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When five strangers from an online comic book forum agree to meet after gaining possession of the original manuscript for the cult graphic novel 'The Utopia Experiments', they find themselves pursued by a shadowy organisation known as The Network.
Adeel AkhtarPaul HigginsNeil Maskell
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  1. 1. Episode One
    To wideo jest obecnie niedostępne.
    14 stycznia 2013
    53 min
    When five online strangers are drawn together by the legendary manuscript of a cult graphic novel, they find themselves pursued by a secret and deadly organisation known only as The Network.
  2. 2. Episode Two
    To wideo jest obecnie niedostępne.
    21 stycznia 2013
    49 min
    Forever unable to return to their old lives, Ian and Becky are forced to face the terrifying reality of life on the run. Meanwhile, Dugdale is drawn deeper and deeper into a plot that threatens to have fatal consequences.
  3. 3. Episode Three
    To wideo jest obecnie niedostępne.
    28 stycznia 2013
    51 min
    The gang feels the full weight of The Network's power as Grant is framed for a shocking crime. With nowhere else to turn, they are forced to make a new ally - but can she really be trusted?
  4. 4. Episode Four
    To wideo jest obecnie niedostępne.
    4 lutego 2013
    48 min
    Hidden away in a derelict manor house, the group attempts to decipher the secret meaning of the manuscript. But will uncovering the identity of Mr. Rabbit really allow them to return to their former lives?
  5. 5. Episode Five
    To wideo jest obecnie niedostępne.
    11 lutego 2013
    49 min
    The gang's attempt to disrupt The Network's plan back-fires leaving one of them in danger. Arby's confession to Jessica has damaging repercussions while Becky is left with an impossible choice.
  6. 6. Episode Six
    To wideo jest obecnie niedostępne.
    18 lutego 2013
    54 min
    With time running out, the gang must find Mr. Rabbit and stop The Network's plan to release Janus. As a daring plan is formed, only one question remains - will the true secrets of Utopia finally be revealed?

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