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Season 1
201616+Subtitles and Closed Captions

One morning when the Grade 3 Class C girls of Keyakizaka Private High arrive at school, they find their teacher, Mr. Tokuyama dead. How he dies is a mystery. They check whether he is still breathing, but the bell goes off. They hurry to hide his corpse, and so began their surreal school life. Will the girls discover the truth? Copyrights: "Who Killed Daigoro Tokuyama" Production Committee

Deutsch, English, Español (Latinoamérica), Español (España), Français, Italiano, Português
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Episodes (12)

  1. 1. Episode One: "HIDE IT"

    Not available25 minutesJuly 15, 201616+Subtitles

    Grade 3 Class C of Keyakizaka Private High. One morning, the students (Keyakizaka 46) find their homeroom teacher, Daigoro Tokuyama (Kyusaku Shimada) dead. He is still warm. Suddenly, their sub-homeroom teacher Kanzaki (Noriko Eguchi) appears. Frightened, they hide the body. Kanzaki asks if they'd seen Tokuyama. Evading discovery, they decide not to call the police, but to keep hiding the body.

  2. 2. Episode Two: "DECEIVE"

    Not available24 minutesJuly 22, 201613+Subtitles

    "I died?" The students of Grade 3 Class C (Keyakizaka 46) receive a message from their dead homeroom teacher, Daigoro Tokuyama (Kyusaku Shimada). They search for him and find that his cell is gone. Yurina Hirate (as herself) believes the murderer sent it. As they return the body to the locker, Hashibe (Hiroki Konno), the janitor, comes to the classroom saying Tokuyama sent him a message.

  3. 3. Episode Three: "BURN IT"

    Not available25 minutesJuly 29, 201616+Subtitles

    They body of their dead homeroom teacher, Daigoro Tokuyama, is gone! As the perplexed students (Keyakizaka 46) peer into the empty locker, they receive another message from Tokuyama. But Tokuyama is dead; who moved him? The next day, a mysterious woman appears. She seems like she is probing for something. Does she know about the corpse? But no, she's looking for something else...

  4. 4. Episode Four: "FIND IT"

    Not available25 minutesAugust 5, 201616+Subtitles

    Three days since they've hidden the body of their homeroom teacher, Daigoro Tokuyama (Kyusaku Shimada). Their sub-homeroom teacher, Kanzaki (Noriko Eguchi), takes over. The students grow suspicious about Kanzaki and each other. Suddenly, Yashiro (Daikichi Sugawara), a detective, appears. The students are scared they've been busted, but he asks them instead about another curious incident...

  5. 5. Episode Five: "HOLDING A COURT"

    Not available24 minutesAugust 12, 201616+Subtitles

    The students find something hidden in the air-conditioner. Was it their homeroom teacher, Daigoro Tokuyama (Kyusaku Shimada) who hid it? As the students investigate, Detective Yashiro (Daikichi Sugawara) suddenly returns. The next day, the classroom is hot, and the body is reeking. That's when Neru Nagahama suddenly comes back to school. They interrogate her the moment the teacher leaves the room.

  6. 6. Episode Six: "GOODBYE CORPSE"

    Not available25 minutesAugust 19, 201616+Subtitles

    9 A.M. The students have gathered and are wrapping the body of Daigoro Tokuyama (Kyusaku Shimada) in tarp. They have a certain plan in mind for the night. Just then, a security guard (Yoshiyuki Morishita) comes in. They make an excuse for being there, and somehow make him leave. That's when they find a man (Tasuku Nagaoka) peering into the classroom. Will they be able to carry out their plan?

  7. 7. Episode Seven: "PRETEND IT"

    Not available24 minutesAugust 26, 201616+Subtitles

    Daigoro Tokuyama (Kyusaku Shimada) appears in the classroom! The students scream, but Yurina Hirate (as herself) notices that it's a different person. His eyes are too clear, and he's too clean. "I don't think Daigoro is alive anymore," the man says. He had come to the school to investigate because Daigoro had called him about some trouble at school. So, who killed Daigoro Tokuyama?

  8. 8. Episode Eight: "ERASE IT"

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 2, 201616+Subtitles

    Daishiro (also Kyusaku Shimada), Tokuyama's twin, is pretending to be Daigoro to find out what happened to his missing brother. The security guard (Yoshiyuki Morishita) closes in on him, demanding "the list." Meanwhile, Yurina Hirate (as herself) is closing in on Yuka Sugai (as herself). Yuka was on Tokuyama's list. The students accuse her of killing him to hide the secret of the list, but...

  9. 9. Episode Nine: "BREAK IT"

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 9, 201616+Subtitles

    6 days since Tokuyama (Kyusaku Shimada) died. Tomorrow is the school festival. Class C is doing a haunted house. They consider using Tokuyama's corpse for the event. Just then, the new principal Kazusa Midozono (Mari Hamada) comes in. The students are alarmed that the former principal Sangubashi has suddenly quit. Midozono asks about Tokuyama since something strange was written in his planner.

  10. 10. Episode Ten: "LOVE IT"

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 16, 201616+Subtitles

    As they prepare for the school festival, three graduates of Keyaki Private High come looking for Tokuyama to invite him to their reunion. Yurina Hirate (as herself) tells them he's absent, but they don't believe her since they just received a message from him saying he's in the classroom. Just then, Kanzaki (Noriko Eguchi) comes in, and for some reason, the graduates are surprised.

  11. 11. Episode Eleven: "PRANK THEM"

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 23, 201616+Subtitles

    The evening before the school festival, the janitor Hashibe (Hiroki Konno) shows Yurina Hirate (as herself) a DVD. Neru Nagahama (as herself) takes it, just to see that it's been broken. It's the confiscated DVD that Tokuyama gave to her the day he was killed. The class had watched it before, but they'd seen nothing suspicious. Who did it? Meanwhile, they find out who'd been sending the messages.

  12. 12. Episode Twelve: "BUST IT"

    Not available24 minutesSeptember 30, 201616+Subtitles

    The day of the school festival. The students are tired from the preparations and have fallen asleep. They give up trying to make it in time, and cancel their haunted house. Then, as someone comes in, numerous "ghosts" appear and surround the person. One ghost reveals herself to be Yurina Hirate (as herself), and she unravels the mystery of Tokuyama's death. So, who killed Daigoro Tokuyama?

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