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Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody

"This triumphant celebration of the incomparable Whitney Houston is the untold story of the complex and multifaceted woman behind The Voice. From New Jersey choir girl to one of the best-selling and most awarded recording artists of all time, follow the inspirational, poignant—and so emotional—journey through Houston's trailblazing life and career, with show-stopping performances and a...
IMDb 6.62 h 24 min2022
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Kasi Lemmons
Kasi LemmonsAnthony McCartenClive DavisDenis O'SullivanJeff KalligheriPat HoustonMolly SmithThad LuckinbillTrent LuckinbillMatt JacksonChristina PapagjikaMatthew SallowayLarry Mestel
Naomi AckieNafessa WilliamsClarke Peters
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