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Doctor X Surgeon Michiko Daimon

20125 SeasonsNRSubtitles and Closed Captions

This is how the mega-hit drama series of the awesomely skilled freelance surgeon begun her spectacular and noble battles. The cool, tough, and ingenious surgeon, Doctor X, is played by Ryoko Yonekura. The lone-wolf, who dislikes being a member of a pack, hates authority, and rejects to be bounded, unfolds intriguing and brilliant drama set at a hospital tarnished by worldly matters.

Ryoko Yonekura
Drama, International
English, 中文(简体)
Audio Languages
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Episodes (8)

  1. 1. ope.1

    Not available58 minutesOctober 17, 2012NRSubtitles

    Hikaru Morimoto is a newly recruited doctor at the Teito University Hospital Ⅲ. He is on a blind date at a night club with fellow doctors when a man suddenly falls ill. Morimoto struggles to find what is wrong. A woman approaches, takes off the sick man’s trousers, and examines his body. When paramedics arrive, she tells them he needs an emergency operation for a strangulated hernia.

  2. 2. ope.2

    Not available46 minutesOctober 24, 2012NRSubtitles

    Noboru Nikaido, president of a publishing company, checks into the Teito University Hospital Ⅲwith pancreatic cancer. Ryunosuke Busujima ,the director gives him the VIP treatment. Nikaido feels he is above everyone else and puts his needs ahead of everyone else’s. All the doctors, other than Michiko Daimon, are willing to say anything because a successful treatment will help the hospital.

  3. 3. ope.3

    Not available45 minutesNovember 7, 2012NRSubtitles

    Mitsue Hanayama, a celebrity chef and food blogger, has esophageal cancer. She checks into Teito University Hospital Ⅲ and treats the doctors with her food. While they praise her cooking, Michiko Daimon takes one bite and says, “This is awful.” The offended Mitsue turns to her blog and writes, “I met an unpleasant woman doctor.” The hospital reprimands Michiko for her manners.

  4. 4. ope.4

    Not available45 minutesNovember 14, 2012NRSubtitles

    Hideki Kaji, Surgeon from Surgical Dept Ⅱ and the “Laparoscopy Wiz,” appears on a television show about super doctors. He makes a name for himself when he says, “Saving patients is my priceless lifework.” His high school friend and foreign fund manager sees the show and wants Kaji to handle his duodenal cancer. Kaji sees the chance for some extra money and accepts.

  5. 5. ope.5

    Not available45 minutesNovember 21, 2012NRSubtitles

    Hospital Director Ryonosuke Busujima is trying to get more information about Doctor-X from Akira Kanbara. Michiko Daimon meets a girl in the hospital suffering from pain in her leg. Michiko cannot ignore her and takes her to Takuya Kishida, a pediatric surgeon and a rising star in the department. But he relies on the diagnosis of a superior and fails to catch the real cause of the girl’s pain.

  6. 6. ope.6

    Not available45 minutesNovember 28, 2012NRSubtitles

    Motohiko Musaka visits Michiko Daimon. He knew her before she became a doctor. Her father performed surgery to treat his liver cancer ten years ago. He was fine after the procedure, but was recently diagnosed with bile duct cancer. He gave up on treatment after hospitals turned him down. Michiko wants to help and tries to take him to Teito University Dai-san Hospital, but there’s no room.

  7. 7. ope.7

    Not available45 minutesDecember 5, 2012NRSubtitles

    Surgery II Chief Surgeon Takashi Torii has been hiding his bile duct cancer. Michiko Daimon advises him to get treatment right away, but he refuses to acknowledge his cancer to her. He spends his time writing the paper he plans to present at an international conference. A young doctor, Ikuya Hijikata, is set to join the ranks. Torii is prepared to do whatever it takes to defend his title.

  8. 8. Last ope

    Not available57 minutesDecember 12, 2012NRSubtitles

    Michiko Daimon takes back Surgery II Chief Surgeon Takashi Torii’s bile duct cancer surgery from Professor Ikuya Hijikata. Hospital Director Ryonosuke Busujima is livid. Tsuyoshi Teshigawara, chief professor from the main Teito University Hospital, enters the viewing room and questions why a freelance doctor is performing the surgery, instead of Hijikata, the star doctor from the main hospital.

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