find a way to wake them before he too is affected.

  7. 7. Prescott'S Bots

    Not available22 minutesApril 4, 20147+Subtitles

    The Team is forced to star in a rescue-focused reality show in which Huxley Prescott will do anything to capture extreme danger on camera... including manufacturing his own emergencies.

  8. 8. Blame The Gremlins

    Not available22 minutesApril 11, 20147+Subtitles

    Cody and the Rescue Bots help Kade face his nightmares, which come to life and threaten Griffin Rock.

  9. 9. Feed The Beast

    Not available22 minutesApril 18, 20147+Subtitles

    Cody and the Bots try to track down the legendary Maine Ridge Monster, only to discover he lurks in their midst.

  10. 10. What Lies Below

    Not available22 minutesApril 25, 20147+Subtitles

    Cody's Uncle Woodrow pays a visit, resulting in the entire Rescue Team (along with Optimus Prime) going on an unexpected mission below the surface of the earth.

  11. 11. What Rises Above

    Not available22 minutesMay 2, 20147+Subtitles

    Stuck underground and separated, the Rescue Bots and the Burnses, teamed with Optimus Prime, must regroup and work together to escape a primeval world of strange reatures.

  12. 12. Space Bots

    Not available22 minutesMay 9, 20147+Subtitles

    When an experimental Space Elevator strands Doc and Graham in orbit, the Rescue Bots dust off their old ship and attempt a risky rescue.

  13. 13. The Island Of Misfit Tech

    Not available22 minutesMay 16, 20147+Subtitles

    An out-of-control mechanical bull leads Cody and the Bots on an adventure through the mysterious "Beam Box" to an island where dangerous tech is stored.

  14. 14. The Vigilant Town

    Not available22 minutesMay 23, 20147+Subtitles

    A new central computer is designed to keep everyone in Griffin Rock 100% safe, no matter what.

  15. 15. Buddy System

    Not available22 minutesMay 30, 20147+Subtitles

    Finding themselves shackled to unusual partners during a nature hike, the Rescue Team battles a bevy of escaped snakes overrunning Griffin Rock.

  16. 16. In Search Of The Griffin'S Nest

    Not available22 minutesJune 6, 20147+Subtitles

    Cody takes the Bots on an adventure hike when strange events start happening—could they be near the mythical Griffin's Nest?

  17. 17. Bots And Robbers

    Not available22 minutesJune 13, 20147+Subtitles

    Chase goes rogue on an undercover mission as the Bots and Burns family do their best to save the island without using any modern technology.

  18. 18. Rescue Dog

    Not available22 minutesJune 20, 20147+Subtitles

    Cody and the Bots find a stray dog who ends up joining the rescue team, but Priscilla Pynch has other plans for the pet.

  19. 19. Changes

    Not available22 minutesJune 27, 20147+

    Doctor Morocco learns a devastating secret that threatens the Rescue Bots' mission, but Optimus Prime guides Heatwave to acquire a surprising new ability.

  20. 20. Land Before Prime

    Not available22 minutesOctober 31, 20147+Subtitles

    Optimus is forced to embrace his primal side when the Rescue Bots discover an island of dinosaurs.

  21. 21. Movers And Shakers

    Not available22 minutesJuly 4, 20147+

    When rogue technology goes underground, the Rescue Team has to outwit and take down the terror lurking just beneath Griffin Rock's soil.

  22. 22. Big Game

    Not available22 minutesOctober 31, 20147+Subtitles

    A notorious Big Game Hunter has set his sights on Optimus Prime's new Dinosaur Mode.

  23. 23. Odd Bot Out

    Not available22 minutesJuly 11, 20147+Subtitles

    Blades feels left out when Bumblebee, on a mission to Griffin Rock, partners up with Dani.

  24. 24. The Griffin Rock Express

    Not available22 minutesJuly 18, 20147+Subtitles

    While the Rescue Team is kept busy renovating a train tunnel from the Mainland, a mysterious Superhero watches over Griffin Rock.

  25. 25. Double Villainy

    Not available22 minutesJuly 25, 20147+Subtitles

    Griffin Rock's most dastardly villains team up in a plan to kidnap the Rescue Bots and destroy the island.

  26. 26. Rise Of The Heroes

    Not available22 minutesAugust 1, 20147+Subtitles

    Wiped of their memories, the Rescue Bots are faced with saving Griffin Rock while believing the Burnses are their enemies.

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